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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with R have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Alexandre, Eliza
Allenaud, Marie Josèphe
Austin, Alice
Babot, Edwin
Baume, M L E
Benest, Frederick Francis
Bishop, Mary
Bishop, Florence
Bonnemaire, Clementine
Bourillon, Anale
Braing, Ellen
Britelle, Marie Jeanne
Brown, Joseph
Bryan, Ellen
Bryan, Michael
Buhot, Marie
Carter, Martha
Channing, William James
Cox, Elizabeth
Cruchon, Thérèse
David, Josephine
Dwyer, Edward
Edwards, Esther
Farley, Ann
Farley, Elizabeth A
Gallichan, Emilie
Godard, J M
Godert, Anne Marie
Gray, Paul Christopher
Guiton, Henry Oscar
Gulot, Pierre
Hamon, Alexandrine
Henry, Thérèse
Hodge, Christopher
Janvrin, Ellen
La Richard, Louis
Ladan, Josephine
Lainé, Emile
Laine, Henri
Le Brun, Ann
Le Brun, Hannah
Le Chemmant, Olive
Le Guivel, Aline
Le Maine, Anne
Le Monier, Helen Marie
Le Remon, Olive
Le Sueur, Jane
Leveillard, Pierre
Leven, Johana
Liot, Eugenie Azelie Marie
Londy, Esther
Magnen, Mary
McCormick, Margaret
Mordrel, Marie
Morley, Ann
Ollivers, Marie
Ollivier, Marie
Picot, Annette
Picot, Ann
Poidevin, Mary
Poincel, Hypolite
Prihon, Eugene
Raba, Jeanne Marie
Rabasse, Jean
Rabasse, Auguste Jean
Rabat, Jean
Rabè, Peter
Rabé, Marie Francoise
Rabé, Pelagie Françoise
Rabens, Jean
Rabesse, Jean Auguste
Rabet, Marie
Rabet, Pierre
Rabet, Pierre
Rabet, Pierre E
Rabet, Jules
Rabet, Albert G
Rabet, Henri
Rabet, Arthur
Rabeuse, Edward
Rabey, James
Rabey, Pierre
Rabin, Jean Louis
Rabin, Guilleaume
Rabin, Guillaume Marie
Rabin, Jean
Raby, Johana
Radband, Alfred
Radditt, George
Radegan, James
Radford, Elizabeth
Radican, James
Radigan, James
Radley, John
Rae, Robert
Raferty, Mary
Raferty, Eliza
Raferty, John
Raferty, Philip
Rafferty, Philip
Rafferty, Elizabeth
Rafferty, Henry
Rafferty, Adolphus
Rafferty, Philippe
Rafter, Michael
Ragan, James
Ragan, William
Ragan, Ellen
Ragan, J Marie
Ragin, Michael
Raidon, Paul Marius
Railly, John
Rainey, Dennis
Rainey, James
Rainey, Jane
Rainsford, John
Rainy, Margaret
Rainy, Patrick
Raley, Ernest Dudmesh
Ralph, John
Ralph, Francis James
Ralph, Francois John
Ralph, Agnès Jane
Ramard, Naomie
Ramare, Constant Pierre
Ramié, Herbert
Ramie, Emily
Ramkin, William
Ramon, Olive
Ramsey, Norman
Ramsey, James
Ramsey, William
Ranbon, Joseph
Randale, Thomas
Randall, Joseph Henry
Randle, George
Rands, William Benjamin
Rans, Henry
Ranwell, John Percival
Raoul, Anne Marie
Raoul, Jeanne Marie
Raoul, Jeanne M
Rapillié, Modeste
Rapsey, John
Rapsey, Charles
Rapsey, Thomas
Raquel, Adolphe Eugene
Rasby, Jane
Ratelle, Anne
Rault, Pierre
Rault, Jacques
Rault, Charles
Rault, Jean
Rault, Sainte
Rault, Guillaume
Rault, François
Rault, Jacques Marie
Rault, Paul
Rault, Julien Marie
Raurbeun, Francois
Rauxel, Pauline
Ravenell, Henry
Ravenswood, Clarence E
Rawlings, Peter
Rawlins, Reginald Charles
Raws, Mary
Ray, Joseph
Ray, Thomas
Ray, James
Ray, Walter
Raymond, Thomas
Raymond, John
Raynel, Jean Francois
Raynel, George Magloire
Raynel, Josephine
Raynel, Jules
Rayner, Joseph
Rayner, Edward
Rayner, Elizabeth
Rayney, James
Raynol, Josephine
Raynolds, John
Rays, Thomas
Razen, Michael
Rea, William
Read, John
Read, Charles
Read, Edwin
Read, Henry
Read, Thomas
Read, Edith Miriam
Readon, Margaret
Ready, Margaret
Ready, William
Ready, John Thomas
Ready, John
Rearden, Michael
Rearden, Alice
Rearden, John
Rearden, Mary Ann
Rearden, William
Reardon, Ann
Reardon, Michael
Reardon, Margaret
Reault, Léon
Rebindain, Yves
Rebindain, Francis
Rébours, François
Rebours, Rose
Rebours, Jeanne Marie
Rebours, Joseph Marie François
Rebours, Edward L
Redan, Marie
Redbourne, Catherine
Reddy, Daniel L
Redman, Richard
Redmond, James
Redmond, Joseph
Reed, David
Reed, Thomas
Reed, John
Reed, Cornelius
Reed, Richard
Reed, William
Reed, Mrs
Reed, W
Reed, James
Reed, Mary Ann
Reed, Eliza
Reed, Edwin
Reed, Walter
Reese, John
Reeves, Samuel
Reeves, Henry
Regan, John
Regan, Timothy
Regan, William
Regan, Mary Ann
Regan, Michael
Regan, Thomas
Regan, Ellen
Regan, Morris
Regan, Catherine
Regnard, Auguste Leon
Regnault, Josephine
Regnier, Alice M
Reid, Edwin
Reid, Joseph
Reid, R C
Reid, James
Reid, Walter
Reilly, William James
Reily, William James
Reine, Augustine
Reinel, Louis
Reinel, Louis A
Remey, Philip John
Rémon, Marie
Remon, Olive
Remy, George
Remy, Mary Ann
Renard, Josephine
Renard, Joseph
Renard, Louis Auguste
Renaud, François
Renaud, Pierre
Renauldis, Paul Christopher
Renault, Joseph
Renault, Arsène
Renault, Alexandre
Renault, Pierre
Renault, Jean
Renault, John Winter
Renault, Pierre Marie
Renault, François
Renaut, Jane
Renaut, Frederick
Renaut, François
Renaut, Emilie
Rendall, William
Rendall, Percy Tom R
Rendall, Clarence Tom
Rendall, Percy Tom Rollins
Rendle, Alice
Rendle, William
Rendle, William James
Réné, Auguste
Renel, Jean
Renick, Jane M
Renié, Adolphus D
Reniou, Marie
Rennée, Paul
Rennel, William
Renney, Mary Ann
Rennick, Jane
Rennie, John
Rennolds, Michael
Renny, Philip Alfred
Rennye, Charles William
Renouf, Sevane
Renouf, Rachel
Renouf, Marie Francoise
Renouf, Mary
Renouf, Betsey
Renouf, Eliza
Renouf, Francis
Renouf, Zacharie
Renouf, C J G
Renouf, Philip
Renouf, Ellen
Renouf, James
Renouf, William
Renouf, Ellen Mary
Renouf, Marie
Renouf, John
Renouf, George
Renouf, Pierre
Renouf, John Samuel
Renouf, John Thomas
Renouf, Alfred
Renouf, Walter
Renouf, Philip John
Renouf, John Philip
Renouf, Philippe
Renouf, Hedley
Renouf, Henry Oscar
Renouf, Nicolas Walter
Renouf, Dennis Romain
Renyard, Helen Marie
Resmond, Marie Perine
Restorick, William
Retchin, William
Reu, Robert
Reveillard, Pierre F J
Reveillard, Pierre
Revert, Jean Louis
Revert, Francois
Reviere, Joseph
Revillion, J M
Revilly, Theophile
Rey, Timothy
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, B M
Reynolds, Amelia
Reynolds, Hannah M
Reynolds, Hannah
Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Thomas Joseph
Reynolds, Mary Ann
Reynolds, Eliza
Reynolds, Alice
Reynolds, Joseph
Reynolds, Alfred
Reynolds, Percy
Reynolds, William George
Reynolds, John H
Reynolds, Patrick Joseph
Rian, James
Ribet, William
Ribet, Guilleaume
Ricart, Leon
Rice, Eliza
Rice, John
Rich, Frederick
Rich, Percy Russel
Richard, Nicholas
Richard, Guilleaume
Richard, Guillaume
Richard, Elizabeth A
Richard, Jean
Richard, Marie Josèphe
Richard, Louis
Richard, Jules
Richard, Jules Emile Philippe
Richard, Henri Joseph
Richard, John E Philip
Richard, Marie
Richard, Pierre Henri
Richard, Philip
Richard, Henrí Louis
Richard, Eugene Jean
Richard, Eugene Jean
Richard, Herbert John
Richards, Thomas
Richards, Henry
Richards, John
Richards, Eliza
Richards, Harriet
Richards, Frederick
Richards, Mary
Richards, Francis
Richards, Ann
Richards, Charles
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, Elizabeth A
Richards, Ruben
Richards, Rueben
Richards, Esther
Richards, George
Richardson, Thomas
Richardson, William
Richardson, Philip John
Richardson, Ellen
Richardson, Jessie
Richardson, Maurice Gaston
Richecoeur, R Mathurin
Richecouer, René Mathurin
Richecour, Henry
Richehomme, Francis Charles
Richmond, George
Richomme, Francois
Rickson, Thomas
Ricordeau, Raoul
Ricou, Pierre
Ricou, Thomas
Ricou, Edward
Ricou, Alfred
Ricou, Eliza
Ricou, Amelia
Ricou, Sidney George
Rideout, Edgar Candy
Rider, Margaret
Rider, Emma
Rider, John
Riesebrofe, M L E
Riggs, Richard
Riggs, William
Righan, Michael
Rigolet, Guilleaume
Rikked, Liga
Riley, Thomas
Riley, George
Riley, James
Riley, John
Riley, Joseph
Riley, William
Riley, Henry
Rillon, Louis
Rily, Louis Marie
Rimeur, Victor Francois
Rindell, George
Rine, Anthony O'Grady
Ring, Michael
Rio, François
Rio, Pierre
Riou, Patrick
Riou, Emanuel
Riou, Marie
Riou, Jean
Riou, Catherine
Riou, Yves
Riou, Yves Marie
Riou, Marie Madeline
Riou, Jean Louis
Rioual, Marie Jeanne
Rioud, Jeanne Marie
Ripley, Henry
Ripon, Elizabeth
Ripon, Eliza
Ripper, Alice
Rippon, Louisa
Rippon, Elizabeth
Rippon, Eliza
Rippon, Edward
Risbecq, Jean
Risden, Alice
Riu, François M
Rivallon, François
Rive, Charles
Rive, Francis Henry
Rivers, Peter
Rivière, Modeste
Riviollan, Yves
Rixon, John R
Rixon, A Thomas
Rixon, John
Rixon, Arthur Thomas
Rixon, John Robert
Rixon, John Roberts
Roach, Michael
Roach, Ann
Roach, Susan
Roach, David
Rober, Jeanne Marie
Robers, Peter Louis
Robert, Mary
Robert, John
Robert, Peter
Robert, Rachel
Robert, Louise
Robert, Pierre
Robert, Jeanne Marie
Robert, Albert
Roberts, James
Roberts, John
Roberts, Richard
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Mary Ann
Roberts, Thomas
Roberts, Ann
Roberts, Catherine
Roberts, Elizabeth A
Roberts, Ruben
Roberts, William Henry
Roberts, Kate
Roberts, William
Roberts, Jane
Roberts, Samuel
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Owen
Roberts, David
Roberts, David A
Roberts, Pierre
Roberts, William John
Roberts, Charles
Roberts, Jeanne
Roberts, Edmond
Roberts, Edmund
Roberts, George James Lewis
Roberts, Oscar W M
Roberts, George
Roberts, Percy Charles Frederick
Roberts, Frederick
Roberts, Ernest George
Robertson, John
Robertson, James
Robertson, Mr
Robertson, Francis
Robertson, Peter
Robertson, William
Robial, Josephine
Robillard, Mary Ann
Robin, George
Robin, Edward
Robin, Elias
Robin, Sampson R
Robin, Jane
Robin, François
Robin, Ann
Robin, Elizabeth
Robin, Samuel
Robin, Alexandrine
Robin, Louis Joseph
Robin, Louis
Robin, Mathurin
Robin, Marie
Robin, Edward Nelson Collas
Robin, Jean Marie
Robin, A L Joseph
Robin, George Nelson Collas
Robins, John
Robins, Walter
Robins, Edward
Robins, Christopher
Robins, Charles
Robins, James
Robins, Hannah
Robins, Eliza
Robins, George
Robins, George Nelson C
Robins, George Nelson Collas
Robins, George N C
Robins, Albert James
Robinson, Edward
Robinson, Mr
Robinson, John, Reverend
Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, William
Robinson, Robert
Robinson, Charles
Robinson, Eliza
Robinson, Thomas William
Robinson, John
Robinson, Francis
Robinson, William H L J
Robinson, F William
Robinson, Francis George
Robinson, Owen Donald
Robiolle, Modeste
Robrough, George
Robrough, Caroline
Robson, Thomas
Roche, John
Roche, Patrick
Rochfoot, Paul
Rockett, Louisa
Rocqton, Francoise Marguerite
Rodda, John
Rodda, William
Rodda, W Henry
Rodden, Amelia
Rodder, Richard
Rodder, John
Rodder, Henry
Roddis, George
Roddo, Richard
Roderick, Ann
Roderick, Anne
Rodes, Jeanne
Rodier, John
Roe, William
Rofe, Walter
Rogan, Joseph
Rogan, Mathurin
Roger, Pierre Julien
Roger, James
Rogerie, Marie Matilde
Rogers, John
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Samuel
Rogers, Jane
Rogers, James
Rogers, David
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, George Henry
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Bridget E
Rogers, Bridget Elizabeth
Rogers, William
Roges, Bridget E
Rogon, Eugenie Azelie Marie
Rohan, Cornelius
Rohen, John
Roive, Samuel
Roland, John
Roland, Jean
Roland, Philip
Roland, Réné
Roland, Ollivier
Roland, Marie
Roland, Sydney George
Roland, Victor
Rolland, Olivier
Rolland, Charles
Rolland, Réné
Rolland, Victor
Rolland, Jules
Rolland, Marie
Rolland, Guilleaume
Rolland, Julien Marie
Rolland, Leon
Rollason, Thomas
Rollins, Charles
Rolstone, William
Romain, Francis
Roman, Yves
Romeril, Peter
Romeril, George
Romeril, Elias
Romeril, John
Romeril, Edward
Romeril, Jean
Romeril, Abraham
Romeril, Samuel
Romeril, Charles
Romeril, Lucy
Romeril, Louis
Romeril, B
Romeril, Florence
Romeril, Louis George
Romeril, Alfred
Romeril, William John
Romeril, J
Rondel, Clement
Rondel, Philip D
Rondon, Marie
Roney, James
Roney, Michael
Ronsin, Francoise
Rook, Grace
Rookes, Charles
Rooks, John
Rooks, Charles
Rooks, Mary
Rooney, John
Rooney, Martin
Rooney, Henry
Roote, Arthur William
Ropart, Vincent Emile
Ropart, Vincent E
Ropart, Jean
Ropasse, Pierre
Roper, Jean Pierre
Ropper, David
Ropton, Peter
Rosary, James
Rose, Anale
Rose, Alfred
Rose, Martha
Rose, Albert
Rose, George Bertram
Ross, Benjamin
Ross, George
Ross, Alexander
Rosser, Henry
Rosser, John
Rostrenne, Marie
Roswell, John
Rotchford, Thomas
Roual, Auguste
Roualle, Auguste
Roualle, James
Roualle, Jacques H
Rouault, Mathurin
Rouazé, Nicolas
Rouch, James
Rouelle, Auguste
Rouge, Julien
Rouget, Mary
Rouget, Constant
Rouget, Peter
Rougier, Henry
Rougier, Henri
Rougier, Alexandre
Rougier, Mary
Rougier, Victor
Rouillard, Pierre
Rouland, John
Rouland, Auguste
Rouland, Lucien Ferdinand
Roupart, Vincent
Rourrel, Yves Alfred
Rouse, Priscilla
Rousseau, Ann
Rousseau, Annette
Rousseau, Emile
Rousseau, Auguste
Rousseau, Aline
Roussel, Francis James
Roussel, Henri
Roussel, Emile
Roussel, François
Roussel, Louis
Roussel, Jean
Roussel, Yves
Roussel, Yves Marie
Roussell, Henry
Roussem, Emile
Rout, William
Routier, Marie
Routier, Jeanne
Routier, Rose
Routier, Jean
Routier, François
Routier, François
Rouxel, Louis
Rouxel, Hypolite
Rouxel, Pauline
Rouxel, Blanche
Rouxell, M M Yvonne
Rouy, Zelie
Rouzes, Pierre
Rouzin, Marie Josephine
Rowden, E George
Rowe, George
Rowe, James J
Rowe, James
Rowe, William
Rowe, Christiana
Rowe, John
Rowe, Elizabeth A
Rowe, Joseph
Rowe, Alfred
Rowe, Francis
Rowe, Frank
Rowe, Henry
Rowe, Leonard Alphonse
Rowed, Richard
Rowel, Jane
Rowing, Caroline
Rowland, John
Rowlands, John
Rowley, William
Roy, John
Royand, Jean
Royer, Prosper
Royer, Constance
Royer, Clémentine
Royer, Roman Armand
Royer, Pierre
Roys, George
Rozier, Alexandre
Ruault, Jeanne Marie
Ruaux, Charles Francis
Ruaux, Philip George
Rubbeth, William
Rubeure, Edward L C
Rubeus, Edward
Rubeus, Edward Louis
Rubourne, Marmaduke Martin
Ruder, Elizabeth
Ruderham, Harry Arthur
Ruel, Auguste
Ruellan, Peter Henry
Ruff, Alfred
Ruff, Frederick Thomas
Ruffle, John
Ruhourne, Marmaduke Martin
Ruly, James
Rumble, George Arthur
Rumend, Joséphine
Rumke, J C F
Rundle, Robert
Runxin, Baptiste Bienaimé Jean
Rupart, Anna
Rupert, Lion
Rupert, Jean
Rusden, Frances
Ruse, William Henry
Ruse, William
Russel, Daniel
Russel, Edwin
Russell, William
Russell, John
Russell, Elizabeth
Russell, Daniel
Russell, Daniel Stone
Russell, Charles
Russell, Edwin
Russell, Annie
Rust, George
Rutledge, George
Ruven, Joseph
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, William Henry
Ryan, John
Ryan, Edmond
Ryan, Catherine
Ryan, Johana
Ryan, Edmund
Ryan, Ellen
Ryan, Thomas
Ryan, Timothy
Ryan, Patrick
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, James
Ryan, Kate
Ryan, Philip
Ryan, Edward
Ryan, Martin
Ryan, Mary Ann
Ryan, Matthew
Ryan, Denis
Ryan, Dennis
Ryan, Mary Bridget
Ryan, William
Ryan, Daniel
Ryan, Johanna
Ryan, Johannah
Ryan, Patrick Philip
Ryan, Louis
Ryan, Matthieu
Ryan, Emma
Ryan, Maurice Patrick
Ryan, Bridget
Ryder, Elizabeth
Rye, Hannah Maria
Ryland, John
Ryley, Elisha
Ryne, Daniel
Ryne, John
Ryner, Walter
Ryofette, Josephine
Ryon, Michael
Scantlin, Joseph
Sheppick, Johannah
Sheppick, Johanna
Simmons, Bridget E
Sullivan, Mary Ann
Symods, Bridget Elizabeth
Taylor, Alice
Toy, Elizabeth
Toy, Elizabeth A
Tye, Elizabeth A
Veillard de la Rochelle, Pierre
Vigoureux, Constance
Walker, Bridget
Walters, Augustine
Ward, Louisa
Warren, Timothy
Webster, Edward L C
Webster, Edward
Webster, Edward Louis
Webster, Edward L
Woods, Mary


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