Digital copy of the Witness Statement of [Audrey Mills] to the Inquiry providing an account of her experiences employed in childcare services, mentioning Haut de la Garenne, England, Clos des Sables [Family Group Home], and Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home]. [Some details redacted].

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June 4th 2015 - June 4th 2015

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Provides details of background, mentioning education, employment at Westaway Creche, employment as a private nanny, and employment in hotels prior to birth of son. Refers to employment at Haut de la Garenne, noting interview process, lack of formal relevant qualifications, other staff, training and guidance, accommodation, discipline, detention rooms, night duty, move to the laundry room, and observations at Haut de la Garenne. Recalls moving to London, following an incident in which [Audrey Mills] had to refect a job offer that would mean her son would be fostered out. Describes nautre of role as a housemother working with teenage girls, also mentioning training provided. Details transfer to another institution, comparing the set up to that found in Family Group Homes in Jersey. Refers to the development of the Key Worker Principle, and attempt by a member of staff who later moved back to Jersey to introduce the Key Worker Principle in the island. Refers also to philosophy, and training. Provides details of return to Jersey, mentioning death of father and son's graduation to University. Secured employment in family support, commenting on policies in place and levels of supervision. Transferred to Clos des Sables [Family Group Home] following the arrest of previous housefather Leslie Hughes after complaints of sexual abuse had been made against him concerning children in the Family Group Home. States that disclosures of abuse made to [Audrey Mills] by children were reported to the child's relevant social worker. Recalls providing advice to a friend who worked at Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home], referring to having witnessed physical abuse of a child by Alan Maguire. Instructed the friend to contact [Child Care Officer] Dorothy Inglis. Transferred to Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home] following departure of houseparents Jane and Alan Maguire. Recalls handover period between [Audrey Mills] and Alan and Jane Maguire, and criticises Jane Maguire's transfer to a role within the Family Centre Service, as well as a letter sent to Jane and Alan Maguire from President of the Education Committee [Constable] Iris Le Feuvre commending Jane and Alan Maguire for their service. Provides details of staff at Blanche Pierre, mentioning the friend mentioned above, and Alan Maguire's sister. Describes the Blanche Pierre [Family Group Home] property, and provides recollections of the children. Refers to the level of supervision provided to Jane and Alan Maguire at Blanche Pierre. Recalls a child disclosing sexual abuse by Alan Maguire to [Audrey Mills], and another child disclosing sexual abuse by Kevin Noel. Comments on the prosecution of Jane and Alan Maguire, and the closure of Blanche Pierre. Following cancer diagnosis and treatement, fostered three children from Blanche Pierre. Comments on lack of support provided by Children's Services. Comments on difficulties for each of the children, mentioning alcohol, drugs, prison, abscondence, and violence. [For Exhibits [AM]1 to [AM]5 as referred to in this Witness Statement, see C/D/AW2/A7/14/WD006313/1 to C/D/AW2/A7/14/WD006313/5].


Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Clos des Sables Family Group Home
Education Committee
Family Centre Service
Haut de la Garenne
Westaway Crèche
Chappell, Brenda
Hughes, Leslie
Herrod, Anne
Inglis, Dorothy
Jordan, Morag
Le Feuvre, Iris
Maguire, Jane
Maguire, Alan
Mills, Audrey
Noel, Kevin
Skinner, Anton
Smith, Charles
Southern, Dylan
Thornton, Patricia
Tilbrook, Colin
Woods, Bob
Williams, Ray
Wateridge, Gordon


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