Digital copy of [Page 5] of a Witness Statement of a former member of Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home] and Heathfield [Children's Home] staff to the States of Jersey Police. [Some details redacted]. Undated, c. 2008.

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2008 - 2008

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Refers to Witness 335's visit to Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home], noting Jane Maguire's panicked response to news of the visit. Recalls an interview, along with another member of Blanche Pierre] staff, with Witness 335 and Anton Skinner who informed the members of staff that their concerns regarding Blanche Pierre would be investigated. Refers to incident when a Blanche Pierre resident stayed out overnight, and concerns felt by the member of staff due to the behaviour of Alan Maguire. Recalls contact with Dorothy Inglis, and her advice to contact Witness 335, who suggested that the member of staff visit the resident at his Saturday job. Recalls that the resident ran away from Blanche Pierre that night, appearing at the house of the member of staff. Notes that the member of staff contacted Witness 335, who arrived and interviewed the resident in the member of staff's living room. Watched Witness 335 make notes on a clipboard. Comments on advice from Witness 335 for the resident to stay with the member of staff for a week, and for the member of staff to be suspended from duty [at Blanche Pierre] for a week whilst Jane and Alan Maguire left Blanche Pierre.


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Children's Services
Heathfield Children's Home
Open University
States of Jersey Police
Chappell, Brenda
Inglis, Dorothy
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Skinner, Anton
Troy, Nicholas, Detective Constable


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