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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Ball, Caroline, née Gann
Barrett, John
Brett, Mary, née Gregg
Brown, Jane, née Gallichan
Cabot, Anne Mary, née Le Gresley
Chevalier, Rachel, née Gruchy
Gruchy, Rachel
Clavell, Mary Ann Elizabeth, née Gordon
de Garis, Nicolas
de Gruchy, Philippe
de Gruchy, Abraham
de Gruchy, Mary Ann Elizabeth
de Gruchy, George
De Gruchy, Selina
de Gruchy, Matthieu
de Gruchy, Charles
de Gruchy, John
de Gruchy, François
Dummy, Mary Ann
Gabeldu, Philippe
Gabeldu, Jean
Gabriel, Marie
Gace, Joseph
Gaffy, Thomas
Gagnon, Jean
Gagnon, Thomas
Gaillard, Emilie, née Goupy
Gale, Robert
Gale, Charles
Gale, Arthur
Gallais, Louis
Gallaiz, Jacques
Gallichan, Mary Ann
Gallichan, John
Gallichan, Abraham
Gallichan, Thomas
Gallichan, William
Gallichan, Philippe
Gallichan, Elie
Gallichan, Henry
Gallichan, Matthieu
Gallichan, Clement
Gallichan, François Jean
Gallichan, Mary
Gallichan, Frederick
Gallichan, John Thomas
Gallie, Philippe
Gallie, William
Gallienne, Susan
Gallienne, Marguerite
Gallienne, Abraham
Galliot, Pierre
Galliotte, Virginie
Gallis, Hyppolite
Gally, Henry
Galois, Joseph
Gamble, William
Gammon, Charlotte
Ganion, Thomas
Gardner, W H
Gare, John
Garettty, Thomas
Garetty, Thomas
Garland, Mary Ann
Garland, Richard
Garland, T
Garland, Michael
Garland, Patrick
Garland, William
Garnett, George
Garnier, Frederic
Garnier, Pierre
Garnier, Elias
Gartrell, Silas
Gascoyne, William
Gasnier, John
Gasnier, Elie
Gasnion, Thomas
Gasnion, Jean
Gaudin, Elie
Gaudin, John
Gaudin, William
Gaudin, Philippe
Gaudion, Mary
Gauley, Catherine
Gauley, Henry
Gauntlett, Ebenezer
Gauvray, Louis
Gavey, John
Gawler, Louisa
Gay, James
Geary, Michael
Gelender, William
Gelender, George
Germain, Caroline
Germain, Alexis
Giard, Auguste
Gibaut, Jean
Gibaut, Nicolas
Gibaut, John
Gibaut, Edouard
Gibaut, Philippe
Gibbins, Mary
Gibbins, Elizabeth
Gibbons, Elizabeth
Gibbs, John
Gibbs, Edwin
Giblin, Thomas
Gibney, Thomas
Gibson, John
Giffard, Alfred
Gilbert, Mary Ann
Gilbert, Gilles
Gilbert, George
Gilbert, Jane
Gilbert, Adolphe
Gilbert, James
Gilbert, Edward
Gilbey, Rebecca
Giles, James
Gilford, John
Gilhouet, Maxime
Gill, Ann
Gillam, Eliza
Gillam, James
Gillegan, Bridget
Gillet, Elizabeth
Gillet, Mary
Gillet, John
Gillet, Aimée
Gilligan, Patrick
Gillingham, Charles
Gillis, Mark
Gillman, Charles
Gillman, Joseph
Gillman, Joseph William
Gillot, Elizabeth
Gillupie, John
Gilman, Joseph
Gittins, Charles
Gittins, Philip
Gladdis, George
Glascock, Mr
Glaun, Robert
Glennon, John
Glyn, Richard
Glynn, Michael
Goddard, Jane
Godefroi dit La Rocque, Jean
Godel, Francois
Godel, Charles
Godel, Leon
Godfray, Durell
Godfray, Francois
Godfray, Joseph
Godfray, Thomas Jean
Godfray, Francis Amiraux
Godfray, Aaron
Godfray, Augustine Elizabeth
Godfray, Charles
Godfray, Rosalie
Godfray, Mary
Godfray, George Charles
Godfray, Ann
Godfray, Thomas
Godfray, Hugh
Godfray dit La Roque, Jean
Godiche, John
Godray, Aaron
Goest, Thomas
Goillon, Julie
Golding, Patrick
Goldsworthy, Elizabeth
Gonfray, Pierre
Goodenough, Jane
Goodman, Mary Ann
Goodman, Mary
Goodman, Mr
Goodridge, Mary Jane
Goodwyn, James
Googe, Helen
Gordon, Susan
Gordon, James
Gordon, Henry
Gordon, Mary Ann
Gordon, Sarah
Gore, Thomas
Gorglault, Pierre
Gorman, Mary Ann
Gorman, Mary
Gorman, Michael
Gosling, William
Goss, James
Goss, Samuel
Gosselin, Marie
Gotterel, Thomas
Gough, John
Gough, George
Gouillet, Mathurin
Gould, Alfred William
Goupy, Léon
Gowen, John
Grady, John
Gralis, Patrick
Grandin, Jean
Grandin, Aimable
Grandin, Charles
Grandin, Samuel
Grangean, Anna
Grant, Josué
Grant, William
Grant, John
Granter, Joseph
Graut, C
Gravatt, Alfred
Graves, Louisa
Gray, Elizabeth
Gray, Alfred
Gray, John
Gray, Edward
Gray, William
Gray, Frances
Gray, Moses
Gray, Henry
Gray, George
Gray, Eliza
Gray, Owen
Gray, Stephen
Greave, Louisa
Green, George
Green, James
Green, William
Green, Ellen
Green, Cornelius
Greenham, Samuel
Greer, James
Gregory, Charlotte
Gregory, William
Gregory, Louisa
Gregory, Fanny
Gribble, Henry
Gribble, Mary
Gribble, Mary, née Gribble
Grieve, Louisa
Griffin, William
Griffin, George
Griffin, John
Griffiths, Martha
Griffon, John
Griffon, Bridget
Grimes, Thomas
Grimes, Mary
Groizard, John
Grossin, Julie
Grove, George
Groves, George
Grubb, Julian
Grubb, Julia
Grubb, Julien
Grubb, Henry
Grubb, Henry Julien
Gruchy, Selina
Gruchy, Philippe
Gruchy, Rachel
Gruchy, Elizabeth
Guédras, Théophile
Guédras, Théophile
Guen, Charles
Guéret, Arsène
Guerrier, Jean
Guerrin, Adrien
Guibert, Hypolite
Guibet, Mr
Guibet, Louis Eugène
Guilbert, Auguste Jules
Guilder, Ann
Guillaume, Jules Emile
Guille, Ann
Guille, Margaret
Guille, Edouard
Guille, Mary
Guilleaume, Théophile
Guilleaume, Yves
Guillemette, Pierre
Guinier, Justine
Gullick, William
Gulston, Thomas
Gunder, Tom
Gunning, Thomas
Gunton, Charles
Guppy, James
Guy, Mary
Harben, Esther, née Le Gros
Hull, Mary Ann, née Garland
Hunt, Margaret, née Gill
Laffoley, Ann Jane, née Gough
Le Gastois, Justine
Le Geyt, Clement
Le Geyt, George
Le Geyt, Susan
Le Geyt, Eléonore
Le Geyt, Louisa
Le Geyt, Clement
Le Geyt, Henry
Le Geyt, Julia
Le Geyt, Philippe
Le Geyt, John
Le Goubin, Thomas
Le Goupillot, Frederick
Le Gouté, Françoise
Le Grand, Jean
Le Grand, James
Le Grand, Mary
Le Grand, Pierre
Le Gresley, Philippe
Le Gresley, Josué
Le Gresley, Edouard Jean
Le Gresley, Jane
Le Gresley, Francois
Le Gresley, Elie
Le Gresley, Edouard
Le Gresley, Jean
Le Gresley, François Philippe
Le Gresley, John
Le Gros, John
Le Gros, George
Le Gros, Charles
Le Gros, Laurens
Le Gros, Ann
Le Gros, Jean
Le Gros, John Edwin
Le Gros, Nicolas
Le Gros, Marie
Le Gros, Philippe Josue
Le Guille, Philippe
Le Guine, Pierre Marie
Le Riche, Jean
Le Vesconte, Charles
Lord, William
Lyons, Mary, née Goodner
McGee, James
McGorman, Honora
McGragh, Ellen
McGrath, Ellen
McGrath, Lucy, née McGratt
Merier, Françoise, née Gouté
Mérier, Françoise, née Le Gouté
Mourant, Mary Ann, née Gallichan
Parrot, Sarah
Picot, Lydie, née de Gruchy
Pigeon, Mary Ann, née Godfray
Pilvesse, Anna, née Grandjean
Poiré, Marie, née Guédras
Slater, George
Tardif, Elizabeth, née Godfray
Godfray, Elizabeth
Thentleman, John


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