Digital copy of Email correspondence involving Mario Lundy concerning an Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel hearing and the behaviour of [Neil] McMurray. [Some details redacted]. For Mario Lundy's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 6 September 2015, see C/D/AW2/B3/29/WS000587.

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February 6th 2009 - February 10th 2009

Scope and Content

• Email sent at 15:12 on 6 February 2009 from Mario Lundy to Bill Ogley titled Advice. Includes comments about an Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel hearing on 6 February 2008, commenting on the presence of [Neil] McMurray and Mike Dunn at the hearing. Details subsequent action by Mr McMurray to question him on camera asking for his response to allegations by [Stuart] Syvret. Outlines intention to ask his Minister to write to Roy Le Hérissier raising issues about the hearing and to take advice from the police as to whether or not Mr McMurray's behaviour constitutes harassment. Includes reply from Bill Ogley sent at 10:59 on 8 February 2009 expressing agreement with the proposed action and remarks about informing the SEB [States Employment Board] for his personal file. Forwarded by Mario Lundy to Ian Crich at 08:32 on 9 February 2009 requesting arrangement for a note of the matter to be placed on his file, and forwarded at 08:35 on 9 February 2009 by Ian Crich to Natalie Williams asking for the correspondence to be put in the p/f [personal file] of Mario [Lundy]. • Email sent at 18:04 on 10 February 2009 from Mario Lundy to Bill Ogley titled CONFIDENTIAL. Copies in James Reed, Philip Ozouf, James Perchard, Michael Jackson, Ian Crich and Terry Le Sueur. Describes being informed by [a former member of staff at Les Chênes] that they had been contacted by a Sunday Times journalist regarding a piece on Les Chênes and allegations made against Mr Lundy and [the former staff member], noting response of [the former staff member]. Outlines intention should he be contacted by the journalist regarding referral to police and legal action. Comments on allegations made against him by Senator [Stuart] Syvret, detailing concerns regarding the actions and conduct of Mr McMurray in during and after scrutiny proceedings, referring to a video on YouTube and a interview given by Deputy Le Hérissier to Mr McMurray and Mr Dunn about Mr Lundy's position. Includes remarks about his resilience whilst outlining concerns regarding attempts to undermine him and other senior civil servants. Includes reply from Ian Crich sent at 19:26 on 10 February 2009 describing treatment of Mr Lundy as unacceptable, noting that the matter will be discussed by the SEB. Forwarded at 19:26 on 10 February 2009 by Ian Crich to Natalie Williams asking for the correspondence to be put in the p/f [personal file] of Mario [Lundy].


Crich, Ian
Dun, Mike
Jackson, Michael, Constable of St Brelade
Le Hérissier, Roy, Deputy
Le Sueur, Terry, Senator
Lundy, Mario
McMurray, Neil
Ogley, Bill
Ozouf, Philip, Senator
Perchard, Jim, Senator
Reed, James, Deputy
Williams, Natalie
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel
Education Sport and Culture
Health and Social Services
Les Chênes Residential School
States Employment Board
States of Jersey
Sunday Times
Voice for Children (Blog)


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