Digital copy of the Witness Statement of Witness 55 to the Inquiry providing an account of his experiences of how concerns for his children's safety and wellbeing were handled by the relevant agencies in Jersey; and evidence regarding information brought to his attention regarding two boxes of documents found by Property Holdings. [Some details redacted].

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September 22nd 2014 - September 22nd 2014

Scope and Content

Details his experiences of how concerns for his children's safety and wellbeing were handled by the relevant agencies in Jersey, being the Jersey Family Court Advisory Service (JFCAS), the Probation Service, the Children's Service, the Jersey Child Protection Committee (JCPC), the Health and Social Services Department and the States of Jersey Police. Details concerns raised by him and others about his children's welfare during 2011 in respect of his ex-wife's behaviour around the children, noting lack of action taken by the family doctor to intervene and reassess his ex-wife and evidence obtained supporting his concerns about his children's safety. Describes his experiences with regards to the instigation of family proceedings involving the JFCAS, referring to the involvement of Elsa Fernandes in the matter. Details continued concerns regarding the presentation and health of his children, noting concerns raised to Dr Petr Lipavsky. Refers to carrying out a detailed review of the substantive evidence during Christmas 2011 and decision to raise concerns to Miss Fernandes in January 2012. Provides details of initial investigations in respect his concerns, noting referral of the matter to the Public Protection Unit and the Children's Service. Refers to decision by the police to take no further action on his concerns and remarks about the conclusions of an enquiry by the Children's Service into his concerns. Describes ongoing welfare concerns, the residence proceedings and his dealings with the JFCAS, the Children's Service and the NSPCC Pathways from March 2012 onwards, referring to further concerns raised to Selina Winters in May 2012. Provides details of a court hearing in 2012 to consider the residence recommendation of the JFCAS and includes details about an independent report by Dr Williams in July 2012 on the substantive evidence and comments on the approach of the various agencies following the report. Notes shared care agreement reached with the children's mother. Details the escalation of his complaints with the Probation Service and the Children's Service in November 2012, noting response of Sean Pontin (Head of Children's Social Work) in December 2012. Details subsequent complaint about the conduct of the Children's Service raised with Mike Taylor, the Independent Chair of the JCPC and responses to this complaint and the complaint made to Mike Cutland of the Probation Service. Refers to contact with the NSPCC and continued pursuance of his complaints, mentioning correspondence with the Probation Service, the JCPC, the Health Minister Deputy Anne Pryke, the Health and Social Services Department and the Children's Service. Provides details of a meeting with various agencies on 13 June 2013 arranged by Deputy Trevor Pitman and attended by Deputy Pitman, Sean Pontin, Richard Jouault and Deputy Pryke, noting assurance given by Mr Jouault that the matter would be looked into further. Also details further correspondence with the police and the Probation Service from July 2013 onwards and details of the current status of the matter. Sets out details of a number of omissions from a diary print of the records held by the Children's Service on both his children and himself, commenting on the recordkeeping process of the Health and Social Services. Includes details of correspondence with the Data Protection Commissioner regarding the matter and refers to dealings with politicians in relations to the issues encountered by him. Includes general comments on his dealings with the various agencies, particularly in respect of the handling of his and his children's case and describes the effects of the residence proceedings decision and the process on his children and himself. Sets out details of a number of lessons to be learnt regarding child welfare arrangements, referring to issues including: independence; the role of the different agencies; closer scrutiny of decisions; effective processing of complaints and observance of compliance procedures; adequacy of record keeping; and adherence to policies and procedures. Sets out details of information brought to his attention by a family member regarding two boxes of documents found by Property Holdings in 2009 containing correspondence exchanged between advocates and the States of Jersey in the 1970s and 1980s raising serious allegations of activities taking place at Haut de la Garenne. States understanding that instruction was given that the boxes be taken to the police station and describes being informed that the police stated that they were unaware of the whereabouts of such boxes when the matter was referred to by politicians. Refers to involvement of David Flowers and Karen Le Monnier in the matter. [For Exhibits W55-1 to W55-33 referred to in this statement, see C/D/AW2/A6/1/WD005191/1 to C/D/AW2/A6/1/WD005191/33].


Corbett, Barbara, Advocate
Cutland, Mike
Fernandes, Elsa
Flowers, David
Johnston, Glenys
Jouault, Richard
Le Monnier, Karen
Lipavsky, Petr, Dr
Martins, Emma
Mundy, Karen
Oldham, Frances, QC
Pitman, Trevor, Deputy
Pontin, Sean
Pryke, Anne Enid, Deputy
Robertson, Barbara, Dr
Sykes, Karen, Detective Constable
Taylor, Mike
Williams, Bryn, Dr
Winter, Selina
Children's Service
Haut de la Garenne
Health and Social Services
Jersey Child Protection Committee
Jersey Family Court Advisory Service
Jersey General Hospital
Jersey Probation Service
Jersey Property Holdings
Joint Safeguarding Partnership
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NSPCC Pathways
Office of the Data Protection Commissioner
Public Protection Unit
Safeguarding Children Partnership Board
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police


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