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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Albert, Mary, née Barrett
Alexandre, Louis
Babstock, John
Babstock, Frances, née Beaton
Back, John
Badier, Abraham
Badier, Jean
Badier, Harriet, née Le Brocq
Badier, John
Bagwell, Thomas
Bagwell, John
Bailey, Charles
Bailey, William
Bailey, Samuel
Bailey, John
Bailhache, Adolphus
Bainger, Henry
Baity, John
Baker, William
Baker, John T A
Baker, James
Baker, Philippe
Baker, John Thomas Henry
Baker, James
Baker, John Thomas H
Baker, George
Baker, John Thomas
Baker, John T H
Bakewell, Caroline
Balentine, James
Ball, George
Ball, Catherine
Ball, Amos
Ballaine, George
Bambury, Richard
Banantyne, Thomas
Bance, Constant
Banks, Mr
Baptiste, Auguste
Barbot, Henri
Barendon, G
Barett, Peter
Barette, Hélier
Barette, Joseph Edward
Barette, Hélier
Barkeley, John
Barker, James
Barkham, George
Barlett, Elizabeth
Barnes, Edward
Barnes, Harriet
Barnes, Ann
Barnes, Joseph
Barnes, James
Barnes, Robert
Barnes, William
Barnes, Sydney
Barnet, Benjamin
Barnet, William
Barnett, William
Barnett, George
Barnett, Benjamin
Barnford, William
Barns, Edward
Barns, Ann
Barns, Harriet
Baron, Valentin
Baron, Victor
Baron, Louise
Barrett, Joseph
Barrett, Joseph Edward
Barrett, Joseph E
Barrett, John G
Barrett, Mary Ann
Barrette, Joseph
Barrey, George
Barrey, James
Barron, François
Barrow, John
Barry, Eliza
Barry, Catherine
Barry, Mary Ann
Barry, John
Barry, Michael
Barry, James
Barry, Mary
Barry, Robert
Barry, Richard
Barry, Margaret
Barry, Patrick
Barthelot, John
Bartlett, Susan Mary
Bartlett, Henry
Bartlett, Susan
Bartlett, Elizabeth
Bartlett, Edwin Maye
Bartlett, Sarah
Bartlett, Charles
Bartlett, Mary
Bartlett, William
Bashford, James
Basile, Pierre
Basset, George
Basset, Richard
Bassett, Emla
Bastard, Marie Josephe
Bastard, Guilleaume
Bataille, Bazile
Bates, George
Bates, Charles
Bates, Alfred
Bates, Francis
Bath, James
Battam, Mary Ann
Battam, Francis James
Battam, Thomas
Batten, William
Batters, William
Batters, William A
Baudains, Susan, née Battam
Baudains, George François
Baudains, Philippe
Baudains dit la Gerche, Philippe
Baxter, Abraham
Baxter, Joseph
Baxter, John
Bayler, Richard
Bazile, Pierre
Bazile, Ive
Bazile, Ives
Bazile, Yves
Bazile, Bienaimé Yves
Bazile, Pierre Yves
Bazile, Yves Bienaimé
Beach, John
Beach, William
Beames, George
Beare, Joseph
Beatly, William
Beaton, Henry
Beaton, Jane
Beaty, George
Beaucamp, Josué
Beaucamp, George
Beauchard, Pierre
Beaugard, John
Beaugié, Joseph
Beaugie, Jean
Beaugie, Philippe
Beaulieu, Richard
Beauvier, Allain
Bechelet, William
Beck, Henry
Becket, Horation William
Becquet, Philippe Raoul
Becquet, Francois
Becquet, Philippe Raoul
Been, James
Beene, Thomas
Beer, Robert
Beer, Joseph
Beer, Isaac
Beesley, James
Beeson, George Benjamin
Behaut, Aimable
Belais, Victor
Belais, Virginie
Belais, Victor
Belest, Victor
Belford, John George
Belford, Laura
Belford, Louisa
Bellais, Victor
Bellion, Marie Louise
Bellot, John
Benest, Jean
Benest, George
Benest, François
Benest, Eleonore
Benest, Peter
Benham, Francis
Bennett, Christopher
Bennett, Joseph E
Bennett, Julia
Bennett, Joseph
Bennett, Francis
Bennett, George
Benneycombe, Thomas
Benson, William
Berel, Virginie
Berger, Justine H
Bernard, Peter
Bernard, Marie
Berreal, Edward
Berry, Hannah
Berry, Henry
Berry, Catherine
Berry, Patrick
Bertelot, William Henry
Berthelot, William
Berthelot, John
Berton, Prosper
Bertram, Alex
Bertram, Amice
Bertram, Jean
Bertram, Henri Charles
Bertram, Charles
Beskaville, Charlotte
Besnard, Florent
Besson, George
Best, Betsey
Best, Henry
Betteman, Marie
Bettis, John
Bevan, Alfred
Beverton, Henry
Bevin, William
Bewes, Thomas
Bewhey, Harriet
Bewhey, Henry
Bewhey, John
Bewhey, James
Bews, Thomas
Bews, Abraham
Bichard, Sophie
Bichard, Nicolas
Bichard, Thomas
Biddlecombe, John
Bien, Jean Marie
Bienaimé, Marie
Biffi, Edouard
Biggin, Joseph
Biggs, Thomas
Biggs, Frederick
Bigley, Agnes, née Bouhay
Bigley, James
Bigley, Agnes Jane, née Broye
Billot, Elizabeth
Billot, Josué
Billot, George
Binet, Thomas
Binet, Elizabeth
Binet, John
Binet, George John
Binet, George
Binet, Philippe
Birch, Robert
Bird, Henry
Bird, Mark
Bird, George
Birt, Richard
Bishop, Catherine
Bishop, Pierre
Bishop, Julius
Bisson, Marie
Bisson, Charles Le Gros
Bisson, A A
Bisson, C Le Gros
Bisson, Mary
Bisson, Jean
Bisson, Josué
Bisson, Philippe
Bisson, Nancy
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Sophie
Bisson, Nicolas
Bisson, Frank
Bisson, Emelie
Bisson, William
Bisson, John
Bisson, Henriette
Bisson, Clement
Bisson, Edouard
Bisson, John Thomas
Bisson, Marie
Bitorey, François
Blackbourne, Charles
Blacker, Richard
Blackler, Richard
Blackler, Edward
Blackman, Charles
Blackmore, Edwin
Blackmore, John W
Blake, John
Blake, Alfred
Blakeney, Charles
Blakeney, Michael
Blampied, Thomas
Blampied, Josué
Blampied, Rachel
Blampied, Jean
Blampied, John
Blampied, Peter
Blampied, Elizabeth
Blampied, George
Blanc, Philippe
Blanc d'Amour, Auguste
Blancdamour, Auguste
Blanchard, Jean Marie
Bland, Christopher
Blatchford, Edward
Blee, Thomas
Bleeson, Peter
Blewit, George
Bliaux, Hyacinthe
Blin, Marie
Blondel, Auguste
Blondell, John
Blondell, Peter
Blow, Henry
Bluett, George
Bodicott, Charles
Bodman, Elias William
Bodman, William
Bodnaham, William
Bodwell, Arden
Body, George
Boileau, Henry
Bois, George
Boisnel, Léon
Boliver, John
Bolton, Richard
Bone, Joseph H
Bone, Joseph
Bonear, John Thomas
Bones, Joseph
Bonisson, Sophie
Bonisson, Virginie
Bonisson, Rosalie
Bonnear, Benjamin
Bonnefond, Marie
Bonneville, Marie
Bonni, Pierre
Bonnissent, Auguste
Bonnisson, Rosalie
Bonnisson, Virginie
Boobyer, James
Boorman, Thomas
Booth, Edward
Booth, Agnes
Bosdet, Théophile D
Bosdet, James John
Bosdet, John
Bosher, Henry
Boswell, Charles
Bottomley, Edward
Bottomley, William
Bottomley, Edwin
Bottomly, Edward
Bouchard, Pauline
Boucher, Joseph
Bouge, Victorine
Bougé, Jean
Bouillard, Jean Florant
Bouillé, Aimable
Bouillé, John
Bouilli, Philippe
Bouilli, Jean Daniel
Boulanger, Jane
Bouldé, Thomas
Boully, Sarah Ann
Boully, Mary Ann
Bourdais, Marie Josephine
Bourdon, Auguste
Bourillon, Constant
Bourinot, George
Bourinot, Philippe
Bourke, Peter
Bourke, Martin
Bourke, Patrick
Bourke, Thomas
Bourne, Timothy
Boutard, Henry
Boutard, Henri
Bouteloup, Vincent
Boutems, Marie Rose
Bower, William
Bowl, James
Boyne, Mary
Bradfield, William
Bradford, William
Bradley, François
Brady, Julia
Brady, Daniel
Brady, Kate
Bragg, Stephen
Braidy, Mary
Brailey, Mary
Bran, Louis
Braney, David
Brasford, David
Brazier, Thomas
Bréan, Louis
Breduchet, Charles
Bree, Esther Sara
Brée, Elie
Brée, George
Brée, Philippe
Brée, John
Brée, Jean Elie
Brée, Jean
Brée, Francois
Breen, Michael
Breen, John
Breen, Alice
Breenan, Catharine
Brehaut, Frederic
Brehaut, Peter
Brenan, Denis
Brennen, James
Bretel, Marie
Bretell, Bazile
Brettel, Edouard
Brewer, Frederick
Brewer, Joseph
Brewer, Albert
Brewer, Harriet
Briant, Rose
Briard, Auguste
Briard, Jane
Brideaux, Rachel
Bridges, Charles
Bridges, Alfred
Bridle, Henry
Bridle, John
Brighton, Robert
Brine, Patrick
Brisset, Bienaimé
Brisset, Marin
Brissit, Bienaimé
Brissit, Marin
Brister, Mary
Britton, John
Britton, George
Brochet, James
Brock, Frederick
Bromer, Caroline
Brontonne, John
Brook, Francis
Brooks, Daniel
Brooks, William
Broomer, Caroline
Broomer, William
Broomer, Francis
Brophy, Charles
Brophy, Elvina Amelia
Brophy, Albert G
Brown, John
Brown, Frederic
Brown, James
Brown, Eliza
Brown, Mary Ann
Brown, Charles Butcher
Brown, Emma
Brown, William
Brown, Jane
Brown, Amelia
Brown, Manly
Brown, Frederick Charles
Brown, Hannah, nee Bailey
Brown, Frederick
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Charles
Brown, Louisa
Brown, Patrick
Brown, Nelly
Brown, Robert
Brown, Richard
Brown, Arthur
Brown, George
Broxup, Richard
Bruins, Jane
Brunel, Marie
Brunelles, Marie
Brunet, James
Brunker, Henry
Brunker, Elizabeth
Brunker, Harriet
Brunskill, Jonathan
Bryan, Ellen
Bryan, Thomas
Bryan, Martin
Bryant, William
Bryant, Grace
Bryant, Samuel
Bryant, Margaret
Buck, Elizabeth, née Barney
Buckland, Samuel
Buckley, Joseph
Buckley, Caroline
Buckley, William
Buckley, John
Buckley, Jeremiah
Buckton, George H
Budd, Peter
Budd, William
Budden, Mary
Buesnel, Rachel
Buesnel, Charles
Buesnel, John William
Buesnel, George Antis
Buesnel, Alfred
Buhey, John
Bulger, John
Bullad, William
Bullen, Edith Esther
Bullen, Edward
Bulling, Mary
Bullock, John
Bully, A H
Bunter, William
Buntin, Thomas
Burbridge, Frederick C
Burdett, Charles Francis
Burgen, Thomas
Burke, Thomas
Burke, William Thomas
Burke, Ann
Burke, William T
Burke, Lewis
Burke, Peter
Burke, William
Burke, Michael
Burke, Alicia
Burke, William Robert
Burless, John
Burley, William
Burman, George
Burmingham, John
Burmingham, Thomas
Burn, Patrick
Burnett, Henry
Burnham, William
Burnham, Joseph
Burns, Thomas
Burns, Mary
Burns, William
Burridge, R R
Burridge, Henry
Burridge, John
Burridge, George
Burt, William
Burt, Jane
Burton, William
Burton, Joseph
Burton, Charles
Buss, George
Butcher, Richard
Butel, Louis
Butel, Pierre
Butel, Jean
Butler, Thomas
Butler, Edward
Butler, George
Butler, Georgiana
Butler, Ellen
Butler, Isabella, née McBride
Butler, William
Butler, Hugh
Butler, Daniel
Butler, Isabella
Butler, Bridget
Butler, John
Butt, George
Butters, Charles
Byles, John
Byrnes, Michael
Byrnes, Thomas
de la Mare, Eleonore
Delbast, Eugénie, née Bouchet
Déléphine, Justine, née Blondel
du Bois, Arsène François
du Bois, Mary Ann
du Breuil, Paul
Dummett, Elizabeth, née Baxter
Escott, Mary Ann, née Baker
Flanders, Rachel, née Brideaux
Grant, Catherine, née Berry
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Ann, née Le Boutillier
Hicks, Rebecca, née Beecroft
Hodgen, Ann, née Bailey
Jones, Mary, née du Bois
Keagan, Eliza Ann, née Blake
Le Bas, Jean
Le Bas, Pierre
Le Bas, Mary
Le Bas, Nicolas
Le Bas, Edouard
Le Bas, Dominique
Le Bas, Henry Philip
Le Ber, Joseph
Le Bière, Joseph
Le Blanc, Pierre
Le Blanc, Philippe
Le Blancq, Philippe
Le Blancq, Simon
Le Boulanger, Frederick
Le Bourgeois, François
Le Bourgeois, Charles
Le Bourgeois, Aimée
Le Boutillier, Philippe
Le Boutillier, Elie
Le Boutillier, Elizabeth
Le Boutillier, Charles
Le Boutillier, F
Le Boutillier, Elise
Le Boutillier, Jean
Le Breton, Alice
Le Breton, Rachel
Le Breton, Charles
Le Breton, Pierre
Le Breton, Jean
Le Breton, John
Le Breton, Philippe
Le Breton, Thomas
Le Breton, George
Le Breton, Mary Ann
Le Breton, Alfred
Le Brocq, Philippe
Le Brocq, Edouard
Le Brocq, Jean
Le Brocq, Francois
Le Brocq, Josué
Le Brocq, John
Le Brun, Elizabeth
Le Brun, Elize
Le Brun, Henry
Le Brun, Joseph
Le Brun, John
Le Brun, Philippe
Le Brun, Ephamie
Le Brun, Elise
Le Brun, Esther
Le Brun, James
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Nancy
Le Cras, Mary, née Bisson
Le Four, Harriet, née Bouer
Le Huquet, Marie, née Le Boutillier
Le Sueur, Jane, née Balcam
Lechmere, Caroline, née Baker
Leigh, Kitty, née Baldwin
Manly Brown, Hannah, née Bailey
McBride, John
McBride, Elizabeth
McBride, Michael
Moignard, Elizabeth, née Butler
Mollet, Elizabeth, née Le Blanc
Perry, Mary Ann, née Button
Perry, Mary Ann, née Butten
Pinwell, Susanne, née Brée
Reed, Anna, née Baggs
Shepperd, Catherine, née Barnett
Shepperd, Catherine, née Barrett
Walsh, Frances, née Berriman


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