Digital copy of Exhibit [MH]6: Annual Report of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1976-1977. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to [Margaret Holley]'s Witness Statement to the Inquiry, dated 15 May 2015, [C/D/AW2/B3/26/WS000575].

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1976 - 1977

Scope and Content

Names Patrons [Lieutenant Governor] Sir Desmond Fitzpatrick, Bailiff Sir Robert Le Masurier. Names Patronesses the Countess of Jersey, and Mrs Edward Obbard. Names President Mr Maurice Letto. Names Vice-Presidents Reverend Peter G K Manton. Names Honorary Medical Officers Dr D H Georgelin and Dr D E Sayers. Names Honorary Dental Surgeon Mr A S Swain. Names Honorary Auditors as Messrs Alex Picot and Company. Names Honorary Treasurer Mr T [Tom] Foster. Names Honorary Secretary Mr A J Scriven, and Assistant Mrs B P Le Geyt. Names Committee members W Bedelle Aubin, R S Corbett, Mrs J R Hanna, Reverend C Paul Harrison, Dorothy Le Quesne, Lady McMorrough Kavanagh, Miss O'Brien Butler, Children's Officer C A Smith, L C Thomas, [Constable of St Clement] E [Ernest] Watson, Dr A [Anthony] J Essex-Cater, Mrs P M Bailhache, Mrs I F Plymen, Mrs N Wagstaffe, and [Margaret Holley]. Provides details of Annual Report, commending efforts of staff such as [Margaret Holley]. Refers also to Revenue Account, Balance Sheet, Report of the Auditors, Golden Jubilee Fund, Golden Jubilee Appeal Fund, List of Subscriptions, Donations, In Memoriam, Parish Grants, Legacies, and Analysis of Income and Expenditure in relation to Child Days, Includes images of Brig-y-don. Includes short history of Brig-y-don, mentioning fortune of counting [Margaret Holley] as amongst the staff.


Alex Picot and Company
A H Copp Charitable Fund
A C Gallie Limited
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Barclays Bank
Buttfield Limited
Bygone Days (stage show)
Bank of Nova Scotia Channel Islands Limited
Broad Street Investments (Jersey) Limited
British Home Stores
B G Romeril and Company
Beghin's Boot Stores Limited
Children's Services
Collins Limited
Clarkson Foundation
Hughes And Company Limited
Children's Department
De La Salle College
Ernest Farley and Son (Contractors)
Fort Regent
Gorey Yacht Club
Grouville Church
Girls Brigade
General and Mercantile Agencies Limited
Hautlieu School
Hettich Limited
Helvetia House School
Hambros Bank (Jersey) Limited
Hotel L'Horizon
Hotel Galaxie
Housewives' Choice
Inner Wheel Club of Jersey
Iron Stores Limited
Jersey College for Girls
Jersey Contractors Limited
Jersey Ladies Choir
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Gas
Jersey Round Table
Jersey Motor Transport Company Limited
Leo Club of Jersey
Le Riches Stores
Lions Club of Jersey
Le Gallais Real Estates Limited
Longueville Manor Hotel
Le Brun's Bakery
Langlois Limited
La Tour Women's Institute
Monterey Hotel
Minden Securities (Jersey) Limited
Norman's Fishing and Social Club
Ogier and Le Cornu
Overseas Trading Corporation
Royal Trust Company of Canada
Randalls Brewery
Swan Hotel
St Martin's School
St Brelade's School
St Peter's School
St John's Church Sunday School
St Matthew's Football Club
St Helier Church
Sir James Knott Trust
Scouting Movement
Seymour Services Limited
States of Jersey
Trustee Savings Bank
Trinity School
Tradesmen's Darts League
Trevor Matthews and Carey
Variety Club of Jersey
Val Plaisant School
Victoria College
Variety Club of Jersey
Wallace Brothers Bank (Jersey) Limited
Women's Institute
Williams & Glyn's Bank
Wesley Grove Methodist Church
Aghassy, G
Allo, D
Allo, Mrs
Amy, G B
Ayliffe, F P
Alexander, C
Ashton Edwards, Mrs
Ashton Edwards, E
Bloom, Doris
Bedelle Aubin, W
Bernstein, Max
Baddeley, A E
Burnard, Mrs
Brimage, Rose
Barnett, Gwen
Benest, Yvonne
Benest, Mr
Blampied, P G
Blampied, M
Blampied, Mrs
Butlin, Billy
Buesnel, D A
Buesnel, Mrs
Bailhache, P M
Browne, A A
Bailhache, L V
Bailhache, W J
Barclay de Tolly, Victor
Brain, H G L
Barclay de Tolly, Barbara
Bell family
Baddeley, Mrs
Baddeley, E C
Bailhache, Mrs
Berni, Frank
Berni Family
Bloom, D M
Bloom, Mrs
Bois, L M
Blair-Hickman, S C, Captain
Brooksbank, Mrs
Copp, A M
Copp, Mrs
Copp, A H
Camp, C J
Croad, I C
Croad, G W
Corry, Sir James
Corbett, R S
Corbel, C W
Cooley, N
Corbel, Mrs
Cook, Sir Francis
Camp, C J
Chinn, A B
Chinn, J B
Chinn, Mrs
Coutanche, J A G
Couffey, J
Clement-Robson, L H, Major
Clement-Robson, Mrs
Crill, Sir Peter
Crapp, L R
Crapp, Mrs
Dickinson, A S H
Dupre, Mrs
Dupré, Clarence
Dupre, Ruby D
Ducker, A E
De Veulle, Philip
De Veulle, Mrs
Ducker, Mrs
du Feu, Miss
Duchess of Gloucester
Deane, M R B, Commander
de Faye, D R
De Faye, Mrs
du Feu, G M
Davenport, J
Davenport, Mrs
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Elliott, C R
Elliott, Mrs
Edwards, Geoffrey
Earl of Jersey
Edwards, Mrs
Ellison, P
Evans-Bevan, Lady E W E
Ellison, Mrs
Euston family
Earl of Jersey
Fitzpatrick, Sir Desmond
Fonteyn, Margot
Freeman, Peter, Dr
Freeman, Mrs
Foster, Tom
Fenton, H A
Fergie, G B
Fletcher, E W
Huelin, Gwyneth, Senator
Georgelin, D H, Dr
Gilson, E A
Gallichan, Jack
Gardner, C S
Gilmour, J C
Gilmour, Mrs
Gruchy, Richard, Dr
Gallichan, Mrs
Grime, G J
Grime, Mrs
Gallichan, J F
Griggs, J G R
Griggs, Mrs
Graham, S D, Brigadier
Harrison, A G
Hanson, R J
Hart, Dorothy
Horner, R
Hind, D N
Hind, Mrs
Hartley, E A
Hartley, Mrs
Hall, H M
Hall, Mrs
Harrison, Mrs
Hanna, Mrs
Herivel, Edward
Herivel, Mrs
Hartley, E A
Hartley, Mrs
Hanby, F J
Hyland, R
Hall, F L
Hall, Mrs
Hyland, Mrs
Hutton, J
Hutton, Mrs
Holman, Mrs
Hopper, Mildred
Hamilton, W F A
Hamilton, Mrs
Hunter, Mrs
Hunter, M J
Howell, D J
Howell, Mrs
Hall, H W
Hopper, Mildred
Harrower, M A
Hunt, E E
Hunt, Mrs
Harrison, Cecil Paul, Reverend
Huelin, Gwyneth, Senator
Howard, M D
Holt, J H P
Hawkins, R T G
Hawkins, Mrs
Howard, Mrs
Harrison, A G
Harnsworth, A E G
Harnsworth, Mrs
Hudson, I
Hudson, Mrs
Halliwell, A C
Jeans, J S H
Jeune, Reg
Jaques, E D
Jeans, Mrs
Journeaux, George
Jensen, B
Kandawalla, B
Kandawalla, Mrs
Kay, W H, Dr
Knoop, N
Knott, Lady Dora
Knoop, Mrs
Krichefski, D
Krichefski, Mrs
Kenilworth, Lady
Knott, Sir James
Lewis, J E, Doctor
Lewis, Mrs
Lauder, Toby Duncan Robert
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Le Quesne, Dorothy
Le Geyt, B P
Labia, Mrs
Labia, J B, Dr
Litler-Jones, T C
Leapingwell, A E
Le Geyt, Mrs
Ling, D C
Ling, Mrs
Le Cornu, Mrs
Le Gallais, F C
Le Gallais, P C
Letto, Maurice
Letto, Mrs
Lutic, L
Long, R
Long, Mrs
Lucas, D
Locke, R H
Locke, Mrs
Le Cras, P R
Le Cras, Mrs
Marett, Robert
Mackinnon, Dorothy S
Maltwood, R G
Mourant, H de C
Meyer, Kristian Andrew
McDowell, Clarice Victoria, née Hibbs
Myers, G T
McCowan, Lady
Messinger, Mr
Messinger, Mrs
Marett, Lady
Millington, D
Maltwood, R G
Mallin, K
McMorrough Kavanagh, Lady
Moore, A G
Miles, Cynthia
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Murray, Peter
Noel, G C
Nolais, R P
Osborne-Smith, B A
O'Brien Butler, Mrs
Ord, R C
Orange, C
Obbard, Edward
Obbard, Mrs
Oppenheimer, Lady
Oppenheimer, Sir Michael
Plymen, I F
Plymen, Mrs
Petre, B
Phillipps, Gwen
Pearmain, S A
Pearmain, Mrs
Pocock, H R S
Pocock, Mrs
Price, D W
Prouten, Arthur Henry
Price, Mrs
Pakenham Walsh, J T
Perree, S L
Platt, V N H
Platt, Mrs
Renouf, J C
Ridout, Percy
Rymer, M J
Ridout, Mrs
Riches, G
Rogers, A P H
Reynolds, Mrs
Reynolds, M
Reynolds, Sir David
Roche, J, Deputy
Roberts, John
Roberts, A C
Roberts, Mrs
Reynolds, J
Renouf, J M
Stanley, Lady
Smith, C A
Sangan, Florence
Sampson, L A
Sampson, Mrs
Short, Daphne
Spencer-Nairn, A
Steere, L A
Steere, Mrs
Spencer-Nairn, Mrs
Sims-Hilditch, E B
Sims-Hilditch, Mrs
Swain, A S
Sanderson, Ernest
Sanderson, Mrs
Sayers, Dr
Stafford, R S, Commander
Sturdy, A G
Sinclair, A F, Lieutenant Colonel
Syvret, Mrs
Syvret, Philip
Spring, D P
Stokes-Hughes, H A
Sauvary, J C M
Sauvary, Mrs
Swanson, H
Sutton, A M
Soulsby, T
Scriven, A J
Scriven, Mrs
Turner, Nance
Tranfield, M
Tranfield, Mrs
Thompson, Sir Peile
Thompson, Lady
Thorne, George James
Taylor, J
Thomas, L C
Turner, Nance
Todman, K R
van Dijk, R H
van Dijk, Mrs
Vyvyan, H O'D
Vyvyan, Mrs
Voisin, G F
Vaughan, E C W
Vincent, J C
Wagstaffe, N
Whitehead, C W
Winnerah, Richard
Wiseman, R M
Whitehead, Mrs
Wells, H S
Williams, J E
Williams, Mrs
Walker, T C
Wilden, Mimi
Wilden, Denis
Wells, Mrs
Wagstaffe, Mrs
Watson, Ernest
Warren, M J, Major


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