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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with E have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Ayres, John
Baudet, Blanche
Collins, Amelia
Collins, Emelia
Collins, Emilia
Collins, Mary Ann
Collins, Richard
Condey, Jane
de Louche, Robert
Eacott, John
Eade, John
Eade, Mary Ann
Eade, Mary Ann A
Eagan, Henry Philip
Eagan, John
Eagan, Mrs, née, Esnouf
Eagan, Philip
Eagan, William
Eagan, William Alfred
Eager, Ellen
Eager, Joseph
Eager, Nicolas
Eagles, William
Eales, Jason William
Ealson, Bartholomew
Ealson, Leonard Charles
Eansworth, William
Earl, William
Earle, William
Earles, William
Early, James
Early, William
Ears, Robert
Earyes, John
Earys, John
Easkett, William
Eason, Elizabeth
Eastaugh, Robert
Easterbrook, Joseph
Eastley, William
Eastman, John
Easton, Mr
Eastwood, William
Eaton, Edward
Eayres, John
Eayres, John William
Ecobichon, Jean Pierre
Ecobichon, Joseph
Ecobichon, Pierre
Ecoubelet , Mathurin
Eddy, Margaret
Ede, John
Edelle, Marie
Edeny, Henry
Edgar, Mr
Edge, Sergeant
Edmonds, Henry
Edmonds, John
Edou, Caroline
Edouard, Jean
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Cyril Leslie
Edwards, Elizabeth
Edwards, George
Edwards, James
Edwards, James John
Edwards, Jane
Edwards, John
Edwards, Joseph
Edwards, Maria
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Richard
Edwards, Samuel
Edwards, William
Edwards, William James
Edy, John
Efferman, Alexandre
Efferman, Edward
Effern, Richard
Egan, Henry Philip
Egan, John
Egan, Michael Joseph
Egan, William Alfred
Egesthy, Hannah
Egré, Alfred
Egré, Amelia
Egré, Amelia
Egré, Emelia
Egré, Emilia
Egré, Mary Ann
Egré, Peter
Egré, Philippe J
Egret, Michel
Eher, Elizabeth
Eher, Robert
Eiver, Henry
Eley, James
Elford, Henry Albert
Elie, Edward
Elie, François
Eliot, Jean
Elkins, Edward Freeland
Elliot, Alfred Kenneth
Elliot, James Silby
Elliott, Edward
Elliott, Eliza
Elliott, James
Elliott, John
Elliott, Philip
Elliott, Robert
Elliott, Sarah
Ellis, Alfred
Ellis, Alfred George
Ellis, Elizabeth
Ellis, Elvira
Ellis, George
Ellis, John
Ellis, Mary Ann
Ellis, Philip
Ellis, Philip John
Ellis, Richards
Ellis, Samuel C
Ellis, Walter
Ellis, Walter Jason
Ellis, William
Ellis, Winfield
Ellwood, Horace
Ellwood, Mary
Elms, Eliza
Elmsley, Thomas
Eloi, Auguste
Elphinstone, Charles
Elson, Henry
Elson, Henry I
Elwood, Mary
Emery, Charles
Emery, George
Emmanual, Pierre
Enfroy, Francois
Enfroy, Prosper
England, Joseph
England, Joseph George
England, Thomas
England, William
Englefield, George
English, Joseph
Enland, Matthew
Ennis, Charles
Ennis, Francis
Ennis, George
Ennis, Joe
Ennis, John
Ennis, Joseph
Ennis, Joshua
Ennis, Josué
Ennis, Philip
Ennis, Thomas
Ennis, Tom
Entwistle, Albert
Enwright, Bridget
Enwright, James
Enwright, John
Enwright, Mary
Enwright, Michael
Enwright, William
Eono, Francois
Eono, Jean Pierre
Erault, Elizabeth
Erault, Esther
Ereaut, John
Ereaut, Louisa
Ereaux, Abraham
Ereaux, David
Ereaux, Elizabeth
Ereaux, Jean H
Ereaux, Louis
Ernault, Yves
Ernest, Marie
Erskein, William
Erskett, William
Erving, Charles
Escoffier, Francois
Escott, John
Esmond, John
Esnouf, Abraham
Esnouf, Arthur Kitchener
Esnouf, Charles
Esnouf, Charlotte
Esnouf, Elias
Esnouf, Elizabeth
Esnouf, Francis
Esnouf, Jane
Esnouf, John
Esnouf, John Isaac
Esnouf, LT
Esnouf, Nancy
Esnouf, Philip
Esnouf, Richard
Esnouf, Thomas
Esnouf, Thomas I
Esnouf, Thomas Isaac
Esthu, Elizabeth
Estu, Esther Jane
Etard, Anthoine
Etase, Clement
Etasse, Francis
Etasse, François
Etasse, Guilloumme
Etasse, Léon
Etasse, Louis Napoléon
Etasse, Thomas
Etiampe, Yves
Etiembla, Jean
Etiemble, Jean
Etienne, François
Etienne, Francoise
Etienne, Marie
Etorre, Pierre
Eudiar, Alixondre
Euonic, Jean F
Eustache, Marie
Eustache, Thomas
Eustache, Thomas P E
Eva, Perrine
Eva, William
Evan, Marie Yvonne
Evans, Blanche
Evans, Chartez
Evans, Eliza
Evans, Evan
Evans, George
Evans, Henry
Evans, Jean Maria
Evans, John
Evans, Owen Jones
Evans, Thomas
Evans, William
Evans, William Alfred
Eve, Henry Bentley
Everit, John
Evern, Yves
Evon, Jean
Evrillard, Charles
Ewings, Charles
Ewins, William
Exon, George
Eyres, John
Eyries, John
Gallichan, Sarah
Grosin, Marie
Hacquoil, Elizabeth
Hidds, John
Innus, Thomas
Isaac, Thomas
Jenkins, Elizabeth
Lord Steele, George
Mew, Eliza
Monks, Eliza
Palmer, Elvira
Sinclair, Jason William
Tagny, Jane
Thompson, William
Vidamour, Elizabeth
Wakeham, Mary Ann
Wakeham, Mary Ann A
Walsh, Bridget
West, Caroline


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