Digital copy of Exhibit [MH]3: Annual Report of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1972-1973. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to [Margaret Holley]'s Witness Statement to the Inquiry, dated 15 May 2015, [C/D/AW2/B3/26/WS000575].

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1972 - 1973

Scope and Content

Names Patrons Air Chief Marshal Sir John Davis, Bailiff Sir Robert Le Masurier, Lord Coutanche, and Mr A G Harrison. Names Patronesses the Countess of Jersey, and Mrs Edward Obbard. Names President Mr Maurice Letto. Names Vice-Presidents Reverend Peter G K Manton. Names Honorary Medical Officers Dr D H Georgelin and Dr D E Sayers. Names Honorary Dental Surgeon Mr A S Swain. Names Honorary Auditors as Messrs Alex Picot and Company. Names Honorary Treasurer Mr T [Tom] A Foster. Names Honorary Secretary Mr A J Scriven. Names Committee members W Bedelle Aubin, M A Bernstein, R S Corbett, Mrs J R Hanna, Reverend C Paul Harrison, Dorothy Le Quesne, Reverend Charles Nowell, Lady McMorrough Kavanagh, Miss O'Brien Butler, J Sherry, Children's Officer C A Smith, L C Thomas, [Constable of St Clement] E [Ernest] Watson, Dr W Williams, and [Margaret Holley]. Provides details of notable events at Brig-y-don over the previous year, mentioning staff including [Margaret Holley]. States belief that due to [Margaret Holley] and another member of staff, Brig-y-don is in good hands. Refers to an image titled New Faces at Brig-y-don, with [Margaret Holley] captioned. Provides details of Revenue Account, Balance Sheet, and List of Subscriptions.


Alex Picot and Company
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Barclays Bank
Barbara Beauty Salon
Beghin’s Boot Stores
B G Romeril and Company
Burma Star Association
Children's Services
Coralie Hotel
Children's Department
Co-op United Football Club
Ernest Farley and Son (Contractors)
Grouville Women's Institute
Hotel L'Horizon
Jersey Savings Bank
Lilac Investments Limited
Le Riches Stores Limited
Leo Club of Jersey
Mizar Entertainments
Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes
St Ouen's Parish Church
Samares Investments Limited
St Aubin's Motor Coach and Car Company Limited
St Brelade's Summer Fete Committee
The Sealed Knot
Alexander, C
Bisson, H C
Bedelle Aubin, W
Bernstein, M A
Burnard, H M
Blampied, B L
Bois, L M
Bailhache, A W
Bonn, L T
Bernstein, Max
Blair-Hickman, S C, Captain
Bloom, D M
Booth, J
Corbett, R S
Crill, Sir Peter
Coutanche, Alexander Moncrieffe, Baron
Dickinson, A S H
Deane, M R B, Commander
de Faye, D R
Du Feu, Mrs
du Feu, C A R
Dawson, W A
Dupré, R
Davis, John Gilbert, Sir, Air Chief Marshall
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Earl of Jersey
Ferguson, L B
Fergie, G B
Fletcher, E W
Falla, I M
Foster, Tom
Fox, Ruby May, née Norris
Georgelin, D H, Dr
Gilson, E A
Huelin, Gwyneth, Senator
Harrison, A G
Hanna, Mrs
Harrison, Cecil Paul, Reverend
Holley, Margaret
Hind, D N
Hartley, E A
Hulton, Isobel Hope Millicent
Hall, H M
Hall, Owen
Hall, Mrs
Hutton, J
Harrison, A G
Jeans, Joan Southey Harriet, née Liesching
Jaques, E D
Jones, E
Kenilworth, Lady
Kandawalla, B
Nott-Bower, John Reginald Hornby
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Le Quesne, Dorothy
Le Suesne, D
Le Quesne, D
Le Quesne, S
Long, R
Long, Mrs
Le Maistre, Mrs
Letto, Maurice
Long, D
Le Cornu, Mrs
Littler Jones, T C
Lempriere-Robin, R. C, Brigadier
McMorrough Kavanagh, Lady
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Maltwood, R G
Matthews, M J
Mitchell, Mrs
Mourant, H de C
Myers, G T
McCowan, Lady
Nolais, R P
Orange, C, Jurat
Nowell, Charles, Reverend
O'Brien Butler, Mrs
Obbard, Edward
Obbard, Mrs
Picot, A C
Perree, S L
Platt, J W
Pallister, J W
Pallister, Mrs
Procter, E A
Platt, V N H
Platt, Mrs
Roberts, John
Roberts, Mrs
Roberts, A C
Scriven, Senator
Scroven, A J, Senator
Sherry, J
Syvret, P
Syvret, Mrs
Soulsby, T
Smith, E J
Southern, R H
Stokes-Hughes, H A
Smith, C A
Swain, A S
Sayers, Dr
Scriven, A J
Tickle, Alan Joseph Butler
Thomas, L C
Vincent, J C
Vaughan, E C W
Voisin, G F
Watson, Ernest
Wood, N
Wood, F C D
Williams, W, Dr


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