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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with F have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Battrick, Mary Jane
Beal, Jane
Benita, Elizabeth
Caden, Josephine
Coach, Margaret
Corbett, Catherine L
Crouzières, Eliza
Dowden, Ellen
Dupont, Jean
Earstley, William
Esnouf, Jane
Esnouf, Jeanneton
Fabian, Ann
Fabian, Elizabeth
Fabian, James
Fabian, Michael
Fabian, Sarah
Fagan, John
Fagan, William
Faigean, Marie Georgine
Fairchild, A
Fairclough, Thomas
Fairley, George
Falaize, Arthur
Falaize, John
Faley, Patrick
Falla, James
Falla, John Frederick
Falla, Peter
Fallaise, John
Fallaise, Thomas
Fallaize, Arthur
Fallaize, Daniel
Fallaize, Jane
Fallaize, John
Fallaize, Peter
Fallaize, Richard
Fallaize, William
Falle, Ann
Falle, Charles Aubert
Falle, Edward P
Falle, George James
Falle, George James
Falle, Henry
Falle, Jane
Falle, Jean P
Falle, Jeanneton
Falle, John
Falle, Joshua
Falle, Mrs
Falle, Percy Clarence
Falle, Philip
Falle, Philip John
Falle, Thomas
Fallon, John
Fallu, Nicholas
Fallu, Nicolas
Fallut, Nicholas
Fane, Norah
Fanning, James
Fanton, Marie
Faomer, Frederick Charles
Faramus, Eugène
Farci, Joseph
Faris, James
Farley, Amelia
Farley, Elizabeth Jemima
Farley, Frederick
Farley, James
Farley, Jemima
Farley, John
Farley, William
Farlow, Samuel
Farmer, William
Farr, Edward
Farr, William
Farraghan, Martin
Farraud, Peter Louis
Farrel, D
Farrel, Denis
Farrel, Johana
Farrel, John
Farrel, Lawrence
Farrel, Richard
Farrel, Thomas
Farrel, William
Farrell, James
Farrell, Thomas
Farrell, William
Farren, Mary
Farris, James
Farrly, John
Farruel, Joseph
Fauce, Joseph
Fauchard, Marie
Fauchon, Charles
Fauchon, Magloire
Fauchon, Malgloire
Faucon, Jean
Fauçon, Jean Marie
Faudel, Albert Paul
Faudel, Yves
Faudet, Albert Paul
Faugue, Edouard
Faulkner, Edward Joseph R G H
Faulkner, William
Faun, William
Faurement, Yves
Faurie, Auguste Louis
Fautrat, J Auguste
Fautrel, Marie
Fauvé, Josephine
Fauvel , Philip
Fauvel, Ann
Fauvel, Charles
Fauvel, Charles Philip
Fauvel, Eliza Maria
Fauvel, Elizabeth
Fauvel, Jane
Fauvel, Jean
Fauvel, John
Fauvel, John Charles
Fauvel, Melanie
Fauvel, Philip
Fauvel, Pierre
Fauvel, Rachel
Fauvel, Thomas
Fauvet, Marie
Fay, Martin
Fayackerly, Thomas Alfred
Fearon, John
Fee, Thomas
Fellows, Alfred Beresford
Fellows, Richard
Fells, Francis
Fenegal, Maurice
Fenn, Charles
Fennell, Marsala
Fenney, James
Fenney, James Dennis
Fenten, Elias Pierson
Fenton, John
Fenton, Peter
Fenton, William
Fentum, William
Feramus, E F Mathurin
Ferbourg, Julien
Ferbrache, Francis George
Ferdan, Jean
Ferdand, Jean
Ferdant, Jean
Ferey, Auguste
Ferey, Jane
Ferguson, Catherine L
Ferguson, Eliza
Ferguson, John
Ferlien, Natalie
Ferlin, Mrs
Fermer, William
Fernandes, Eugene
Fernando, Eugene
Fernando, Felix
Fernando, Felix Désiré
Fernando, Felix Désiré
Feron, Ernest Eugene
Ferow, Emile T F
Ferrand, Ange Marie
Ferrant, John
Ferrant, René
Ferrin, Auguste
Ferron, John
Ferry, Auguste Charles
Ferry, Jacques
Fesey, Joseph
Fesnian, Jules Alexandre
Fesnian, Louis Bienaimé
Fetrel, Marie
Feuillé, Jean
Feuillette, Felicité
Feuillette, Felicité
Feurgot, Joseph
Févon, Emile
Fewins, George
Fewins, James
Ficamos, Alice
Fichel, Jules
Fichon, Amedée
Fichon, Francois
Fichou, Amédeé
Fichou, François
Fichou, François
Fichou, Vincent
Field, Benjamin
Field, Richard
Fielding, Francis
Fielding, Mary
Fielo, Roland
Fife, Henry
Fignet, Rosalie
Filleul, Charles James
Filleul, Edouard
Filleul, George
Filleul, Jacques Jean
Filleul, James
Filleul, Jean
Filleul, John
Filleul, Philip
Filleul, Philip J
Filleul, Philip John
Filleul, Philip V
Filleul, Philip Winter
Filleul, Reginald Winter
Filleul, Richard
Fimm, Samuel
Finerikin, James
Finerty, Henry
Fingot, Walter
Finlay, Simon
Finley, George
Finley, John
Finney, James
Finnie, Dennis
Finnie, Eliza
Finnie, Francis
Finnie, James
Finnie, John
Firth, James
Fische, Pierre
Fish, George William
Fisher, Christopher
Fisher, George
Fisher, John
Fisher, Sarah
Fitch, John
Fitzgerald, Bridget
Fitzgerald, David
Fitzgerald, Gerald
Fitzgerald, J P
Fitzgerald, Johanna
Fitzgerald, Johannah
Fitzgerald, John
Fitzgerald, Morris
Fitzgerald, Richard
Fitzgerald, William
Fitzgibbon, H B
Fitzmoris, Daniel
Fitzpatrick, Ann
Fitzpatrick, Barnard
Fitzpatrick, Eliza
Fitzpatrick, James
Fitzpatrick, John
Fitzpatrick, Michael
Fitzpatrick, Richard
Fitz-Patrick, Samuel
Fitzsimmons, James
Fitzwod, Theodore A
Flackett, William
Flageul, Celestin
Flamant, Auguste
Flambard, Adeline
Flambard, Albina
Flambard, Bienaimé
Flambard, Louise
Flambart, Arsène
Flambart, Henry
Flanagan, Charles
Flanagan, Elizabeth
Flanagan, Margaret
Flanagham, James
Flanders, Jabez
Flannagan, Jane
Flannel, Benjamin
Flannigan, Elizabeth
Flaud, Hypolite
Flavell, Henry
Fleetwood, William
Fleming, George
Fleming, William
Flemming, George
Flemming, George James
Fletcher, Ellen S
Fletcher, Frederick
Fletcher, George William
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, Stephen George
Fleury, Achille Pierre Frederick
Fleury, John
Fleury, Philip
Fleury, Philippe
Flin, John
Flinn, Edward
Flinn, Florence
Flinn, James
Flinn, Michael
Flinn, Thomas
Flitter, Marianne
Flood, Ann
Flood, John
Flora, Mary Ann
Floren, Jean
Floren, John
Florence, Jean
Florent, Alexis
Florent, Elizabeth
Florent, Jean
Florent, John
Florent, Pierre Jean
Florian, Jean
Floury, Jean
Floury, Yves Marie
Floyd, John
Flyn, Charles
Flyn, Mary
Flyn, Michael
Flynn, Catherine
Flynn, Honor
Flynn, James
Flynn, John
Flynn, John R W F
Flynn, Mary
Flynn, Michael
Flynn, Michael
Flynn, Thomas
Foard, Ebor Kaines
Foard, Henry
Foard, Henry Thomas
Fogwill, Ann Coyers
Foley, Guilleaume
Foley, James Francis
Foley, John
Foliot, Marie
Folkes, Frederick J
Follin, Auguste
Foney, Philippe
Fontaine, Auguste
Fontaine, Jean Pierre
Fontaine, Jules
Fooks, Frederick
Fooks, James
Foord, Richard
Foot, Margaret
Foot, Fanny
Foot, George
Foot, Mary Jane
Foot, Robert
Foot, Samuel
Foot, William
Foote, George
Forbes, Charles
Forbes, David
Forbes, Robert William
Ford, Edward
Ford, Ernest Dawson
Ford, Isaac
Ford, James
Ford, John
Ford, Joseph
Ford, Patrick
Ford, Richard
Ford, William
Fordham, John
Foreman, Henry
Forester, Mary Ann
Forgeron, Philomène
Forker, Patrick
Forlain, Marie
Forrest, John
Forse, Alfred
Forster, Alfred
Forster, John
Fortain, Francois
Fortaine, Anne M
Fortin, Adolphe
Fortune, Margaret
Forward, Clara
Forward, James
Forward, Lydia
Fossard, François
Fossard, François Louis
Fossars, François
Fosse, Auguste E
Fosse, Auguste Ernest
Fosse, Celestin L
Fosse, Ernest
Fossé, Louis Eugene
Fosse, Paul Gustave Jean
Fosse, Pierre François
Fosse, Victorine
Fossey, Amand
Fossey, Anne Marie
Fossey, Eugène
Fossey, Henry
Fossey, Jules C
Fossey, Mylia
Fossey, Paul Auguste
Fossey, Pierre
Fossey, Pierre Francois
Fossy, Pierre
Foster, Ellen
Foster, Ernest
Foster, Jane
Foster, William
Fotrac, Pierre
Foucault, Jean
Foucault, Josephine
Fouchal, Marie
Fouchard, Eliza
Fouchard, Mary
Fouguelle, Marie
Fouguet, F L Victor
Fouque, Constant
Fouquet, Jacques
Fourie, Auguste
Fourie, Auguste Louis
Fourmie, Simon
Fournie, Louis Auguste
Fournier, Sidonie
Fowler, Alfred
Fowler, Alfred W
Fowler, Ellen
Fowler, Herbert
Fowler, John
Fowler, Louisa
Fowler, Manly John
Fowler, Samuel
Fox, Dennis
Fox, Edward Thomas
Fox, James
Fox, James George
Fox, John
Fox, Jonathan
Fox, Mary
Fox, Thomas
Fox, William Charles
Foy, Henry
Foyer, Marie Joseph
Fraboulet, Hippolyte
Fraisie, Desirée
Frame, William
Frampton, Charles
Frampton, James
Frampton, John
Francis, Henry
Francis, Martha Mary
Francis, Thomas
François, Henri
François, Jean
Franklin, Conrad H L
Franklyn, Conrad H L
Fraser, Howard
Fraser, Margaret
Fraser, Moore McInroy
Fraser, Moore McTuray
Fraser, Robert McCulman
Fraser, William Harold
Fraudener, Francois
Frazer, William
Frecker, Caroline
Freeman, Aaron
Freeman, Ernest
Freeman, Francis
Freeman, Frederick
Freeman, Henry
Freeman, William
Fremine, Rosalie
Fremont, Marie
French, Agnes
French, Charles John
French, David
French, Herbert
French, John
French, John Charles
French, Nicholas
French, William
Freund, Charles
Friend, John
Friend, Thomas
Frigot, Emil Peter
Frigot, Emile Pierre
Frigot, Percy Charles
Frigot, Théophile
Frigout, Marie E F
Friou, Eugène
Friquet, Jean
Friquet, Léon
Frito, Jean
Fritz, Frederick
Fromage, A T G
Fromage, Aimable Auguste
Fromage, M A
Fromage, Marie Ann
Fromage, Marie Anne
Fromage, Marie Rosalie A
Fromentin, Melanie
Frost, George
Frost, Ann
Frost, Emma
Frost, Frederick
Frost, Frederick George
Frost, John Thomas
Frowd, Henry
Frowd, Thomas
Fry, Ann Elizabeth
Fry, Charles
Fry, George
Fry, John Thomas
Fryars, Samuel
Fryer, James
Fuchald, Louis
Fudge, Alfred
Fudge, Alfred Thomas
Fudge, Alfred William
Fudge, William
Fuller, Elizabeth
Fuller, Florence Kathleen
Fullerton, William
Furgusson, Ann
Furgusson, G E
Furgusson, George
Furgusson, Hugh
Furgusson, John
Furgusson, Margaret
Furgusson, Peggy
Furgusson, Daniel
Furgusson, Joseph
Furlong, Margaret
Furlong, Matthew
Furlong, Thomas
Furmedge, James
Furniss, Stanley Victor
Furtel, Marie
Fury, James
Fusade, Jules A
Fustecq, Hipployte
Futhey, Hugh
Fynn, Thomas
Houillebecq, Mylia
Holmes, Norah
Hooper, Ann
Jackson, William
Le Geyt, Johanna
Le Gresley, Eliza Maria
Le Luan, Anne Marie
Oldrige, Victorine
Quinton, Marie
Richard, Marie Anne
Richard, Marie Rosalie A
Richards, M A
Richards, Marie Ann
Richards, Marie Anne
Shellady, Mary Ann
Taylor, Honor
Tirel, Adeline
Tite, Ann Coyers
Ferron, Mrs
Walpole, Charles
Weston, Robert
Whealan, Mary


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