Digital copy of Exhibit PS15: Correspondence involving Advocate Philip Sinel and Witness Statements to the States of Jersey Police in respect of an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made by a female individual against her foster father. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to Philip Sinel's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 15 December 2015 [C/D/AW2/B2/21/WS000706].

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November 25th 1998 - May 21st 2012

Scope and Content

• Letter dated 24 January 2011 from Advocate Philip Sinel, Sinels Advocates to Advocate T Le Cocq, Law Officers' Department. Provides an overview of his client's time in private care and remarks about the impact of abuse suffered by her on her life. Includes comments about the contrast between the life of his client and her alleged abuser. Requests information with regards to any action or investigations there have been in relation to the alleged abuser's actions. • Letter dated 7 February 2012 from John Edmonds, Director (Criminal Division), Law Officers' Department to Advocate P C Sinel. [Document contains two copies of this letter]. Sets out details a review of the papers in relation to Advocate Sinel's client, referring to two written statements of complaint made by her to the States of Jersey Police in November 1998 and January 1999 and an interview conducted under caution with the client's alleged abuser in February 1999. Refers to withdrawal of the complaint by the client in March 1999 and comments on the status of the investigation. Refers to an alleged incident that took place outside of the jurisdiction of Jersey and remarks about the evidence contained in statements from other witnesses. Refers to assessment of the complaint with the Attorney General, detailing satisfaction that the original investigation was a thorough and proper one and that the decision not to prosecute was neither premature or manifestly wrong. Outlines willingness to receive representations in respect of significant new evidence and includes comments about the mental health of the client in respect of any possible future prosecution. • Letter dated 21 May 2012 from [Advocate Philip Sinel], Sinels Advocates. Refers to his client's history in prison and/or mental health institutions and remarks about her mental health, and details about the position in Jersey to the prosecution or non-prosecution of his client's alleged abuser in respect of evidence and corroboration. Details understanding that the cause of his client's distress is the assaults upon her by her alleged abuser. • Witness Statement of the female individual to the States of Jersey Police dated 25 November 1998. Statement taken by WDC E Coxshall. Sets out details about her family background, mentioning mother's desertion when she was aged 3, father's death and comments about other relatives. Includes details of an allegation of sexual abuse against a male babysitter, recollections of physical abuse by her mother, domestic violence by both of her parents against each other and incidents of neglect and abuse by her mother. Refers to her father's imprisonment and residence with [a man who became her foster father] during this period, noting that he was friends with her father. Includes a description of [her foster father's] house and life at the home. Describes numerous incidents of sexual abuse by [her foster father], stating that abuse got worse over time. • Witness Statement of the female individual to the States of Jersey Police dated 26 January 1999. Statement taken by WDC E Coxshall. Sets out details of numerous incidents of sexual abuse by [her foster father]. States that abuse continued until she moved out of [the foster home], noting that the abuse continued even after her father left prison. States that became pregnant after being raped by [her foster father] when she was aged 17. Recalls disclosing abuse to Dr Perkins and disclosing to her grandmother that [her foster father] was the father of her child. Recalls living at Elizabeth House for a period of two years, imprisonment for a period of 12 months and subsequent fostering of her child. Describes having consensual sexual intercourse with [her foster father] when she was 19, recalling that she had an eating disorder at the time. Refers to admission to St Saviour's Hospital, citing father's death, abuse by [her foster father] and her eating disorder as the causes. Refers to unsuccessful attempts to have a child with her boyfriend, details of health problems and medical practitioners and remarks about the impact of abuse suffered. Describes information disclosed to her by another female to the effect that she was also sexually abused by [the foster father].


Coxshall, Emma
Downer, Centenier
Edmonds, John
Faiz, Farouq Ghulam, Dr
Fogarty, John, Dr
Haydn Taylor, Derek, Dr
Le Breton, Robert
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Hegarat, Mary
MacLachlan, Neil
Perkins, Dr
Sainter, Brenda, Police Constable
Sinel, Philip
Ward, Barbara
Ward, Jim
Whitely, John
Elizabeth House
Jersey General Hospital
La Chasse Centre
Law Officers' Department
Lotus House (Catonese Restaurant)
Royal Yacht Hotel
Sinels Advocates
St George's School
St Saviour's Hospital
States of Jersey Police
York House Surgery


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