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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The names from this index have been transcribed and a PDF file of entries for surnames listed in the S Index can be consulted here. To date the volumes with details of individual cases, reference D/Y/N4, can be viewed at the Archive in person or by emailing the Archive for a photocopy

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January 1st 1885 - December 31st 1905


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Abbott, Mabel, née Skelton
Barnes, Mary, née Shannon
Bennett, Emily, née Stone
Best, Mary Ann, née Starck
Bouchet, Virginie, née Steiger
Bretel, Augustine Marie, née Simon
Bryant, John
Burke, Kate, née Sheen
Carr, Catherine, née Sullivan
Collins, Amelia, née Sarre
de Ste Croix, John
Denman, Mary Jane, née Sarre
dit Bazille, Augustine, née Servain
dit Sapin, Louis Réné
Drummond, Mary Elizabeth, née Stratford
Stratford, Mary Elizabeth
Fare, Jane Elizabeth, née Statt
Gosling, Emily, née Simmons
Groizard, Mary, née Stansbury
Groizard, Mary, née Stanbury
Guillois, Emilie, née Saudrais
Heliot, Jeanne, née Savourin
Henri, Maria, née Le Sage
Hervé, Elizabeth Marie, née Sadoc
Hill, Victorine, née Sallan
Janvrin, Sarah, née Spratt
Jeandron, Mary Ann, née Salter
La Salle, Georges
La Sauce, Georges
Lainel, Rose Eva, née Shiner
Lakeman, Julia Jane, née Sebire
L'Amy, Winifred Ann, née Stephens
Le Cocq, Emma, née Styles
Le Gros, George
Le Guilèche, Marguérite, née Sequillon
Le Guillois, Emelie, née Saudray
Le Huquet, Anne, née Saunders
Le Riche, Françoise, née Sado
Le Riche, Françoise Marie, née Sado
Le Sage, Francois
Le Sage, Emile
Le Sauder, Jean
Le Sauniés, Jacques Auguste
Le Sauteur, Thomas William
Le Sauvage, Aimable
Le Saux, Charles
Le Saux, Jacques
Le Scelleur, Louisa dite Le Boulanger
Le Scelleur, Louisa
Le Scelleur, Henry
Le Seelleur, Jeanne
Le Seelleur, Louisa
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, David
Le Seelleur, George
Le Seelleur, Henry
Le Serf, Mathurin M S
Le Souder, Jean Marie
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Jeremiah
Le Sueur, Elias
Le Sueur, Francois Jean
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, Ernest
Le Sueur, Alfred
Le Sueur, Philippe Edouard
Le Sueur, Emile Eugene
Le Sueur, Elie
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Philippe François
Le Sueur, John Robert
Le Sueur, Charles Winter
Le Sueur, Charles John
Le Sueur, Henry William
Merrick, Alfred Oscar
Mills, Jane, née Steiger
Mills, Virginie, née Steiger
Moody, Ellen, née Spratt
O'Brady, Mark
O'Donoghue, Agnes Amelia, née Strickland
Pestel, Harriet, née Stephens
Pollès, Marie Joséphine, née La Sausse
Pullman, Fanny, née Stanley
Rafferty, Eliza, née Starck
Rickard, Susan Jane, née Scoones
Russell, Rose Eva, née Shiner
Sablé, Louis Arthur
Saddler, Joseph
Sadler, Susan
Sadler, Joseph
Sadler, William
Sado, Jeanne Marie
Sado, Ferdinand
Sado, Constant
Sage, Henry
Sagget, Lionel
Sagorin, François
Sagorin, François Pierre
Saintillan, Rose
Salin, Antoine
Saliot, Armand
Sallai, John Philip
Salliot, Armand
Salliot, Armand Felix
Salmon, Edward
Salmon, Pierre
Salou, Auguste
Salou, Yves
Salous, François
Salter, Charles
Salway, Alfred
Salway, Ernest
Samson, John
Samson, Amos
Samson, Emmanuel John
Samson, Joseph James
Sandry, William
Sandycombe, David
Sangan, Jean
Sangan, Mathurin
Sangan, Marie, née St Oger
Sangan, John
Sangan, Pierre Marie Francois
Sangan, Louis
Sanson, Pierre
Saout, Louis
Sapin, Louis Réné
Sapin, Louis
Saratte, Pierre
Sarre, John
Saulnier, Albert
Saunders, James
Saunders, George
Saunders, Albert
Saunders, Henry George
Saunders, William
Saunders, Auguste
Saunders, Winter
Sausseye, François
Sauvage, François
Sauvage, Thomas
Sauvaget, George
Sauvé, Louis Napoleon Georges Charles
Savidan, Yves Marie
Sawdon, Jesse
Schindler, Edouard
Schneider, John
Scollan, James
Scones, George
Scoones, John
Scott, William
Scott, Ernest
Scrimshaw, Thomas
Scrivens, Percy
Sebline, Louis
Seganerend, Emile Eugène
Seguillon, Jeanne Marie
Selby, Frederick
Seller, Robert Low
Sellier, Lucien
Selous, Thomas Philippe
Sequillon, Anne Marie
Sercombe, George
Sercombe, George Hill
Serson, Pierre
Serson, Pierre Jean Baptiste
Serson, Jean Baptiste
Sevillon, Yves
Seymour, Albert Bernard
Seymour, Percy
Shales, Alfred
Shales, John
Shales, James
Shales, William
Shales, Charles
Shales, Frances Elizabeth Anley
Shanes, William
Shanks, William
Sharland, William
Sharp, George
Shaw, Nelson
Shaw, Harold
Shaw, John
Shay, Patrick
Shay, Mary
Shea, Dennis
Sheail, Christopher John
Shean, John
Shearing, Arthur
Sheen, John
Sheen, Thomas
Shepherd, G
Shepherd, Francis
Sheppard, William
Sheppeck, William
Sheppick, William
Sherrott, Augustus John
Shiner, William
Shinner, William
Shippeck, William
Shone, John
Short, George
Showell, Richard
Showell, William
Showell, Archibald
Sibley, Frank
Sibley, Henry
Sibron, Auguste
Silvester, George Richard
Silvester, Henry
Silvey, Henry
Simmonds, Daniel
Simmonds, Reginald
Simmonds, Elizabeth
Simmons, Albert Henry
Simmons, Arthur
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, Charles John
Simmons, Stanley
Simon, Julien
Simon, Emmanuel
Simon, Francois
Simon, Jean François
Simon, William Philippe
Simon, Mary
Simon, Frederick
Simon, Alfred
Simon, Jean François Marie
Simon, Alfred William
Simon, Henry
Simon, Henri
Simon, Louis
Simon, John
Simon, Caroline, née Scellès
Simon, Samuel
Simonet, Jean
Sinclair, George
Sinclair, Edward
Sinel, James Edwin
Sinel, James
Single, Alfred
Single, Stanley
Single, Albert
Single, Percy
Sinnatt, John Richard
Slack, John
Slader, Robert
Sleep, John
Small, Robert
Small, Walter
Small, William
Small, William Henry
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Julia, née Symes
Smith, Alfred
Smith, John
Smith, Thomas
Smith, James
Smith, George
Smith, Charles
Smith, Frank
Smith, John Philip
Smith, Francis
Smith, William
Smith, Henry Clark
Smith, Henry
Smon, François
Sohier, Paul
Sohier, Jean Mathurin
Sohier, François
Sohier, Walter John
Sooley, William
Sophie, Armand George
Sophie, Armand
Sophie, Georges Armand
Sorel, Charles Durell
Sort, Edmond
Soudeer, Philippe
Soudet, John
Sparkes, George
Speedy, William
Spencer, Herbert Philippe
Spencer, Henry
Spiller, Samuel
Spiller, Frederick
Spiller, Thomas Joseph Henry
Spratt, Samuel
Spratt, Alfred
Spratt, James
Sprigg, Edward
Spriggs, George
Spriggs, Edward Frederick
Spriggs, Frederick
Springate, William
Springate, James
Squibb, Daniel Cox
Squibb, Daniel
Squires, George Charles
St Clair, Frank
St Clair, Frederick
St George, Thomas
St George, Francis
Stabb, John
Stacey, Alfred Oscar
Stacey, Alfred James
Stammers, Alfred
Stanbridge, Frederick
Standingford, William J
Stanfield, Daniel
Stanfield, James
Stanton, George
Stanton, Francis
Stanton, Thomas
Starck, Elie
Starck, Philippe
Statt, Daniel
Statt, Edward Albert
Statt, William Herbert
Steel, Joseph
Steele, Thomas
Steele, Robert
Steele, John
Steer, Amos
Stephens, William
Stephens, Joseph Charles
Stephens, Richard
Sterlin, Henry
Stevens, Theodore
Stevens, William
Stevens, George
Stevens, Charles
Stivey, John
Stoddard, Henry N
Stone, William
Stone, Thomas
Stone, John Thomas
Stone, Mark
Stone, John
Stone, Charles
Stone, Henry William
Stones, William
Stoodley, William
Stoodley, Arthur
Stopher, Charles
Stopher, Joseph
Stopher , Joseph
Stormer, Daniel
Stott, Robert
Strange, Benjamin
Stranger, Charles
Strapp, William
Stratford, Alfred
Strutwick, Henry
Stuart, David
Studley, Arthur
Studley, William
Studwick, Henry
Stunol, François
Styles, Albert John
Sullivan, George
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Jeremiah
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, William
Sullivan, Alfred George
Sullivan, Alfred
Sullivan, Daniel
Sulman, Benjamin A
Sulman, Lily Roberta, née Smith
Summers, William J
Sumner, Samuel
Surcouf, Albert
Surcouf, Peter Charles
Surcouf, Ernest
Surcouf, Peter
Surcouf, Albert Alexandre
Surcouf, Alfred François
Suret, Philippe John
Swanger, Alfred
Sweeney, John
Sweeney, Francis
Sweeny, Francis
Sweetman, Eliza
Swietoslawski, Francis
Syborn, Charles
Syborn, George Thomas
Syvertsen, Hendrik
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, John
Syvret, George Edward
Syvret, Walter
Syvret, Philippe J
Syvret, Philippe
Syvret, John Philip
Syvret, Peter
Syvret, James Vibert


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