Digital copy of the Submissions of Philip Sinel to the Review of the Roles of the Crown Officers. [Some details redacted]. For Philip Sinel's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 15 December 2015, see C/D/AW2/B2/21/WS000706.

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May 20th 2008 - October 6th 2010

Scope and Content

• File/Attendance Note by Philip Sinel dated 20 May 2008 titled The Reach of the Oligarchy. Refers to comments by the Lieutenant Governor about the psychological abuse of victims and includes an assessment of the Lieutenant Governor's opinion of Stuart Syvret. Describes being told by Stuart [Syvret] that a lawyer at Appleby told [an individual] that she was being psychologically abused by Stuart [Syvret] and details of her response. Includes remarks about inteference by the establishment. • Advocate Sinel's submissions as to the incompatibility between Article 6 of the Convention for the Protection Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the constitution of the Island of Jersey. Outlines views regarding the incompatibility of Jersey's constitution and the legal system with the Convention, particularly with regard to the attitude of Jersey's authority, the appellate procedure and defects in the methodology of the Privy Council with respect to appeals from the Court of Appeal. • Letter dated 6 October 2010 from Advocate Philip Sinel to Lord Carswell titled Review of the Roles of the Crown Officers - Further Submissions of Advocate Philip Sinel. Provides evidence to supplement his submissions, particularly with regard to the impartiality of the media, independence of the police force, remarks about the suspension of Senator [Stuart] Syvret referring to political inteference by Sir Philip Bailhache and comments about points arising out of a public meeting regarding the non-prosecution of parts of the States of Jersey for criminal offences and the lack of prosecution in Jersey for corruption.


Backhurst, Marie-Louise
Bailhache, Sir Philip
Carswell, Lord
Crill, Geoffrey
Jeune, Reg, Senator
McGonnell, Richard James Joseph
Millow, William
Mountford, Sandra, Dr
Ridgeway, Sir Andrew
Sinel, Philip
Strang, Ian
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Attorney General
Bailhache Labesse
Court of Appeal
Honorary Police
House of Lords
Privy Council
Royal Court
Sinels Advocates
States of Jersey


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