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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with G have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Ardonach, Philomène
Audrain, Louisa
Balleine, Marie Antoinette
Barbier, Marie
Baron, Marie
Barrett, John
Barron, Ann M
Barron, Anne M
Bellec, Marie Louise
Bihel, Marie
Bisson, Mary
Blondel, Yvonne
Bourbaron, Marie Yvonne
Bouvet, Marie
Brooks, Fanny
Brown, Minnie
Calloway, Elizabeth
Chevalier, Rachel
Churchill, Mary Ann
Clarke, Sarah V L
Clavell, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Colaire, Anne
Crabbe, Mary Ann
Davis, Emily
de Havilland, George F
Debosq, Louis
Dit la Rose, Pierre Jules
dit Lesiant, Louis
Downer, Mary
Du Parcq, Lilian Maud
Fauché, Jules
Fauché, Jules
Gabble, Henry
Gabelden, Francis
Gabeldu, Philip
Gabeldu, Jean
Gabeldu, Elizabeth
Gabeldu, John
Gabin, Auguste
Gadolec, Josephine
Gael, Marienne
Gagnor, Jean
Gaignette, John
Gaillard, Peter
Gaillard, Thomas
Gaillard, Edouard
Gaillard, Eugene
Gaillard, Guillaume
Gaillard, Yves
Gaillard, Marie Louise
Gaillon, Vincent
Gale, Henry
Gale, Robert
Gale, Charles
Gale, Henry Isaac
Galichan, Frederick
Galivat, Anna
Gallac, Francois
Gallager, James
Gallaghan, Betsey
Gallais, Toussaint
Gallais, Jean
Gallan, Thomas
Gallavan, John
Gallen, Patrick
Gallen, Henry
Gallender, Ernest
Gallender, Ernest Joseph
Gallender, Joseph
Gallender, E Joseph
Gallest, Arsène
Gallez, Jacques
Gallic, Yves
Gallichan, George
Gallichan, Francis
Gallichan, Philip
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Elie
Gallichan, Nancy
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, J
Gallichan, Jane
Gallichan, Mary A
Gallichan, Abraham
Gallichan, Henry
Gallichan, Mary
Gallichan, Frédéric
Gallichan, Peter
Gallichan, Susan
Gallichan, Emilie
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallichan, Philippe
Gallichan, Marguerite
Gallichan, Theresa
Gallichan, Margaret Ellen
Gallichan, Nicholas
Gallichan, George Thomas
Gallichan, Frederick M
Gallichan, Walter
Gallichan, Alfred James
Gallichan, Philip Renouf
Gallichan, S M
Gallichan, Charles John
Gallichan, Alfred Francis
Gallie, Philip
Gallie, William
Gallie, Mary Ann
Gallie, Sophie
Gallie, Hipolite
Gallie, Ann
Gallie, Charles
Gallie, John
Gallie, Albert Charles
Gallie, Alic
Gallie, Florence Maud
Gallienne, Philip
Gallienne, Thomas
Gallienne, Andre
Gallienne, Margaret
Gallienne, Abraham
Gallienne, Rose H
Gallienne, Philip Francois
Gallienne, Philippe
Gallienne, Philip Frank
Gallienne, P Frank
Gallimel, Henriette
Galliot, Virginie
Galliou, Louis Gustave
Gallis, Achille
Gallis, Hipolite
Gallois, Louis
Gallois, Louis Marie
Gallon, Mrs
Gallop, James
Gallow, Catherine
Gally, Henry
Gally, William
Galodé, Philip
Gammon, Charlotte
Gammon, Peter
Ganion, Thomas
Gannesson, Marie
Gannion, Jean
Garatt, Ann
Gard, Stephen
Garde, Winter
Garde, John
Gardien, Pierre
Gardiner, Arthur H
Gardner, L
Gardner, W H
Gardner, James
Gardner, Annie
Gardner, Albert
Gare, John
Garel, Augustine
Garey, James
Gargon, Yvonne
Garin, Joseph
Garland, William
Garland, Mary Ann
Garland, Richard
Garland, William Edward
Garland, Arthur
Garland, John Edward
Garlantelzec, Joseph
Garner, Samuel C
Garner, John
Garner, Frank Henry
Garnier, Philippe
Garnier, Francis
Garnier, Philip John
Garnier, Pierre
Garnier, Maria
Garnier, Jean
Garnier, Honore
Garnier, Jean Marie
Garnier, Joseph
Garran, Owen
Garrett, Charles
Garretty, Thomas
Garrio, Francis
Garritty, Thomas
Garry, Mary
Garth, Charles
Gartrell, John
Garwood, R A
Gascoyne, William
Gaslonde, Auguste
Gaslonde, A Victor
Gasnier, Elie
Gasnier, Pierre
Gasnier, Jack
Gasnier, John
Gasnier , John
Gasnion, Jean
Gastelois, Henri D J
Gaston, Joseph William
Gatel, Jean Marie
Gates, Charles
Gates, Lydia Jane
Gattan, William
Gattichat, René
Gaudère, Joseph
Gaudin, Helier
Gaudin, David
Gaudin, John
Gaudin, Elie
Gaudin, Philip
Gaudin, Elizabeth E
Gaudin, Hilda May
Gaudiniére, Leon Victor
Gaudion, Nicholas
Gaudion, Nicolas
Gaudion, Mrs
Gaudion, Betsey
Gaudion, Mary
Gaudion, Jean
Gaudré, Henri
Gauffou, Marie Francoise
Gauge, J L
Gauillic, Oliver
Gauley, Catherine
Gauley, Henry
Gaulley, Henry
Gaulois, Louis
Gaunion, Thomas
Gauntlett, Ebenezer
Gautier, F C
Gautier, Clarisse
Gautier, Louisa
Gautier, Louise
Gautier, François
Gautier, Guillaume
Gautier, Jean Baptiste
Gautier, Jean
Gautier, Octovie
Gautier, Joseph
Gautiot, François
Gautron, Charles
Gautron, Paul
Gauvain, Victor
Gauvray, Louis
Gavey, Nicholas
Gavey, John
Gavey, Maxine
Gavey, Philippe
Gavey, Marie
Gavier, Jane
Gavon, Francois
Gawler, Louisa
Gawley, William
Gawley, Henry
Gawley, Catherine
Gawley, Mary Ann
Gawley, Francis
Gazo, M
Gazo, Manuel
Gear, Robert
Gearan, Patrick
Geary, John
Geary, Michael
Geary, Ellen
Geary, William
Gee, Francis W
Gee, Francis
Gegm, Peter
Gelat, Louis
Gelin, François
Gelin, Marie Yvonne
Gella, Josephine Alice
Gellard, Jeanne
Gelleder, Thomas
Gellender, William
Gellender, George
Gellender, Elizabeth
Gellender, Charles
Gelouché, Pierre
Gelourd, Guilleaume
Genard, Pierre
Genard, Peter
Gennower, Elizabeth
Gentil, Marie
George, Joshua
George, James
George, William
George, Sarah V L
Georgelin, Marie
Georgelin, Jean Louis
Georgelin, Albert Joseph
Gerard, Benjamin
Gerard, Jeanne
Gerard, Adolphus
Gerard, Francis
Gérard, Adelaide
Gerard, Henry
Gerard, John
Gerard, George
Gerard, Peter
Gerder, John Elijah
Gérin, Marie
Germain, Caroline
Germain, Alexis
Germain, Jane
Germain, George
German, Adolphine
Gerrard, Henry
Gerrard, Benjamin
Gerrard, Adolphus
Gerrard, Adelaide
Gerrard, Francis George
Gerrard, Philip Edward Poingdestre
Gerratt, Elizabeth
Gerwid, Auguste
Gesler, George
Geslin, Pierre
Gessler, Frederick
Ghrist, Joseph
Giard, Auguste
Giard, Marie
Giart, Flore
Gibaut, Jeanne
Gibaut, Jane
Gibaut, Jean
Gibaut, Philip
Gibaut, John Philip
Gibaut, Philippe
Gibaut, John
Gibaut, Elias
Gibbens, Elizabeth
Gibbons, Thomas
Gibbons, Mary
Gibbons, Wilfred Franck
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, William
Gibbs, Edwin
Giblet, Joseph
Giblin, Thomas
Gibney, Thomas
Gibson, Richard
Gibson, Francis
Gibson, John
Gibson, Henry
Gicquel, Louis
Gicquel, Pierre M
Gicquel, Marie
Gicquel, William Abraham
Gicquel, Raymond William
Giffard, Charles
Giffard, Edward
Giffard, William Frederick Charles
Gifford, Richard
Gigot, Jean
Gigou, Jean
Gigou, Arthur
Gilbert, Nicholas
Gilbert, Louis
Gilbert, John
Gilbert, Elias
Gilbert, James
Gilbert, Thomas
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gilbert, Gilles
Gilbert, Gille
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Edward
Gilbert, George Isaac
Gilbert, Harriet
Gilbert, Emma
Gilbert, Minnie
Gilbrau, Leon
Gilday, James
Gildea, James
Giles, Richard
Giles, Henry
Giles, James
Giles, Henry L
Gill, George
Gill, William
Gill, John
Gill, Charles J L W
Gillam, Owen
Gillam, Eliza
Gillam, Adèle
Gillard, Eliza
Gillard, George
Gillard, William
Gillard, Alice
Gillard, Jeanne
Gillat, William
Gillet, Richard
Gillet, Joseph
Gillet, Mary
Gillet, John
Gillet, Elizabeth
Gillet, Albert
Gillett, Mary
Gillett, Elizabeth
Gilligan, Patrick
Gillingham, Emanuel
Gillis, Jane
Gillispie, John
Gillman, Jonathan
Gillman, Charles
Gillman, Joseph William
Gillman, Joseph
Gillman, Mary
Gillman, Henry
Gillman, George
Gillman, John
Gilloriet, Max
Gillott, Elizabeth
Gillott, Mary
Gillou, Jean
Gilman, Jonathan
Gilman, John
Gilman, Joseph
Gilman, Mary
Gilmore, Patrick
Gilpin, William
Gilpin, John
Gilpin, John L
Ginec, Marie Joseph
Gingo, Jean Pierre
Giot, Marie
Giot, Jean
Giot, Emmanuel
Giott, Charles Adrien
Giou, Jeanne
Giqeon, Marie
Giquel, Pierre M
Giquel, Louise
Giquel, Joseph
Giquel, Louis Joseph
Giquelle, Louis
Girande, Winter
Girard, Daniel
Girard, William J
Girard, Henry
Girard, William James
Girard, Henry John
Girard, George Francis
Girault, Louis Victor
Girfitt, Christopher
Giriou, Raymond Francis
Gitan, Louis
Gittins, John
Glacken, Charles
Gladdes, George
Gladdis, George
Gladwell, Edward
Glann, Robert
Glanville, Thomas
Glass, Thomas
Glassey, George
Glavaraison, Arthur
Glazer, Patrick
Gleeson, Patrick
Gleeson, Thomas
Gleeson, Joseph M
Glendewar, John
Glendower, William
Glennon, John
Glenville, Albert Victor
Glidden, Ruben
Glo, Anne M
Glorel, Pierre
Glossey, George
Glot, Ann M
Glot, Marie
Glot, Anne
Glover, Thomas
Glyde, Thomas
Glyde, Charles
Goasempis, Francis Marie
Goazin, Anne Yvonne
Gobert, Gilles
Godard, Louis
Godard, Louise
Godart, Francis
Godart, Mrs Francis
Godbold, Charles
Godd, William
Goddard, John
Goddard, Jane
Goddard, Louise
Goddard, William
Goddard, William James
Goddard, Henry Cecil
Godde, Amos John
Godel, Nancy
Godel, Léon Charles
Godel, Alfred John
Godel, Florence
Godener, Mary
Godésé, Louis
Godésé, Marie
Godfray, John
Godfray, George
Godfray, Josué
Godfray, Thomas
Godfray, James
Godfray, Thomas John
Godfray, Aaron
Godfray, Augustine Elizabeth
Godfray, Elizabeth
Godfray, Ann
Godfray, Casimir Zacharie
Godfray, Eliza
Godfray, Francis
Godfray, Rosa
Godfray, Samuel
Godfray, Charles Auguste
Godfray, Rose
Godfray, Leonard George
Godfrey, Philip
Godfrey, A P
Godfrey, Joseph
Godiche, Julien
Goff, Samuel
Goff, John
Goff, George
Goff, Ann
Goffe, Samuel
Goffini, Jean M
Goillon, Jacques
Goizeau, Marie
Goldrick, Margaret
Goldstraw, Charles
Goldsworthy, Elizabeth
Golloudec, Charles
Golson, Emma
Gombrell, John
Gomet, François
Gomet, François
Gommit, Francis
Gomo, Richard
Gomo, Walter
Gompas, Jackson
Gompertz, Henry
Gonbé, Jean
Gonidec, Jeanne Marie
Gontter, John
Good, Martha
Good, Henry
Goode, Robert
Goode, Roberts
Goode, Frank
Goode, William
Goode, Winter
Goode, William B
Goodenough, David
Goodenough, Jane
Goodfellow, James
Goodfellow, Robert
Goodfellow, Francis
Goodfellow, Francis P
Goodfellow, Francis Philip
Goodfellow, Josephine
Goodfellow, E Paolo
Gooding, Horace William
Goodman, John
Goodman, Mary Ann
Goodman, Mary A
Goodman, Joseph
Goodman, Frederick
Goodner, Mary
Goodridge, Mary Jane
Googe, Ellen
Goquelin, Emile Jean Désiré
Gordon, James
Gordon, Catherine
Gordon, Thomas
Gordon, Susan
Gordon, Bentinck
Gordon, William
Gordon, Robert
Gordon, Jane
Gordon, Mary Ann
Gordon, Elizabeth
Gordon, Henry
Gordon, Mary Ann Elizabeth
Gordon, Sarah
Gordon, George
Gordon, General
Gore, Thomas
Gore, Herbert
Gorin, Jean
Gorin, Mathurin
Gorman, Thomas
Gorman, Mary Ann
Gorman, Mary A
Gorman, Patrick
Gorman, David
Gorvel, F Marie
Gosden, Jeremiah
Goselin, Eugene Pierre
Goselin, Jean A
Goselin, John
Goselin, Henry Walter
Gosley, Michael
Goslin, John
Goslin, John Auguste
Gosling, Thomas
Gosling, Adolphus
Gosling, Edith
Gosling, William Francis
Gosselin, Mary
Gosselin, Auguste
Gosselin, John Hay
Gosselin, John
Gosselin, Jean A
Gosselin, Charles
Gosselin, John A
Gosselin, Henry Walter
Gosselin, Henry
Gosselin, Alfred
Gosselin, William
Gosselin, Alfred George
Gosselin, Ernest
Gosselin, George
Gosselin, Auguste John
Gosselin, John Auguste
Gosselin, Frank
Gosselin, Henry William
Gosselin, Pierre
Gosselin, Frank A
Gosselin, Ernest J P
Gosselin, Harold
Gosselin, J C Maud
Gosselin, Frank George
Gosselin, Frank J A
Gosselin, Eugenie, née Vasselin
Gosselin, Lilian Maud
Gosselin, Frank John Auguste
Gosselin, Charles Winter
Gosselin, Ernest
Gosset, Jane Anne
Gosset, Jane Ann
Gosset, Philippe
Goste, Marie Antoinette
Gotier, William
Gotterel, John
Gotterel, Mary
Gotterel, Betsey
Gotterel, Philip
Gottorel, Thomas
Gottrel, Thomas
Gottrell, Betsey
Gottrell, Philip John
Goubé, Emile
Goubert, Peter
Goubert, F M Ernestin
Goubert, Francois M E
Goubert, Francois E Marie
Goubert, Emile
Goubert, Jean
Goubin, Louis
Goudard, Francois
Goudard, L A J B
Goudré, Valentin V
Gouedard, Louis
Goueffic, Jean François
Gouffini, Jane Anne
Gouffini, Jean Francis
Goufini, Jane Anne
Goufini, Jean M
Goufini, Jean Marie
Goufini, Matilda
Goufroy, Louis
Gougeon, François
Gouget, Pierre
Gough, John
Gough, George
Gough, Ann
Gough, Henry
Gough, Henry Edward
Gough, James
Gouillet, Mathurin
Gouillette, Jean
Gould, Richard
Gould, John
Gould, William
Gould, Robert
Gould, Maria E
Gould, Thomas
Gould, Marie E
Gould, Marjory Bertha
Gould, Edward G W
Goulden, James
Goullette, Jean
Goupillot, George
Goupillot, Joseph
Gourdan, Pierre
Gourdon, D M Henry
Gourdon, Paul Desiré
Gourniot, Marie F
Gourniot, Rosalie
Gourniot, Réné
Gouyoux, Louis
Gouzanne, Francis Marie
Gowon, Ian
Grady, Mark
Grady, John
Grady, Mary Ann
Grady, Dominick
Graffelot, Jean
Graham, Samuel
Graham, Charles
Graham, Ann
Graham, Samuel James
Grainger, Benjamin
Grandin, John
Grandin, Charles
Grandin, Pierre
Grandin, Philip
Grandin, Mrs
Grandin, Jean
Grandin, Sophie
Grandin, Aimable
Grandin, Philippe
Grandon, George Laurence
Granger, George
Grant, James Douglas
Grant, John
Granter, Joseph
Grasenot, P
Grasin, Julie
Grassin, Jacques
Gravel, Pierre
Graver, Henry
Graves, Jessy
Gravett, Alfred
Gravier, Barthélemi
Graviou, Marie Louise
Gravon, Emile
Gray, John
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Moses
Gray, William
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Edward
Gray, Alfred
Gray, Henry
Gray, Owen
Gray, George
Gray, James
Gray, Samuel
Gray, Abraham
Gready, Martin
Gready, Eleanor
Gready, Mark
Greave, Louisa
Greaves, George Snow
Greaves, Louisa
Greece, George
Green, Elizabeth
Green, Sarah
Green, Joseph
Green, Edward
Green, James
Green, David
Green, Charles
Green, William
Green, Ellen
Green, George
Green, Cornelius
Green, Matilda
Green, Thomas
Green, John
Green, Walter George
Green, Gordon
Green, Gordon Montague
Green, Albert
Green, Thomas Joseph
Greene, Walter Graham
Greenham, Samuel
Greenham, Morris James
Greening, Job
Greenland, Aaron
Greenwood, William
Greenwood, James
Greenwood, Alisiman
Greeve, Louisa
Grégoire, Jules
Gregory, Charlotte
Gregory, Fanny
Gregory, Helen
Gregory, Clifford B
Gregory, Clifford Bryan
Grellier, Amos
Grevault, Celestin
Grey, Alfred
Grey, John
Grey, William
Gribble, Matthew
Gribble, Mary
Gribble, Henry
Grier, William
Grieves, Louisa
Griffin, Laura
Griffin, Martha
Griffin, Edward
Griffin, George
Griffin, William
Griffin, Réné
Griffith, M E
Griffiths, George
Griffiths, John
Griffiths, William
Griffiths, Martha
Griffiths, Thomas
Grigory, Caroline
Grihault, Charles Victor
Grimes, Thomas
Grimes, Mrs
Grimes, John
Grimes, Mary
Grimshaw, Donald Victor
Grindel, Philip
Grinder, Thomas
Grodard, Louis
Grodine, Jean
Grodoir, Jean M
Grodoire, W H Rault
Grodoire, W H R
Grodoire, William R
Grodoire, William H R
Grodoux, Jean
Grognion, Yves
Grohan, Désiré
Groisard, Pierre
Groizard, Pierre
Groizard, John
Groizard, Adolphus
Groizard, Albert
Groizard, Arthur
Groizard, Walter James
Groqueneuf, Celestine
Grosin, Jean
Grossen, Jean
Grossin, Jean
Grossin, Constantin
Grosvalet, Jane Elizabeth
Grosvalet, Jean Marie
Grosvalet, Jean
Grosvalet, M Pierre
Grouse, John
Grove, Frederick
Groves, George
Groves, Charles
Groves, Louisa
Groves, Jane C
Grubb, Julien C
Grubb, Julian
Grubb, Julien
Grubb, Henry
Gruchy, Jean
Gruchy, Philip
Gruchy, Rachel
Grust, William
Guache, Anna
Guache, Philomène
Guégan, Mathurin
Guegan, Yves
Guegan, Jean
Guellec, Vincent
Guené, Guilleaume Alexander
Guenot, Louis
Guéret, Jules
Guéret, Arsène
Guergomart, Marie
Guerichard, Selina
Guerin, Adrien
Guérin, François
Guérin, Marie
Guerin, Etienne
Guérin, François
Guérin, Jules
Guerin, Angélina
Guérin, Louis
Guerin, Annie
Guérin, Louis Edouard
Guérin, Jules
Guerrier, Jean
Guerrier, Justine
Guerrier, Marguerite
Guesnier, Auguste
Guest, John
Guezo, Joseph
Guezon, Jean
Guiader, Joseph
Guibert, Louis E
Guibert, Paul
Guibert, Alexandre John
Guiel, Yves
Guigot, Joseph
Guigot, John
Guiho, Louis
Guiho, Marie Joseph Louis
Guilbard, Leon
Guilbeau, Leon
Guilbert, Auguste Jules
Guilbert, Edwin
Guilbert, Alexis
Guilbot, Leandre
Guilbot, Leon
Guilbot, L A
Guilbot, Jeanne
Guilbrau, L A
Guilbrau, Leon
Guilcher, Guilleaume
Guilcheur, Francois
Guillard, Joseph
Guillard, Yves M
Guillaume, Richard
Guillaume, Marie
Guillaume, Francois
Guille, Ann
Guille, Margaret
Guille, Mary
Guilleaume, Yves
Guilleaume, Joséphine
Guilleaume, Jeanne Marie
Guilleaume, George Theodore
Guilleaume, Marie Josephine
Guilleaume, Marie Perinne
Guilleaume, Treman
Guilleaume, Anne Marie
Guillebot, Leandre François
Guillemette, Pierre
Guillemot, Désiré Marie
Guillemot, Desire
Guilleron, Eugène
Guilliot, Arsène
Guillois, Louis
Guillois, Jules
Guillois, Yves
Guillon, Josephine
Guillon, Philippe
Guillon, Jean F
Guillon, Pierre
Guillon, Alexis
Guillon, Jean
Guillon, Jeanne
Guillon, Alexandre
Guillon, Cecilie
Guillot, Rosalie
Guillot, Jean Marie
Guillot, Arsène
Guillot, Jeanne
Guillou, Emanuel
Guillou, Jean
Guilton, Francois Jean Marie
Guin, Yves
Guinard, Pierre
Guincamp, Yves
Guinnard, Jeanne Marie
Guirot, Pierre
Guischer, Joseph
Guisseppi, Antonio George
Guissnon, Francoise Perrin
Guiton, Henry Oscar
Gulham, James
Gullicar, John
Gullick, William
Gulliford, John B
Gulliford, Anna
Gulston, Thomas
Gumbreu, John
Gumm, James
Gunet , Francois
Gunny, Philippe
Gunton, George
Gunton, Charles
Guppy, George
Guppy, John
Guppy, Paul
Gurvin, Owen
Guy, John
Guy, Mary Ann
Guy, Percival Holman
Guyoder, Joseph
Guyomar, Marie
Guyomar, Guilleaume
Guyomar, Francois
Guyon, Margaret
Guyot, Jean Marie
Guyot, Yves
Guyot, Louis
Gwyn, James
Hanedge, James
Hunt, Margaret
Jiquel, Marie
Jonhanny, Francois
Joualt, Marie Perinne
Jourdan, Pierre
Lamène, Anna
Land, Eliza
Lawrence, Mary
Le Bars, Marie
Le Boutillier, Jane
Le Chair, Jean B
Le Gros, Jeanne Marie
Le Minter, Marie Joseph
Le Roy, Florence Maud
Le Scelleur, Maria E
Le Seelleur, Marie E
Leroy, Florence Maud
Lozuet, Marie
Lucas, Emma
Marett, Theresa
Matthews, Elizabeth
Morin, Marie
Murphy, Adelaide
Newnham, Mary
Noel, E
Parrot, Sarah
Querree, Marjory Bertha
Reynolds, Lydia Jane
Roberts, Mary
Sauvey, Jeanne
Studley, Catherine
Suffield, Helen
Tardiff, Elizabeth
Tirel, Matilda
Visdeloup, François
Walker, William
Wallis, Mary Ann
Watson, George
Whittle, Susan
Witter, Mary


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