Album of death notices for the Le Brun family containing memorial cards with the name of the deceased, their age and their address, several entries give details of the circumstances of the death including deaths at sea




1880 - 1990


Le Brun Family
Le Brun, Donald Philip
Harring, Paul Harro
Ahier, John
Le Brun, Philip
Dorey, Jane Elizabeth
Nicolle, Saumarez James
Gee, William
Poingdestre, Anne
Pinel, Philip
Pinel, Mary
Gallie, Charles
Broomer, William James
Warn, Ellen
Renouf, Charles
Cabot, Delphine Florence
Maillard, Delphine Florence
Renouf, Francis
Ahier, John George
Le Brun, Eunice Maud, née Goubert
Le Brun, John Pinel
Woodman, Robert
Laurens, Elizabeth Jane
Le Brun, Wilfred
Ahier, Mary Ann Marguerite  
Cabot, Thomas John
Clement, Jane
Ahier, John
De Veulle, Alfred George
Copp, Ann Pinel, née Le Brun
de Gruchy, Lavinia Hamon
Curtis, Lavinia Hamon, née de Gruchy
Carter, William James
Ahier, Florence Dolbel
Renouf, Rachel
De Gruchy, Philip
Filleul, Olive Fauvel
Filleul, Matilda
Filleul, John
Maillard, Florence
Copp, Horace Lionel
Copp, Alfred Harold
Copp, David Lionel
Le Brun, Dorothy
de Gruchy, Elias
Bisson, Susan Marguerite
Arthur, John Bree
Collins, Sarah
Blampied, Sarah
Le Feuvre, George Clement
Le Feuvre, Samuel
Le Brun, Arthur Copp
Deslandes, Rachel
Laurens, George
La Gerche, Betsy
Bailhache, Philip
Le Feuvre, Francis Thomas
Le Brun, Phyliss
Le Brun, Oscar Donald
Payn, Alberta Elizabeth de Carteret
Le Feuvre, Francis Thomas
Copp, Ada Maria
Ahier, Ernest Hastings
Renouf, George Josué
Renouf, Ann Victoria
Larbalestier, Mary Augustine
Poingdestre, Eliza Rachel
Mallet, Clément
Ramié, Francis
Amy, Elizabeth
Carter, Temperence
Carter, William James
Allix, George
Buckrell, Temperance
Houiellebecq, Pierre Paul Arsène
Gruchy, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Strenna Snowdrop
Le Feuvre, Henry George Clement
Bisson, Susan Marguerite
Maillard, Hedley William
Le Feuvre, Elvina Matilda
Le Brun, Wilfred
Le Brun, Keith Vincent
Williams, Lucille Annie, née Moignard
Williams, James R
Jakeman, William
Noel, Rachel
Monet, Charles
Romeril, Charlotte
Ramié, Charlotte, née Romeril
Ramié, Francis
Le Feuvre, Eliza Mary
Ahier, Philip
Ahier, Eliza Mary, née Le Feuvre
Renouf, Winter
Renouf, John
Aubert, Walter


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