Digital copy of Minister for Health and Social Services: Dismissal (P.115/2007). Lodged au Greffe on 28 August 2007 by the Chief Minister. Includes appendices. [Some details redacted]. For Richard Jouault's Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 31 August 2015, see C/D/AW4/B3/35/WS000622.

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August 28th 2007 - August 28th 2007

Scope and Content

• Proposition. Relates to the dismissal of Senator Stuart Syvret as Minister for Health and Social Services. • Report. Includes sections titled: Background; Reasons for proposing the Minister's dismissal; Breakdown in relations with a wide range of people; Undermining the child protection arrangements and thereby increasing the risk to vulnerable children; Improper use of information and passing confidential information to third parties; Failing to follow the agreed process for making ministerial decisions; Bullying and harassment of staff via threatening and abusive emails; Behaviour unbecoming of a Minister; Breach the code of conduct for Ministers; and Conclusion. Includes the following appendices: 1. Letter dated 27 July 2007 from Ministers to the Chief Minister asking for Senator Syvret's resignation as a Minister. 2. Statement of the Council of Ministers dated July 2007. 3. Letter dated 9 August 2007 from Terry Le Sueur, Deputy Chief Minister to Mrs I Le Feuvre; and a document titled Questions to the Jersey Child Protection Committee. 4. Terms of Reference of the Council of Ministers for a review of child protection signed by Senator Terry Le Sueur, Deputy Chief Minister on 9 August 2007; and the Curriculum Vitae of Andrew George Williamson dated October 2006. 5. Letter from Iris Le Feuvre, Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee to Senator Frank Walker, Chief Minister. States no confidence in the Minister for Health and Social Services. 6. Letter dated 15 August 2007 from Senator Stuart Syvret, Minister for Health and Social Services to Iris Le Feuvre, Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee. Informs Mrs Le Feuvre of her dismissal from the post of Chair of the Jersey Child Protection Committee. 7. Letter dated 16 August 2007 from Mike Pollard, Chief Executive, Health and Social Services to Senator S Syvret. Details advice to the Minister about the Minister's wish to dismiss Mrs Le Feuvre. 8. Letter dated 3 August 2007 from John T Noel, Chairman of the Staff Side, Jersey Civil Service Forum to Senator Frank Walker, Chief Minister. Requests steps be taken to address Senator Syvret's bullying and harassment of staff. 9. Serious Case Review: Overview report of Interagency working with a young person by the Consultant Community Paediatrician presented for the Jersey Child Protection Committee. Dated 2007. 10. Email correspondence dated 16 and 17 August 2007 between the Consultant Paediatrician and Bill Ogley. Includes comment by the Consultant Paediatrician on the performance of services in relation to the specific case subject to the Serious Case Review. 11. Report for Council of Ministers by the Director of Education Sport and Culture dated 21 August 2007 titled Greenfields Centre: Grand Prix Incentive Scheme. Includes four attachments (Attachment A: Leaflet provided to children admitted to Greenfields; Attachment B: Briefing Note on the Grand Prix Incentive Scheme; Attachment C: Summary of the Recommendations of the Children's Executive - Meeting the Needs of SEBD Children in Jersey, March 2004; Attachment D: Review of policy and procedures at Greenfields Secure Centre by Linda Dodds. 12. Email correspondence dated 18 July 2007 between Stuart Syvret and the Directorate Manager of CAMHS and an email dated 18 July 2007 from Stuart Syvret to Frank Walker and Bill Ogley. Refers to the case of an individual which was subject to the Serious Case Review. 13. Email dated 14 August 2007 from Terry Le Sueur to Stuart Syvret. Sets out examples of unacceptable use of the email system by Senator Syvret.


Bull, Kathie, Dr
Climbié, Victoria
Cohen, Freddie, Senator
Crich, Ian
de Faye, Guy, Deputy
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Jouault, Richard
Kinnard, Wendy, Senator
Laming, Lord William Herbert
Le Feuvre, Iris
Le Main, Terry, Senator
Le Sueur, Terry, Senator
Noel, John T
Ogley, Bill
Ozouf, Philip, Senator
Pollard, Mike
Routier, Paul, Senator
Scott-Warren, Celia, Deputy
Sharp, Stephen
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Vibert, Mike, Senator
Walker, Frank
Williamson, Andrew
Wolfe, Tom
Alternative Curriculum
Association of Directors of Social Services
Birmingham University
British Association of Social Workers
British Medical Association
Cabinet Office
Chief Minister's Department
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Children's Executive
Children's Services
Civil Service Staff Association
Commission for Social Care Inspection
Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Primary Care Trust
Coventry City Council
Council of Ministers
Criminal Justice Board
Customs and Immigration Service
d'Hautrée House School
Devon Social Services Department
East Sussex Social Services
Education Committee
Education Sport and Culture
Family Nursing and Home Care
Greenfields Centre
Hampshire County Council
Hampshire County Council Social Services Department
Health and Social Services
Health and Social Services Committee
Heathfield Children's Home
HM Prison, La Moye
Home Affairs
Home Affairs Committee
Howard League for Penal Reform
Jersey Child Protection Committee
Jersey Civil Service Forum
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Legal Information Board
Jersey Medical Society
Juvenile Court
La Préférence Children's Home
Les Chênes Residential School
Liverpool City Council
Medical Defence Union
National Health Service
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
North and East Devon Authority
Northumberland County Council
Northumberland County Council Social Services Department
Office for Standards in Education
Oxford Polytechnic
Royal Court
Royal Society of Arts
South West Peninsula Strategic Health Authority
Staffordshire County Council
States Employment Board
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund
Victoria College
Wandsworth London Borough Council
Wandsworth London Borough Council Social Services Department
West Sussex County Council
Young Offenders Centre


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