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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The names from this index have been transcribed and a PDF file of entries for surnames listed in the K Index can be consulted here. To date the volumes with details of individual cases, reference D/Y/N4, can be viewed at the Archive in person or by emailing the Archive for a photocopy

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January 1st 1885 - December 31st 1905


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Amy, Emily, née Keeping
Bailey, Jane, née Kilmister
Bennett, Frances Esther, née Keeping
Bergéres, Henri
Case, John
de Kersel, Aristide Marie Edouard
Denis, Marguerite, née Katou
Dixon, George
Dunphy, Catherine, née Knowles
Freeman, Travina, née King
Freeman, Tryphoena, née King
Freeman, Tryphoena
Herry, Sydney
Hick, Charles
Kallec, François
Kambra, Jacob
Kanudsen, Haril
Keamish, James
Keast, William
Keast, John
Keefe, James
Keefes, James
Keen, John
Keeping, Thomas
Keeping, John
Keeping, Charles H
Keeping, Alice
Keeping, Albert
Kelly, James
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Mary Ann
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, John
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Peter
Kelly, Agnes
Kelly, Robert
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly, Charles
Kemp, Samuel Stonelake
Kenchington, Sydney
Kendal, John
Kendall, Elias
Kenealy, Catherine
Kenelly, Ellen
Kennedy, James
Kenny, Joseph
Kentric, Yves Marie
Kerambrun, Francois
Kerambrun, Francois
Kerautret, Felix
Kerdudo, Pierre
Kerdudu, Pierre
Kergal, Jean Marie François
Kergal, Jean Marie
Kergodalla, Pierre
Kerichard, Perrine
Kerichard, Marie Louise
Kerichard, Selina
Kermin, Francois
Kermoal, Josephine
Kernanet, Charles
Kernef, François
Kernef, Pierre
Kerneff, Pierre
Kerneff, François
Kernief, Pierre
Kerperzdron, George
Kerrian, Alexis Marie
Kerrien, Alexis
Kerrotet, François
Kerry, John
Kiellec, Marie
Kierneff, Pierre
Kifaite, Madelaine
Kilminster, Walter
Kilminster, David
Kilmister, Edward
Kilmister, Walter
Kilty, John
King, Treffilian
King, Travind
King, Tryphoena
King, Henry
King, Harry Horatio
King, Harry
King, Thomas James
Kingsley, Frederick William
Kinsden, George
Kinsey, George
Kirby, Frank
Kirk, James
Kirleur, Andrew
Kitt, Henry
Kitt, Arthur
Kitts, John
Klein, Louis
Kneesaw, William
Kneeshaw, William
Knight, Charles Carey
Knight, Leonard
Knight, Ann, née Kingston
Koiellec, Marie
Kritchefski, Abram
Kritchefski, Alfred
Kritchefsky, Abram
Kritchefsky, Alfrred
Le Cras, Elizabeth, née Kent
Le Cras, Selina, née Kerichard
Le Feuvre, Anne Yvonne, née Kerichard
Le Tacon, Françoise, née Kéré
McGee, Catherine, née Kearns
Mellon, Aristide Marie Edouard
Nain, Ellen, née Kenealy
Nogues, Aristide Marie Edouard
Osment, Elizabeth, née Knight
Querée, John
Querichard, Selina
Russel, Janet, née Kilminster
Russell, Jane Ann, née Kilmister
Russell, Janet, née Kilminster
Russell, Jane, née Kilminster
Russell, Jeannette, née Kilminster
Saulais, Aristide Marie Edouard
Spratt, Susan, née Kendal
Tryphoena, Travina, née King
Vallet, Augustine, née Kerduel
Vasselet, Angèle, née Kerdevale


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