Digital copy of the Witness Statement of Witness 42 to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences of his dealings with Children's Services during the period that his daughter was taken into foster care and later adopted; lack of interest by Children's Services in his further children; his experiences whilst working for the Honorary Police; and his experiences when his wife's children were returned from foster care and adopted by him. [Some details redacted].

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July 22nd 2014 - July 22nd 2014

Scope and Content

Refers to his experiences with his first daughter, commenting on the living conditions and personal circumstances of him and his first wife at the time their daughter was born, recalling regular visits by health visitors. Describes being referred to Children's Services by a health visitor due to concerns regarding their living conditions, recalling contact with Jim Thomson and Miss Hutchins or Miss Hutchinson. Includes comments about Mr Thomson, remarking on behaviour and attitude towards his daughter. Refers to his daughter's admission to hospital in 1975 and placement on a ward on the basis she was failing to thrive, stating that he and his wife were distanced from their daughter before being informed by Mr Thomson that she was being placed into temporary foster care. Describes feeling coerced into agreeing to his daughter being placed into foster care. States that he and his wife received no support from Children's Services with regards to finding suitable accommodation nor did they receive emotional support. Recalls decreased contact with daughter over time and unsuccessful enquiries made with regard to having their daughter returned to them. Describes impact of daughter's placement in foster care in respect of the weakening of the bond with his daughter and the breakdown of his relationship with his wife. Describes decision for his daughter to be adopted to be her foster parents, commenting on lack of support, guidance or advice from Children's Services during or after the adoption process. Details his experiences with regard to his children during his second marriage. Remarks on the lack of contact and interest by Children's Services in his first child with his second wife despite his child's sickness. Describes own mental health problems during this period, noting subsequent lack of contact with Children's Services following the births of his other children. Recalls positive experience with a Children's Officer regarding the living arrangements of his children following the breakdown of his second marriage. Describes his experiences whilst working for the Honorary Police. Describes the application process for joining the Honorary Police, referring to his election in 1988. States that he was provided with no training before starting on duty and includes remarks about the membership of the Honorary Police. Includes comments about Roger Holland, referring to awareness of Mr Holland's dismissal from St John's Ambulance Service for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Recalls applications by Mr Holland to join the Honorary Police, expressing surprise that the Attorney General authorised Mr Holland to stand for election as an Honorary Police Officer, of which he was successful. Recalls suspicion amongst himself and his colleagues regarding Mr Holland's behaviour around children, and refers to individuals making disclosures of sexual abuse against Mr Holland to him. Recalls action taken to prepare preliminary evidence against Mr Holland before taking formal action, referring to witness statements taken from alleged victims, noting that this was presented to Robert Le Brocq, Constable of St Helier. Describes subsequent inaction in respect of the allegations, stating that there was a cover up by Mr Le Brocq. Recalls intervention in the matter by Centenier Jackie Hilton in 1998 or 1999 which resulted in Mr Holland's suspension and arrest and the matter being reported in the Jersey Evening Post. Notes decision not to stand for re-election and to have no further involvement in the Honorary Police. Recalls beginning a relationship with a woman in 199, detailing his experiences when her children were returned from foster care and adopted by him. Comments on his dealing with Children's Services during this period, detailing difficulties encountered during the process of having his partner's children returned to her. Includes comments about his dealings with David Castledine and refers to assistance received from legal aid advocate Mr Messervy. Refers to he and his partner's marriage and subsequent decision made for him to adopt the children. Describes the adoption process through the Probaiton Service, noting concerns raised by Children's Services. Refers to disclosure made by his adopted daughter that she had been abused by the son of one of her foster parents. Finishes with reflections on his experiences of dealing with Children's Services, commenting on recent contact with his first daughter regarding the impact that her adoption has had on her. Details understanding regarding the purposes of the Inquiry.


Castledine, David
Hilton, Jackie, Centenier
Holland, Roger
Hutchinson, S
Le Brocq, Robert Lester, Constable
Messervy, Mr
Thomson, Jim
Attorney General
Children's Services
Honorary Police
Jersey Evening Post
Probation Service
St John Ambulance
States of Jersey Police


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