Digital copy of Standing Orders of the States of Jersey. Revised Edition showing the law as at 31 August 2004. For Paul Le Claire's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 10 September 2015, see C/D/AW3/B1/5/WS000637.

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August 31st 2004 - August 31st 2004

Scope and Content

Includes the Standing Orders of the States of Jersey in respect of matters including: Members, officers and meetings of the States; Business of the States; Propositions and amendments; Rules of debate; Rules of order and voting; Procedures on bills; Committees of the whole house; Committees of the States; and Miscellaneous provisions. Also includes a schedule containing a template form of petition and endnotes including tables of legislation history, renumbered provisions and endnote references.


Le Claire, Paul, Deputy
Agriculture Committee
Agriculture and Fisheries Committee
Ann Alice Rayner Fund Delegation Committee
Broadcasting Committee
Channel Islands Air Advisory Council
Committee for Postal Administration
Common Market Committee
Cottage Homes Committee
Defence Committee
Economic Development Committee
Education Committee
Education Sport and Culture
Elizabeth House Committee
Employment and Social Security Committee
Environment and Public Services Committee
Establishment Committee
État Civil Committee
Finance and Economics Committee
Harbours and Airport Committee
Health and Social Services Committee
Housing Committee
Human Resources Committee
Finance Committee
Fort Regent Development Committee
Gambling Control Committee
Home Affairs Committee
Industrial Relations Committee
Industries Committee
Jersey Transport Authority
Joint Advisory Council
Judicial Review Committees
Land Reclamation Committee
Legislation Committee
Overseas Aid Committee
Planning and Environment Committee
Policy and Resources Committee
Prison Board
Privileges and Procedures Committee
Resources Recovery Board
Public Works Committee
Sewerage Board
Social Security Committee
Special Committee on former War Department properties
Special Committee to Consider Contributions to Relief of Distress Overseas
Sport, Leisure and Recreation Committee
States of Jersey
Telecommunications Board Committee
Tourism Committee


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