Digital copy of Exhibit [MH]18: Annual Report of Brig-y-don Children's Convalescent and Holiday Home, 1989-1990. [Some details redacted]. Used as evidence in relation to [Margaret Holley]'s Witness Statement to the Inquiry, dated 15 May 2015, [C/D/AW2/B3/26/WS000575].

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1989 - 1990

Scope and Content

Names Patrons [Lieutenant Governor] Sir John Sutton, Sir Peter Crill, Sir Frank Ereaut, and Sir Robert Le Masurier. Names Patronesses the Countess of Jersey, and Mrs Edward Obbard. Names President Mrs D R Wagstaffe. Names Vice-Presidents Mrs Norah Bryan, Mr G F Trevor. Names Honorary Auditors as Messrs Alex Picot and Company. Names Honorary Treasurer Mr M C Garthwaite. Names Honorary Secretary Mrs C J Garthwaite. Names Committee members Mrs C G O'Brien Butler, Mrs L C Thomas, Mr C A Smith, Dr A J Essex-Cater, Dr C Spratt, the Constable of St Clement, T [Tom] A Foster, Mrs A Bernstein, Mr A Skinner, Mrs V Davis, Mrs D [Denise] Waller, [Margaret Holley], and another member of Brig-y-don staff. Provides details of Annual Report, referring to admiration and gratitude expressed towards [Margaret Holley] and others. Also provides details of Revenue Account, Balance Sheet, Report of the Auditors, Investments at Cost or Written Down Value, List of Subscriptions for the Friends of Brig-y-don, Donations, In Memoriam, Legacies, and Parish Grants.


Alex Picot and Company
Barclays Bank
Billingsgate City Securities
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Brig-y-Don Committee
Beghins Shoes Limited
B G Romeril and Company
Bank of Nova Scotia Channel Islands Limited
Children's Services
Children's Department
Constable of St Clement
Credit National
Finderman Trust
Guiton Group
Hambros Bank (Jersey) Limited
Harvest Barn
Investment Trust of Guernsey
International Investment Trust Company of Jersey
Jersey Phoenix Trust Limited
Jersey Gas
Jersey Martial Arts Commission
Jersey Post
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Electricity Company
Lion Hotel
La Folie Inn
Le Hocq Golfing Society
Le Riches Stores
Lazard Brothers and Company (Jersey) Limited
Moore Stephens
Old Victorians' Association
Pallot Glass Limited
Reads and Company
Royal Bank of Scotland
Randalls Vautier Limited
St Peter's Football Club
St Brelade's Church
Samares Investments Limited
Seymour Services Limited
St Aubin's Lodge
Trustee Savings Bank
Voisin and Company
Vingteniers and Constables Officer Association
Aubert, F
Alexander, C
Attenborough, D S
Brown, M
Bernstein, A
Bryan, Norah
Bloom, D M
Bloom, Mrs
Begg, Douglas Andrew, Dr
Begg, Mrs
Blampied, P G
Blampied, Mrs
Barthorp, P J
Barthorp, Mrs
Backhurst, M
Backhurst, Mrs
Band, T E
Bailhache, W J
Bailhache, L V
Band, C
Bernstein, Mrs
Crill, Peter
Cockerham, P
Cook, L
Cooper, Mrs
Crichton, R
Crichton, S
Countess of Jersey
Chambers, M J
Copp, A M
Copp, Mrs
Coppard, H B
Collingwood, P W
Clement-Robson, Mrs
Chapman, R F
Colino, A M
Cook, Lady Brenda
Campbell, C W A
Campbell, Mrs
Deane, M R B, Commander
Davenport, J
Davenport, Mrs
Dawson, W A
Dawson, Mrs
du Feu, C A R
Du Feu, Mrs
Davis, N
Dupre, C H M
Davis, V
Devitt, J F
Delauny, M
Delauny, Mrs
de la Perelle, Miss
Ereaut, Sir Frank
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Earl of Jersey
Foster, Tom
Falla, M
Foort, V
Fagan, B
Foort, Mrs
Farley, C G
Furzer, M D
Furzer, Mrs
Foulerton, F M
Gilson, E A
Garton, C A
Garton, Mrs
Gunn, J A
Gunn, Mrs
Garthwaite, Martin
Garthwaite, Caroline J
Green, R J
Hacquoil, D
Holley, Margaret
Horne, L M
Hofman, P
Hofman, Mrs
Huelin, Gwyneth
Hind, O N
Hind, Mrs
Hartley, E A
Hartley, Mrs
Hall, F L
Hall, Mrs
Head, H C
Harrison, I
Harrison, Mrs
Hobbard, E C
Hacker, F
Jackson, Miss
Jaques, E D
Jolliffe, R M
Killip, K A
Kent, Mrs
Kemish, J
Kemish, Mrs
Le Maistre, J V
Le Gros, J A
Le Gros, Mrs
Litler-Jones, T C
Locke, R H
Locke, Mr
Long, R
Long, M L
Labia, J B, Dr
Labia, Mrs
Le Couteur, S A
Le Cras, Mrs
Le Cras, V C
Myers, G T
Markland, R A
Markland, Mrs
Masterson, Mr
Masterson, Mrs
Le Main, J C
Le Masurier, Robert, Sir, Bailiff 1962 - 1974
Mignot, Mrs
Obbard, Edward
Obbard, Mrs
Oppenheimer, Lady
Overland, R N J
O'Brien-Butler, Catherine Grace
Pearmain, S A
Pett, C J
Pearson, S
Page, E P
Perkins, M
Romeril, A E
Romeril, Mrs
Roberts, John
Reynolds, Sir David
Ryan, M C
Ryan, Mrs
Richardson, G
Richardson, Mrs
Skinner, C F
Scriven, A J
Sutton, C C B
Sauvary, J C M
Sauvary, Mrs
Scott, D
Scott, Mrs
Trent, K L
Trent, A K
Thompson, B J
Thompson, Lady
Turpin, J J
Thomas, S E
Thomas, Mrs
Thomas, Ian
Thurston, D
Thurston, Mrs
True, R L
Sims-Hilditch, Mr
Smith, C A
Slingsby, B
Slingsby, Mrs
Spratt, H Clifford, Dr
Skinner, Anton
Scriven, J
Sutton, Sir John, Lieutenant Governor
Sutton, Lady
Trevor, Gerald F
Thompson, J
Tong, A M
Tong, Mrs
Thomas, L C
Thomas, S
Wagstaffe, Mrs
Wagstaffe, N I H
Waller, R C B
Waller, Mrs
Walker, F
Walker, D
Walker, Mrs
Whittles, Mrs
Whittles, M E
Walker, J
Wagstaffe, Daphne
Waller, Denise


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