Digital copy of Application for Employment by Janet Brotherton to Health and Social Services for employment as a Child Protection Trainer. [Some details redacted]. For Janet Brotherton's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 10 July 2015, see C/D/AW2/B3/18/WS000610.

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May 12th 2002 - May 12th 2002

Scope and Content

Provides details relation to personal details, education and professional qualifications, membership of professional bodies not already listed, medical history, employment history, account of personal development relevenat to application, other information, convictions, references, method of learning of vacany, availability, and decleration. Includes supplementary information regarding Janet Brotherton such as personal statement and list of professional experience between 1965 and 1998.


Amersham Hospital
Barnsley Hospital
Bartholemew Tipping School
Children's Services
Community Practice and Health Visitors Association
Carrington House Surgery
Family Nursing and Home Care
Health and Social Services
John Radcliffe Hospital
Jersey Evening Post
Leeds Infirmary
National Health Service
Pinderfields Hospital
Seacroft Hospital
St James' University Hospital
States of Jersey
University of Reading
Wycombe Hospital
Brotherton, Janet
Bell, Barbara
Norman, Jo
Vance, Olive


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