Digital copy of Minutes of the 18th Meeting of the Health and Social Services Committee. Health and Social Services Documentation as supplied by Lacey Advocates. Reference DELTA D HSSD 3170. [Some details redacted]. For Anton Skinner's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 24 July 2015, see C/D/AW2/B3/8/WS000614.

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May 5th 1999 - May 5th 1999

Scope and Content

Lists those present, and notes absences. Contains details relating to minutes, matters arising, Social Policy Strategy Group minutes, revenue cash limit 2000-2002, finance and activity report to 31 March 1999, Year 2000 compliance project as at 27 April 1999, redevelopment of Woodville Hotel, capital and major projects: Overdale Rehabilitation Unit, States Manpower Policy, in confidence - staff market supplement for IT staff, Draft Statutory Nuisances (Jersey) Law 199, complaints report 1998 and complaints policy, strictly confidential - staff: disciplinary hearing relating to J [Jane] Maguire, field hospital exercise: Summer 1999, doctors and dentists pay review 1999, water resource and pollution: pesticides and nitrates in water and chlorthal in treated water, quarantine arrangements, Health Care (Registration) (Jersey) Law 1995, Health Care (Registration) ?(Jersey) Law 1995 - Mr B Le Quesne, Termination of Pregnancy (Jersey) Law 1997 - Registered Medical Practictioner, Nursing and Residential Homes (Jersey) Law 1994: change of person in charge of Mintgate and Morley House Residential Homes - Jersey Cheshire Home, Nursing and Residential Homes (Jersey) Law 1994: change of person carrying on a Residential Home: Mintgate Residential Home, midwife certifications, matters for information, payment for private residential care when residents were admitted into hospital, Mental Health (Jersey) Law 1969: Guardianship, and Mental Health (Jersey) Law 1969: Guardianship Orders: renewal.


Audit Committee
Children's Services
Elderly Services
Establishment Committee
Finance and Information Services
Finance and Economics Committee
General and Acute Services
Health and Social Services Committee
Human Resources Department
Jersey Cheshire Home Foundation
Lacey Advocates
Legislation Committee
Mintgate Residential Home
Morley House Residential Home
Overdale Hospital
Policy and Resources Committee
Royal Court
Social Policy Strategy Group
States Treasury
Woodville Hotel
Bass, R
Entwistle, Mike
Grainger, C R, Dr
Homer, A
Harris, A H
Jennings, Graham
Le Fèvre, M
Le Feuvre, J
Le Quesne, B
Maguire, Jane
Maguire, Alan
Skinner, Anton


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