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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with D where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view cases consult collection D/Y/N4 online if volume is attached or view at the Archive. Alternatively email for a copy

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January 1st 1872 - December 31st 1884


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Boyce, Louisa A, née Davey
Britton, Catherine, née Davis
Cardin, Pauline, née Dubord
Cardin, Pauline, née Dubas
Crick, Laetitia, nee Delany
D`Aubert, Alice
d`Hermilly, Edouard
d`Orellana, Antonio
d`Orleans, Marie
Dakin, John
Dale, William
Dallain, Jean
Dallin, Angelina
Dalton, Ellen
Dalton, George
Daly, Ellen
Daly, Ambrose
Daly, John
Danguy, Marie Louise
Danlos, Jean Baptiste
Danna, Angèle
Danvieux, Marie Joseph
Dardane, Auguste
Davey, Robert
Davey, Isaac
Davey, Albert
Davey, Charles
Davidson, William
Davis, Matthew
Davis, John
Davis, James
Davis, Thomas
Davis, Anne, née Dunn
Davis, George
Davis, Winter
Davis, Richard
Davis, Melmoth
Davis, Laura
Davis, Lydia
Davis, Henry
Davis, Alfred
Daw, William
Daw, John
Dawe, Thomas
Dawson, Arthur
Dawson, James
de la, Amy, née Le Duc
de la Mare, Ann, née Le Duc
Deacons, John Stephen
Debosq, Louis
Dedoity, Amedée
Dédoity, Amedee Toussaint
Dejenétais, Senateur
Delataste, Edward M
Delataste, Alfred
Delaunay, George
Delisle, Mathurin
Delouche, George Henry
Delouche, George
Delouches, George
Delpiani, Louis
Demaurensanne, Joseph
Demaurensanne, John
Demmick, Elias
Demmick, Thomas
Demoy, Jean
Denis, Louis Auguste
Denis, Jacques
Denise, Frank
Denman, Francis
Dennebouy, Eugène
Dennis, John
Dennys, Charles
Derwin, Bernard
Derwin, Ann
Desborough, Louisa
Deslandes, Elie
Deslandes, John
Deslandes, Matthieu
Deslandes, Elie Jean
Dethan, William
Devaine, John
Develin, Ellen
Devenish, George
Devicq, Jean
Diguet, John
Dillon, John
Dillon, Mary
Dixon, George
Dixon, Albert
Dobin, Charles
Dobin, Henry Richard
Dobin, Henry William
Dobin, Charles George
Docking, William
Dodge, Robert
Dodge, Louisa Lilian
Dogherty, Charles
Doherty, Philip
Dollot, Jean François
Dolo, Jean François
Donald, Thomas
Donaldson, George
Donaldson, Robert
Donnell, John
Donnell, Thomas
Donnell, Mary Ann
Donnell, Mary Ann
Donnell, Donald
Donoghue, James
Donovan, John
Donovan, Thomas
Donovan, Edward
Doolan, James
Dooley, John
Dooley, Kate
Doré, Jean
Dorey, Philippe
Dorey, Virginie
Dorey, François
Dorglande, Jean
Dorglande, Augustine
Douglas, William Reed
Douglas, William
Douglas, Stafford Edward
Douville, Ange
Dove, Thomas
Dowden, James
Dowden, George
Dowland, Nora
Dowland, James
Dowling, Henry
Dowling, John
Downer, Thomas
Downer, Charles
Downer, Philippe
Downes, Joseph
Downton, Thomas
Downton, James
Downton, George
Downton, Joseph
Downton, Emily
Drelaud, Charles
Drelaud, Susanne
Drew, Francis
Drew, Robert
Drieu, Alphonse
Driscoll, Denis
Driscoll, Francis James
Drouet, Auguste Leonor
Droute, Auguste
Drube, Otto
Druce, William
Druce, Alfred
Druce, James
Druce, Joseph
Drummond, William
Drump, John
Dubean, Jacques
Dubeuil, Jeanne Marie
Dubois, George
Dubose, Jeanne Marie
Dubosq, Louis
Dubreuil, Alfred
Dubreuil, Emile
Dubreuil, Jeanne Marie
Duchemin, Honorine
Duchemin, Bon Lucien
Duchemin, Valentin
Duchemin, Alphonse
Duchemin, Bon
Duchemin, Jean
Duckworth, John
Duelbridge, Emma
Duffield, Christopher
Duffield, Henry
Duffy, Mary Jane
Dufour, Virginie
Dufour, Virginie Amanda
Duhamel, Ann, née Darwin
Duhamel, Ann, née Derwin
Duhamel, Frédéric
Dumaresq, Thomas
Dumfey, Joseph
Dummond, Walter
Dumoncel, Euphrasie Augustine
Dumoulin, Eugene Auguste
Dumphy, Michael
Dumphy, Joseph
Dumprey, Joseph
Dunboit, Alfred
Dunn, Patrick
Dunn, Thomas
Dunphy, Michael
Dunphy, Joseph
Dunphy, John
Dunstan, Henry
Dupont, Pierre
Dupré, Mary Ann
Duquesne, Auguste
Durand, Jules
Durand, Auguste
Durant, Levi
Durant, John
Durant, David John
Durant, David
Durant, François
Durell, Charles
Durell, Alexander John
Durell, Francis
Durrant, David
Durrant, Philippe John
Durrant, John
Dury, Marie François Jules
Dussaulx, Etienne
Dutacq, Alfred
Dutot, Charles E
Dutot, David Fleury
Duval, Pierre Jules
Duval, Charles
Duval, Louis
Duval, Stanislas
Duval, George
Duval, John
Duval, Pierre
Duval, Joseph
Duvey, Francis
Dwyer, John
Dymond, John
Falle, Rachel Ann, née Drummond
Fernando, Marie, née Desgranges
Haley, Kitty, née Daly
Hebert, Augustine, née Dupont
Jones, Mary Ann, née Dubois
Le Cocq, Catherine, née Dwyer
Le Désiré, François
Le Dren, Zacharie
Le Duc, Joseph
Le Duc, Ann
Le Duc, Francois
Le Duc, Louis Marie
Letellier, Rosalie, née Desrez
Martin, Lavinia, née Downs
Maurensanne, John
McNulty, Catherine Mary, née Doyle
Mildon, Jane, née Dowlan
Mourant, Jane, née Dickson
Newbegin, Alice, née Davrin
Nicolle, Mary, née Deslandes
Nicolle, Mary Louisa, néeDelandes
Pallot, Ann, née Deslandes
Petticat, Françoise
Phillips, Virginie, née Dubourg
Pitman, Mary Jane, née Duffy
Pittman, Mary Jane, née Dumphy
Quintaine, Virginie, née Dufour
Reardon, Susan, née Dawson
Sullivan, Mary Jane, née Duffy
Tanner, Mary Jane, née Duffey
Tanner, Mary Jane, née Duffy


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