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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with K have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Amy, Emily
Bailey, Isabella
Baudain, Esther
Bayley, Jane
Boxwell, Susan
Carouel, Angele
Carslake, Joseph
Case, John
Cator, Joseph
Collett, James
Coutanche, Louisa
Deckson, George
Dumphy, Catherine
Ewings, Bridget
Freeman, Trefillan
Freeman, Travina
Freeman, Tryphena
Gray, Louisa
Graye, John
Gulicker, Patrick
Hayward, Leslie Frank
Hernieff, Pierre
Hunter, Katherine Marie
Kager, William
Kaifer, Joseph
Kail, Peter
Kail, Ellen
Kail, Richard Newman
Kaines, John
Kake, Robert
Kaliker, Patrick
Kallher, Matthew
Kally, Charles
Kane, John
Kanealy, John
Kangal, Jean
Kankus, Solomon
Karduel, Augustine
Kark, Ada
Kase, Mary
Kates, James
Kating, Francis H
Kator, Joseph
Kavaleigh, James
Kavanagh, Jane
Kavanagh, John
Kavanagh, Michael
Kay, Adam
Kay, John
Kay, Francis
Kayser, Edward Auguste
Kayton, John
Keable, John
Keaf, Michael
Keamish, James
Keamish, Benjamin
Kearley, Elizabeth
Kearne, John
Kearney, Bridget
Kearns, John
Keary, Michael
Keast, John
Keast, John Edward
Keating, Michael
Keating, Morris
Keating, Francis
Keating, Edmund
Keefe, Lawrence
Keefe, William
Keefe, Mary
Keefe, Ellen
Keefe, Michael
Keefe, John
Keegan, Owen
Keegan, Thomas
Keelalee, Andrew
Keeman, William
Keen, John
Keenan, John
Keenan, Thomas Patrick
Keene, John
Keeping, Robert
Keeping, Henry
Keeping, Frances
Keeping, Emily
Keeping, Thomas
Keeping, Frances Ester
Keeping , Alice
Keer, George
Keimes, Allen
Keith, Samuel
Keith, Thomas
Kelch, Thomas
Kelland, George
Kelland, Elizabeth
Kellaway, James
Keller, Corporal
Kellervay, James
Kelley, James
Kelley, Robert
Kellick, Charles
Kellow, John
Kellow, Mary
Kelly, James
Kelly, Eliza
Kelly, Henry
Kelly, John
Kelly, Selina A
Kelly, Catherine
Kelly, Peter
Kelly, Edward
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Thomas
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, Susan
Kelly, Robert
Kelly, Michael
Kelly, Dennis
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Joseph
Kelly , Robert
Kelman, J E M
Kelmister, John
Kelso, John
Kemanet, Charles
Kemish, Benjamin
Kemp, Charles
Kemp, James
Kempthorne, Henry
Kenady, John
Kenaule, Michael
Kenchela, John
Kenchington, Henry
Kenchington, Helen
Kenchington, Helen Agatha
Kendal, William
Kendall, Elias
Kendall, Susan
Kendall, John
Kendall, Lennox
Kendeu, Elias
Kendle, William
Kendrick, John
Kenealy, William
Kenealy, Catherine
Kenelly, Ellen
Kenghington, Helen Agatha
Kengington, Helen Agatha
Kenier, Marie Louise
Kennaird, Harold Leonard
Kennan, John
Kennard, Harold Leonard
Kennedy, Michael
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Thomas
Kennedy, Patrick
Kennedy, Margaret
Kennedy, Henry William
Kennedy, William
Kennedy, George
Kennedy, Joseph
Kennedy, James
Kennedy, Catherine
Kennelly, Cornelius
Kennett, James
Kenney, Thomas
Kenney, Patrick
Kenney, Joseph
Kenney, John
Kennie, Richard
Kennish, James
Kenny, John
Kenny, Mary
Kenny, Téresse
Kenny, Margaret
Kenny, Joseph
Kenny, Joe
Kenny, Francis William
Kensella, Katherine Marie
Kent, Robert
Kent, John
Kent, Elizabeth
Kent, Arthur William
Kenvin, Mary Ann
Kerambran, Francois
Keranoal, Francois
Kerboeuf, Pierre
Kerboeuf, Francois
Kerby, James
Kerby, Mrs
Kerby, John
Kerby, Nancy
Kerby, Ann
Kerby, Edward
Kerdouvalle, Angele
Kerdovalle, Angèle
Kerdovalle, Augustine
Kerdudo, Pierre
Kerfoot, James
Kergal, Jean Marie François
Kergal, Jean
Kergal, Francois
Kergel, Jean
Kergortollay, Pierre
Kerichard, Anne Y
Kerichard, Anne Yvonne
Kerichard, Selina
Kerichard, Marie Louisa
Kerlew, Arthur
Kermarec, Pierre Marie
Kermin, Francois
Kernef, François
Kerney, James
Kernichet, Anne Y
Kernichet, Perrine
Kernieffe, Pierre
Kernish, James
Kernoal, Josephine
Kernon, John
Kerny, Pierre
Kerr, James
Kerr, Katherine Clyde
Kerrin, Ann Marie
Kerrotel, Francois
Kerry, Thomas
Kerry, Mary Ann
Kerry, James
Kerry, John
Kerslake, Joseph
Kerslake, Frederick
Kerslake, Daniel
Kerslake, Louisa
Kerslake, Agnes
Kervotri, Louis
Kerwick, Patrick
Kerwin, Michael
Kerwin, Michael Edward
Kessel, Cyril Rapson
Kessell, Cyril Repson
Ketling, Elena
Keuze, Ernest
Keys, John
Khor, Mr
Kidd, John
Kiernon, James
Kilford, Thomas
Kilford, John
Killalee, Anthony
Killen, Joseph
Killick, Samuel
Killmister, John
Kilminster, John
Kilminster, Walter
Kilminster, Jane
Kilminster, Jane Ann
Kilminster, Edward
Kilminster, David
Kilminster, Janet
Kilsey, Mary
Kilvinton, John
Kilvinton, Pierson
Kilvinton, Pearson
Kimber, John
Kinchington, Henry
Kinchinton, Sidney
Kine, Isabella
Kine, Johannah
King, George
King, Thomas
King, James
King, Margaret
King, John
King, Owen
King, Amelia
King, Henry
King, Emily
King, William
King, Trefillan
King, Esther
King, Charles
King, Travina
King, Tryphena
King, Harry
King, Henri
King, Charles Leslie
King, George
King, Harry H
Kingdon, Mr
Kingsley, John
Kingsley, Alfred
Kingston, James
Kingston, John
Kinion, James
Kinnear, John
Kinnersley, Alfred
Kinsden, George
Kipps, Alfred
Kirby, Frank
Kirby, Harry
Kirby, Norman Walter
Kirby, William
Kirk, James
Kirwan, Micheal Edward
Kirwin, William
Kirwin, Michael Edward
Kirwin, Mary Johannah
Kitt, William
Kitt, Arthur
Kitts, Peter
Kitts, John
Klick, Charles
Knapman, James
Knaresborough, G M
Kneeshaw, William
Knight, Fanny
Knight, Tabiah
Knight, Leonard
Knight, Elizabeth
Knight, Leslie Frank
Knight, Edward Jesse
Knomi, Kumike
Knott, John
Knowles, Noah
Knowles, John
Knowles, Charles
Knowles, Michael
Knowles, Jeremiah
Knowles, Robert
Knowles, Annie
Knowles, Thomas
Knowles, Catherine
Knusden, Karl
Koesly, A
Kommer, Charles Emile
Koriller, Marie
Kouvin, M Edwin
Krimmel, Conrad F W
Krincks, Charlotte
Kugele, George
Le Clèche, Pierre
Le Cras, Elizabeth
Le Cras, Selina
Le Feuvre, Anne Yvonne
Le Marquand, Philip
Milikin, Agnes
Northcote, Katherine Clyde
Osment, Elizabeth
Querrée, John
Rosie, Elizabeth
Russell, Jane Ann
Russell, Jane
Scanlon, Ellen
Smith, Charlotte
Smith, Tabiah
Spratt, Susan
Vallet, Augustine
Vasselet, Angele
Vennery, James


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