Digital copy of a Letter and Meeting relating to a Report submitted by PC [Police Constable] M S [Steven] Rotherham dated 18 June 2003. [Some details redacted].

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August 1st 2003 - August 14th 2003

Scope and Content

1. Letter from Children in Care Team Manager Tony Le Sueur to DS [Detective Sergeant] Louis Beghin of the Family Protection Team on the subject of a Report submitted by PC [Police Constable] M S [Steven] Rotherham dated 18 June 2003. Dated 1 August 2003. Provides details of circumstances leading up to events in Youth Court dated 17 June. Refers to a child in care appearing in the Magistrate's Court on 6 June, and attempts by Child Care Officer Stuart Hallam to locate the child, mentioning a hostel in the United Kingdom. Refers to difficulties appreciated in returning the child to the island, and Stuart Hallam's statement that he would attempt to persuade the child to made contact with Social Services in England. Refers to the child's return to Jersey on 17 June, and contact throughout that period between Stuart Hallam and [States of Jersey] Police, [Honorary Police], the Youth Court, Probation [and After Care Service], UK Social Services, Les Chênes [Residential School], and the child's family. Refers to information provided by Stuart Hallam regarding the child's return to Jersey, mentioning the child's grandmother. Notes agreement by Stuart Hallam to transport the child to Youth Court upon her arrival. Comments on the arrest of the child by Special Branch at Jersey Airport, and Stuart Hallam's actions in Youth Court. Responds to allegations made regarding Stuart Hallam's behaviour, as detailed in [Police Constable] [Steven] Rotherham's report. Questions [Police Constable] [Steven] Rotherham's assertion that Stuart Hallam provided the child with inaccurate details of her sentencing, noting perception of [Police Constable] [Steven] Rotherham as to what might motivate the child. Queries observation by [Police Constable] [Steven] Rotherham that the relationship between Stuart Hallam and the child is unhealthy. Suggests possibility of discussing the contents of the letter with [Detective Sergeant] Louis Beghin. 2. Notes of a Meeting between Acting DS [Detective Sergeant] Louis Beghin of the Family Protection Team and Children in Care Team Manager Tony Le Sueur, held at Maison Le Pape. Dated 14 August 2003. Discusses report submitted by [Police Constable] [Steven] Rotherham dated 18 June 2003 and letter from Tony Le Sueur to Acting DS [Detective Sergeant] Louis Beghin dated 1 August 2003. Discusses communciation errors acknowledged and accepted by States of Jersey Police. Refers to discussion with [Police Constable] [Steven] Rotherham regarding the tone and content of his report. Notes lack of action to be taken by the Youth Court in respect of Stuart Hallam's actions. Notes agreement for no further action to be taken by either States of Jersey Police or Children's Services. Notes offer by Louis Beghin that communications between Children's Services and States of Jersey Police be channelled through the Family Protection Team.


Children's Services
Family Protection Team
Jersey Airport
Les Chênes Residential School
Magistrates Court
Maison Le Pape
Probation and After Care Service
States of Jersey Police
Social Services
Youth Court
Béghin, Louis
Burke, Mark
Christmas, Ian
Hallam, Stuart
Le Heuzé, David
Lester, Helen
Le Sueur, Tony
Morin, Nick
Rotherham, Steve, Police Constable
Scaife, Danny, Centenier


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