Digital copy of the Witness Statement of [Janet Hughes] to the Inquiry providing an account of her experiences as a foster mother and employment at a Family Group Home. [Some details redacted].

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May 26th 2015 - May 26th 2015

Scope and Content

Refers to birth and early career in child care, prior to application to join the Family Group Home as member of staff. Moved into the Family Group Home with husband during 1964. Describes layout of the Family Group Home, commenting on the lack of privacy and expectation the property would return for use by the Housing Department after the eventual closure of the Family Group Home. Refers to sleeping arrangements at the Family Group Home, and recalls method of payment for employment from the Children's Services, mentioning [Children's Officer] Patricia Thornton. Comments on relationship with Children's Services. Details disagreements with Children's Services, and alterations made over time in relation to the care of the children. Recalls attending Children's Sub-Committee meetings and presenting annual reports on the children resident at the Family Group Home; refers to occasions with members of the Children's Sub-Committee would visit the Family Group Home. Refers to visits to the Family Group Home by Patricia Thornton, Charles Smith, and other Child Care Officers. Comments on training provided to [Janet Hughes] for her employment at the Family Group Home. Discusses the role in the Family Group Home played by an individual, mentioning an instance where [Janet Hughes] was unwell and child care cover was required at the Family Group Home. Provides details of children resident at the Family Group Home. Provides details of other members of staff at the Family Group Home. Discusses the matter of sex education at the Family Group Home. Provides details relating to an allegation of rape made by a female resident, citing the incident as a reason for discussing sex education with her. Comments on the behaviour of an individual in relation to female residents going through puberty. Refers to allegations of abuse made against the individual at the Family Group Home, and provides details as to how Witness [Janet Hughes] became aware of the allegations. Refers to a member of staff who was alleged to have known about the abuse by an individual, stating that the member of staff did not report any abuse to [Janet Hughes]. Discusses a report on the individual in relation to his abuse of female residents of the Family Group Home. Recalls a visit to the individual during which the individual attempted to blame [Janet Hughes] for events [surrounding the individual's abuse of children]. Refers to contact with former residents, and states that the individual did not discuss the abuse with [Janet Hughes] or a family. [For Exhibits [JH]1 to [JH]22 as referred to in this Witness Statement, see C/D/AW2/A7/27/WD006122/1 to C/D/AW2/A7/27/WD006122/22].


Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Clos de Roncier Family Group Home
Children's Department
Children's Services
Children's Sub-Committee
Education Committee
Education Department
First Tower School
Haut de la Garenne
Housing Department
Probation and After Care Service
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
Salvation Army
Victoria College
Westaway Crèche
Aveson, Eileen
Baudains, Marnie
Chevalier, Mrs
Castledine, David
Cabot, Mr
Chappell, Brenda
Huelin, Gwyneth
Hick, Dr
Hughes, Janet
Lambert, David
La Cornu, Raymond
Le Masurier, Robert
Quenault, Mr
Skinner, Anton
Thornton, Patricia
Tilbrook, Colin
Thomson, Jim
Wilkinson, Elizabeth
Whelan, Cyril


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