Digital copy of Social Services Organisational Charts. [Some details redacted]. For Tony Le Sueur's Second Witness Statement to the Inquiry dated 27 July 2015, see C/D/AW2/B3/39/WS000619.

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June 24th 2009 - June 24th 2009

Scope and Content

Charts showing the structure and organisation of Social Services and the names of individuals and the posts they hold within Social Services.


Appleby, Dinah
Arkle, Natalie
Auld, Lis
Ballister, Alberto
Barrowcliffe, Sarah
Baudains, Marnie
Beillard, Kate
Bennett, Jane
Blade, Lynn
Bowring, Darren
Bowyer, Sharon
Brunskill, Marjorie
Campfield, Mary
Cook, Clare
Cook, Justine
Cowen, Joanne
Cox, John
Dellaway, Kath
Dodds, Linda
Doyle, Sue
Dunne, Chris
Etienne, Claire
Fernandes, Elsa
Flett, Bob
Freeman, Rachel
Gillan, Linda
Goddard, Angela
Good, Debbie
Green, Eleanor
Grimshaw, Vicky
Hansford, Irene
Heins, Linda
Hesten, Paul
Holt, Andrew
Hopwood, Liz
Howard, Paul
Howard, Val
Imogu, Sue
Jessup, Daniel
Kean, Andy
Keenan, Angela
King, Jane
Le Sueur, Tony
Lewry, Liz
Lindsay, Carol
Lindsay, Emmy
Little, Grace
Love, Julie
Markland, Andy
McCann, Lesley
McDonald, Greg
McLaughlin, Fiona
McNevin, Ashling
McVay, Steve
Michael, Sarah
Mills, Dean
Mundy, Karen
O'Toole, Claire
Paddock, Alison
Paul, Zoe
Perchard, Marion
Phillips, Ann
Pipe, Allison
Pontin, Sean
Probert, Kate
Rogers, Kate
Ryan, Pauline
Shaw, Julie
Simarro-Bennett, Michelle
Smith, Eileen
Smith, Margaret
Snook, Doc
Spooner, Natalie
Springate, Emile
Stark, Laura
Stronech, Romona
Tandy, Allison
Taylor, Gwen
Thompson, Anita
Tinari, Tanja
Turmel, Wendy
Valentine, Roy
Vautier, Pauline
Vibert, Donna
Wakeham, Sarah
Watson, Paul
Waugh, Jemma
Williamson, Andrew
Wilson, Michelle
Adoption and Fostering Team
Adult Social Services
Adult Social Work Team
Alzola House
Assessment and Child Protection Team
Bay View
Blanche Pierre Nursery
Brig-y-Don Children's Home
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Child Care Team
Children's Executive
Children's Service
Community Services Department
Grands Vaux Family Centre
Greenfields Centre
Heathfield Children's Centre
Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship
La Chasse Residential Family Centre
Le Geyt Centre
Leaving Care Team
La Préférence Children's Centre
Maison Jubilee
Overdale Hospital
Placement and Support Team
Provider Services
Residential and Secure Care
South-View Guest House
Special Needs Service
St Mark's Adolescent Centre
States of Jersey Police
The Haven
Youth Action Team


Admar, Maudelaine Estate | Alzola House | Bay View, Havre des Pas | Don Terrace | Great Union Road | Greenfields | Heathfield, St Saviour | La Préférence, St Martin | Le Geyt Centre | Overdale | Roseville Villas | Southview | St Mark's Road | The Fairways, Gorey Village | The Haven | The Sheilings, Grouville | Tevielka, La Rue de la Haye du Puits | adolescents | adoption | charts | Child Care Officers | child protection | childcare | Children | children's homes | children's services | evidence | families | fostering | IJCI | residential care | respite care | reviews | social workers | staff | teams | training | witnesses


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