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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with N have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Allen, Ivor
Allen, Henry Ivor
Cory, Mable
Crees, Ada
Crees, Ada Emma
De Louche, Jane
Denton, Mary
Fitzgerald, J P Philip
Fudge, Alfred William
Herbe, Rose
Huon, François
Kneeshaw, William
Le Caen, Rose
Marie, Augustine
McGrath, Thomas
Medland, Mary Ann
Meray, Jeanne M
Mooney, John
Nadele, Julien Emile
Nain, Edwin
Nain, Edward
Namarou, Marie
Nancarrow, William
Nankivel, John
Nanrille, Charles
Napman, Ann
Napton, Sydney Francis
Narbuert, Albert
Naremore, Thomas
Nasan, William
Nash, Lea
Nash, Anne
Nash, W
Nathan, Hyam
Nau, Alfred Jules
Naud, Louis
Navarre, Augustine
Neal, Mary
Neal, Thomas
Neale, Rufus Corbet Micheal
Neasham, William
Nee, Michael
Née, P George
Neel, Elias
Neil, John
Neil, George
Neil, Thomas
Neil, Louis
Neilis, James
Neill, John
Neilson, George
Neilson, Grace
Neilson, C
Neish, Roger Eric Douglas
Neish, Douglas
Nelson, William
Nelson, Nicholas
Nelson, Thomas
Nelson, Donald
Nennar, Richard
Nepton, Richard
Nerdal, John
Neron, Edward Napoleon
Nettlefold, David
Nettleship, Arthur
Nevand, Mathurin
Neville, Ellen
Neville, Michael
Neville, William
Neville, Eliza
Neville, James
Neville, Charles
New, Henry
Newberry, Samuel
Newell, Elizabeth
Newenham, John
Newham, John
Newlan, Patrick
Newland, Richard
Newlyn, Dick
Newlyn, Daniel
Newlyn, George
Newlyn, Coward
Newlyn, G H B
Newman, William
Newman, John
Newman, Henry
Newman, Eliza
Newman, Mary
Newman, Robert
Newman, Phyllis Dorothy
Newman, George
Newnham, John
Newnham, George
Newnham, James
Newton, James
Newton, John
Nicholas, Peter
Nicholls, Robert
Nicholls, Harriet
Nicholls, Charlotte
Nicholls, Jane
Nicholls, Joseph
Nicholls, Henry
Nicholls, Richard
Nichols, Jane
Nichols, Ann
Nichols, John
Nicolas, Louis Yves Marie
Nicolas, Francois
Nicolas, Eva
Nicolas, Francois
Nicolas, Francis
Nicolas, Frank
Nicolas, Yves Louis
Nicolet, Eugenie A
Nicolle, Charles
Nicolle, Philip
Nicolle, John
Nicolle, Jean Pierre
Nicolle, Philip Winter
Nicolle, Philip Joshua
Nicolle, Mrs
Nicolle, Thomas
Nicolle, Elizabeth
Nicolle, Susanne
Nicolle, Philip Edward
Nicolle, Elizabeth Ann
Nicolle, Jean
Nicolle, Charles Josue
Nicolle, Philip Edouard
Nicolle, Alfred
Nicolle, Francis
Nicolle, Marie
Nicolle, William
Nicolle, Pierre
Nicolle, Horatio V
Nicolle, Mary Ann
Nicolle, Walter
Nicolle, John Francis
Nicolle, Francis John
Nicolle, Peter
Nicolle, John Peter
Nicolle, Charles William
Nicolle, Clement Sydney
Nicolle, Reginald Sydney
Nicolle, Thomas Philip
Nicolle, Herbert Winter
Nicolle, Clement James
Nicolle, Albert Ernest
Nicolle, Rodney
Niel, Louis
Nielsen, J Christian
Nilson, Thomas
Ninnim, James V W
Nipo, Charles
Nipo, George
Nippo, Peter
Nivet, Marie
Nobbs, Daniel
Nobilet, Valentin
Noble, Ann
Noble, James
Noble, Philip
Noble, Nicholas
Noble, Francis
Noble, Henry
Noble, Frederick C
Noble, Benjamin
Noble, Frederick Charles
Noble, Herbert Clifford
Noble, Robert Alfred William
Noblet, Aimable
Noel, P Elias
Noel, Ada
Noel, Philip
Noel, Henry Philip
Noel, Charles Edward
Noel, Ada Emma
Noel, Clarence Philip
Noel, Stanley
Noel, Philip Yves
Noel, Philip Charles
Noel, Francis
Noel, Clement
Noel, James
Noel, J F
Noel, George
Noel, Francois
Noel, David
Noel, Ann
Noel, Jean
Noel, Mary Ann
Noel, Edward
Noel, Auguste
Noel, Mary Jane
Noel, Eliza
Noël, Marie
Noel, Phillipe
Noel, John
Noel, Pierre
Noel, Henry Philip
Noel, Philip George
Noel, Edward Charles
Noel, Charles John
Noel, Alfred Thomas
Noel, George Philip
Noel, Herbert
Noel, Charles
Noel, Josué Edouard
Noel, John William
Noel, Walter Charles
Nolais, John Peter
Nolais, William
Nolan, Mable
Nolan, Christopher Patrick
Nolan, Charles William Patrick
Nolan, Rose
Noon, John
Noon, Patrick
Noonan, Thomas
Norbury, John H
Norman, Charles
Norman, Marguérite
Norman, Jean
Norman, Josué
Norman, James
Norman, George
Norman, Mary
Norman, Sophie
Norman, Susan
Norman, Richard
Norman, Victoria
Norman, Francois
Norman, John
Norman, Daniel J C
Norman, P P
Norman, Francis
Norman, D J Edward
Norman, Alfred Ben P
Normand, Francoise
Norris, William
Norris, John
Norris, Simon
Norris, John Frederick
Norris, Clifford Stanley
Norris, Albert John
Norris, Alfred William
Norris, Reginald James
Norris, Herbert
North, Edward
Northcote, Sydney W
Northcote, Henry Ivor
Northcott, Henry Ivor
Northmore, William
Northy, Henry
Northy, Harriet
Northy, John
Nortier, Paul Julien
Norton, George Armstrong
Norton, John
Norton, James
Norton, Henry
Norton, Elizabeth
Notten, John
Nouvel, Jean Marie
Nouvelle, Pierre
Nowlan, Sarah
Nowlan, John
Nowlan, George
Nowlan, Matthew
Nowland, Mary
Nowlton, William
Noynet, Richard
Nugent, Mrs
Nugent, Robert
Nugent, Margaret
Nunn, Alfred Edgar
Nursey, George S F
Nutbran, Leonard
Nuthall, Charles
Nutt, Joseph
Nutton, John
Nyland, Benjamin
O'Connor, Rose
Payn, Mrs
Quick, Lea
Quinn, George
Renouf, Mary Ann
Richard, Marie
Richards, Margaret
Ruse, William
Saunders, Mary Ann
Singleton, Mr


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