Digital copy of Minutes of Meetings of the [Brig-y-don Committee] between March and June 1981. [Some details redacted]. For [Margaret Holley]'s Witness Statement to the Inquiry, dated 15 May 2015, see C/D/AW2/B3/26/WS000575.

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March 13th 1981 - June 12th 1981

Scope and Content

1. Minutes of a Meeting of the [Brig-y-don Committee] dated 13 March 1981. Lists those present, also noting apologies. Approves and signs Minutes of the previous meeting. Discusses Matters brought to the Committee's attention, such as a case discussion, admissions of children into care, and [Margaret Holley]'s argument of poor child care to place at child at Haut de la Garenne if the child had been placed at Brig-y-don previously, regardless of the States of Jersey's previous indication that less children would be placed at Brig-y-don due to the need to fill placements in the States of Jersey managed children's homes. Discussions other admissions and discharges of children to and from Brig-y-don. Notes [Margaret Holley]'s belief that a child orginally placed at Brig-y-don should be placed again at Brig-y-don on a second occasion. Notes [Margaret Holley]'s reference to incidents of bad child care with regards to placement of children in children's homes. Records suggestion by A J Scriven that [Margaret Holley] consult members of the [Brig-y-don Committee] prior to offering a child a free placement at Brig-y-don. Notes [Margaret Holley]'s response regarding her competency for her role, and the offer of her resignation. Provides details of Treasurer's Report, A.O.B [Any Other Business], and a discussion following the departure of [Margaret Holley] from the meeting. Notes action to be taken, and a discussion to be held between Reverend Peter Manton and [Margaret Holley]. 2. Minutes of a Meeting of the [Brig-y-don Committee] dated 10 April 1981. Lists those present, and notes apologies. Approves and signs Minutes of the previous meeting. Discusses Matters Arising, noting remarks made by [Margaret Holley] at the previous meeting. Notes discussion between Reverend P [Peter] Manton and [Margaret Holley] in which [Margaret Holley] was informed she had the full backing of the [Brig-y-don] Committee, but that she must consult Reverend [Peter] Manton before agreeing to admit a child to Brig-y-don for free. Discusses admissions and discharges relating to children placed at Brig-y-don. Notes [Margaret Holley]'s concerns about two families. Refers to staffing at Brig-y-don, mentioning a letter written by [Margaret Holley]. Provides details of the Financial Report, and A.O.B [Any Other Business], mentioning the prospective visit of Mrs [Celia] Whitelaw (wife of Home Secretary William Whitelaw] to Brig-y-don. 3. Minutes of a Meeting of the [Brig-y-don Committee] dated 8 May 1981. Lists those present, including [Margaret Holley], and notes apologies. Provides details relating to Minutes of the previous meeting, admissions to and discharges from Brig-y-don, Honorary Treasurer's Report, and Any Other Business. Refers to re-affirmation that [Margaret Holley] should be present at meetings of the [Brig-y-don Committee]. Refers to report by [Margaret Holley] on an individual child resident. Notes letter received by [Margaret Holley] from Government House regarding a visit from Home Secretary [William Whitelaw]. Refers to a vote of confidence, and an adoption of a motion supporting [Margaret Holley]. 4. Minutes of a Meeting of the [Brig-y-don Committee] dated 12 June 1981. Lists those present, including [Margaret Holley]. Notes apologies from individuals. Matters Arising: refers to possibility [Margaret Holley] could leave Brig-y-don, noting her unhappiness. Also refers to childcare, placing children privately at Brig-y-don, fostering, foster homes, La Préférence [Children's Home], a DHSS [Department of Health and Social Security] Report, Haut de la Garenne, Children's Office, [Director of Education] John] Rodhouse, and the Education Committe's policy to place children in States of Jersey operated establishments before considering the placement of children in private establishments. Notes report by [Margaret Holley] referring to admissions, daycare, the Playgroup, schools, and a child who may have to leave Brig-y-don. Nottes [Margaret Holley]'s distress relating to a child placed into care in another institution when the child had been previously placed at Brig-y-don]. Refers to [Margaret Holley]'s idea to include places for young children in the playgroup run during the day at Brig-y-don. AOB [Any Other Business]: refers to new blankets as requested by [Margaret Holley], Maison Le Riches [Maison Le Riche], out of date food, and Rosneath [Roseneath Hostel for Homeless Men].


Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Brig-y-Don Committee
Barclays Bank
Children's Department
Children's Services
Department of Health and Social Security
Education Committee
Government House
Haut de la Garenne
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey General Hospital
La Préférence Children's Home
Maison Le Riche
Roseneath Hostel For Homeless Men
States of Jersey
Bryan, Norah
Birtwistle, John
Essex-Cater, Anthony, Dr
Hanna, Mrs
Foster, Tom
Garthwaite, Caroline J
Holley, Margaret
Hanna, Mrs
Le Geyt, Mrs
Manton, Peter, Reverend
O'Brien Butler, C G
Rodhouse, John
Spratt, H Clifford, Dr
Scriven, A J
Smith, C A
Trevor, Gerald F
Thomas, L C
Whitelaw, William
Whitelaw, Celia
Wagstaffe, Daphne
Waller, Denise


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