Digital copy of Exhibit [MH]7: Annual Report of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1979-1980. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to [Margaret Holley]'s Witness Statement to the Inquiry, dated 15 May 2015, [C/D/AW2/B3/26/WS000575].

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1979 - 1980

Scope and Content

Names Patrons [Lieutenant Governor] Sir Peter Whitely [Whiteley], Sir Robert Le Masurier, and Mr Maurice Letto. Names Patronesses the Countess of Jersey, and Mrs Edward Obbard. Names President Reverend Peter Geoffrey Kevitt Manton. Names Vice-President A J Scriven. Names Honorary Medical Officers Dr D H Georgelin and Dr D E Sayers. Names Honorary Dental Surgeon Mr A S Swain. Names Honorary Auditors as Messrs Alex Picot and Company. Names Honorary Treasurer Mr T [Tom] A Foster. Names Honorary Secretary Mrs R C B Waller and Assistant Mrs B P Le Geyt. Names Committee members W Bedelle Aubin, [Children's Officer] C A Smith, Mrs J R Hanna, Reverend C Paul Harrison, Miss C G O'Brien Butler, L C Thomas, Constable of St Clement [Ernest Watson], Linda Harris, Dr A [Anthony] J Essex-Cater, and two members of Brig-y-don staff including [Margaret Holley]. Refers to improved facilities at Brig-y-don, the Golden Jubilee Appeal, Day Care/Playgroup at Brig-y-don, ill health, resignations, camping holidays, Norman's Fishing and Social Club, Citibank Social Club, Variety Club of Jersey, Lady [Nancy] Whiteley, and the New Forest. Notes resignation of previous Secretary Mrs Christine Bailhache. Provides details of Annual Report, Camping Holiday, Revenue Account, Balanche Sheet, Report of the Auditors, List of Subscriptions, Donations, Parish Grants, In Memoriam, Legacies, Golden Jubilee Appeal Fund, and Analysis of Income and Expenditure in Relation to Child Days. Also includes form for those wishing to donate to Brig-y-don.


Alex Picot and Company
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Beghins Shoes Limited
B G Romeril and Company
Beaulieu Motor Museum
Citibank Social Club
Children's Services
Children's Department
Ernest Farley and Son (Contractors)
Hotel L'Horizon
Hambros Bank (Jersey) Limited
Hautlieu School
Jersey Evening Post
Le Riches Stores
Lazard Brothers and Company (Jersey) Limited
Longleat Safari Park
Libra Institutional Assets Management Limited
Open University
Norman's Fishing and Social Club
Reads and Company
Randalls Brewery Limited
Seymour Services Limited
St John's School
St Brelade's Church
Sir James Knott Trust
Variety Club of Jersey
Wesley Grove Methodist Church
West End Social Club
Weight Watchers
Alexander, C
Bedelle Aubin, W
Bailhache, Christine
Bois, L M
Blair-Hickman, S C, Captain
Bloom, D M
Bloom, Mrs
Baker, A G
Baker, Mrs
Begg, Douglas Andrew, Dr
Begg, Mrs
Brocklehurst, R
Brocklehurst, Mrs
Bèchelet, Mrs
Berni, Frank
Berni Family
Copp, A M
Copp, Mrs
Croad, G W
Corry, Sir James
Chinn, J B
Clement-Robson, L H, Major
Clement-Robson, Mrs
Conyngham, Marquess
Coppard, H B
Coppard, Mrs
Daniels, Paul
Deane, M R B, Commander
de Faye, D R
De Faye, Mrs
du Feu, G M
Davenport, J
Davenport, Mrs
Dawson, W A
Dawson, Mrs
du Feu, C A R
Du Feu, Mrs
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Eley, Jean
Earl of Jersey
Foster, Tom
Fletcher, E W
Furzer, M D
Furzer, Mrs
Gilson, E A
Garnier, L
Garnier, E
Gallichan, J F
Gallichan, Mrs
Guilliard, S G
Guilliard, Mrs
Georgelin, D H, Dr
Hanna, Mrs
Harrison, Cecil Paul, Reverend
Harris, Linda
Huelin, Gwyneth
Hind, D N
Hind, Mrs
Hartley, E A
Herve, A
Hall, F L
Hartley, Mrs
Hall, H M
Hall, Mrs
Hutton, J
Hopper, Mildred
Hutton, Mrs
Jaques, E D
Jolliffe, R M
Kenilworth, Lady
Kandawalla, B
Kandawalla, Mrs
Knott, Sir James
Krichefski, Mrs
Krichefski, D
Le Breton, J L
Le Breton, Mrs
Litler-Jones, T C
Letto, Mrs
Lucas, D
Le Quesne, Stanley
Locke, R H
Labia, J B, Dr
Long, R
Long, M
Lewis, Dr
Lewis, Mrs
Le Fondre, J N
Le Masurier, Sir Robert Hugh, Bailiff of Jersey 1962 - 1974
Letto, Maurice
Le Geyt, Mrs
Liron, Mr
Le Cornu, P
Le Cornu, Mrs
Maltwood, R G
Mourant, H de C
Myers, G T
McCowan, Lady
Malam-Wilson, Mrs
McLaughlin family
Manton, Peter Geoffrey Kevitt, Reverend
Nolais, R P
Noresse, J F
O'Brien Butler, C G
Obbard, Edward
Obbard, Mrs
Oppenheimer, Sir Michael
Oppenheimer, Lady
Platt, V N H
Platt, Mrs
Pallot, R A
Roberts, John
Renouf, J M
Reynolds, D O
Roberts, A C
Roberts, Mrs
Reynolds, Sir David
Richomme, A J
Richomme, Mrs
Ridout, Percy
Ridout, Mrs
Smith, C A
Swain, A S
Sayers, Dr
Scriven, A J
Stokes-Hughes, H A
Stokes-Hughes, Mrs
Sauvary, J C M
Sauvary, Mrs
Stevens, B M
Stevens, Mrs
Sims-Hilditch, E B
Sims-Hilditch, Mrs
Spears, R W
Spears, Mrs
Thomas, L C
Thompson, Sir Peile
Thompson, Mrs
Todman, K R
Trevor, Gerald F
Voisin, G F
Vaughan, E C W
Wiseman, G G E
Wiseman, Mrs
Wagstaffe, Mrs
Watson, Ernest
Waller, Mrs
Whiteley, Sir Peter, GCB OBE


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