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Prisoners register index, includes; date of trial, name of prisoner and offence. Entries for inmates with surname beginning with U and V have been indexed. To find date and offence open the attached PDF. Further case information can be found in the Magistrates Causes Criminelles registers - D/Y/N4 or the Poursuite Criminelles registers - D/Y/G1

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1814 - 1936


Newgate Street Prison
Baker, Jane
Cabot, Annie
Collevet, Josephine
Connor, Lavina
Godfrey, Elizabeth
Gorin, Francoise
Hicquel, Angelique
Le Boucher, Auguste
Le Brun, Marie
Le Gresley, J G
Le Masurier, Mary Ann
Le Mercier, Annie
Quenault, Mary
Quenault, Mary Ann
Seeward, Emelia
Seward, Amelia
Uby, Jules
Ulcock, James
Ulmer, Fulgence
Umer, Auguste
Umer, François
Upton, William
Urin, Walter William
Uson, Sarah
Vachelet, Octavie
Vacini, Peter
Vaden, Magloire
Vague, John
Vahé, Pierre
Vail, Alice
Vaillant, Augustine
Vaindrill, Francis
Valagues, Jean
Vale, Maria
Vale, Michael
Vale, John
Vale, Patrick
Vale, Alice
Vale, Margaret
Valentin, Richard
Valis, Ann
Valis, James
Vallee, Eliza
Vallée, Adolphe
Vallée, Frank
Vallée, Marie
Valmy, Henri Jean Louis
Valois, Jean
Valois, Mary Ann
Valois, François
Valois, Ernest
Valois, Francoise
Valois, Frank Laurens
Valois, Francoise
Valois, Julie
Valot, Jean
Valpy, Edward
Valpy, P
Valvis, Philip
Vanbrook, Ann
Vanbrook, Elizabeth
Vandalet, Marie
Vandalet, Marie Francoise
Vandel, Cecile
Vanier, Julie
Vanier, child
Vannier, Cécile
Vante, Richard
Vardon, John
Vardon, George
Vardon, Pierre
Vardon, Thomas
Vardon, Julia
Vardon, Harold George
Vardon, Edward John
Varley, Joseph Robert W
Varoon, Hilda
Vase, François
Vase, François
Vaslett, Amelia
Vasse, Françoise
Vasse, Bienaimé
Vasselin, Pierre
Vasselin, François
Vasselin, Michel
Vasselin, Octave
Vasselin, Auguste
Vasselin, Amelia
Vasselin, Louis M H
Vasselin, Jean P
Vasselin, Jean
Vasselin, Armand
Vaudin, Jean
Vaudin, Elizabeth
Vaudin, Lavina
Vaudin, Annie
Vaudin, Mary
Vaudin, Mary Ann
Vaudiou, Marie
Vaugrant, Adolphe
Vaugrante, Adolphe
Vautier, Thomas
Vautier, Abraham
Vautier, James
Vautier, Philip
Vautier, J
Vautier, John
Vautier, Jean
Vautier, Matilda
Vautier, Jane
Vautier, Mary
Vautier, Louis
Vautier, Francis Louis Alexandre
Vautier, Clarence
Vautier, George Philip
Vautier, Marie
Vautier, Philip George
Vauvier, Marie
Vauvilliers, Alphonse
Veal, Bridget
Veil, Faithful
Veillard, Pierre
Venacore, Francis
Venement, Walter C
Venement, Thomas
Venement, Thomas John
Venen, William
Venica, Louis
Vennell, James
Venner, Julie
Venner, child
Venner, Valentine
Verdel, Armande
Verheghon, Charles L
Vernon, William
Veron, Leon George
Vescelet, Amelia
Vescelet, Emelia
Veslet, Amelia
Veslett, Amelia
Vesley, Amelia
Vetel, Charles
Vetier, George
Vétier, Maurice
Vevers, Catherine
Vey, David
Vezen, Jean
Vialle, Joseph
Vibert, Charles
Vibert, Rachel Eliza
Vibert, Peter
Vibert, John
Vibert, Philip
Vibert, Jean
Vibert, Philip Elie
Vibert, Mary
Vibert, George
Vibert, John Walter
Vibert, Charles Philip
Vickers, Georgina
Vickers, Edward
Vickery, William
Vickery, Alfred Edward
Vicq, Ann
Vicq, William
Vicq, Nancy
Vicq, Anne
Victor, Alfred
Vidamour, Abraham
Vidamour, Mrs
Vidamour, Daniel
Vidamour, Henry
Vidamour, Mary
Vidamour, Rachel
Vidard, Jean
Videloup, François
Vidier, Victor
Vidier, Jean Edward
Vidier, Jean Edouard
Vie, Jean
Vieiger, Victor
Viel, Susan
Viel, Mary
Viel, Marie
Viel, Pierre
Viel, John
Viel, Félix
Viel, John Elias
Viel, J E Gallichan
Viellard, Francois
Vigars, Leonard
Vignolie, Auguste
Vigot, Harriet
Vigot, Alexandrine
Vigot, Louisa Augustine
Vigram, Josephine
Vilalar, Charles Francis
Vilalar, Charles F
Vilard, John Francis
Villain, Louis
Villalard, Charles Francis
Villars, Frederick
Vilton, Philip
Vilton, Annie
Vimell, Henry
Vincent, Francis
Vincent, John
Vincent, Peter
Vincent, Thomas
Vincent, Edward
Vincent, William
Vincent, Joseph
Vincent, Philip
Vincent, Philip Winter
Vincent, Alfred
Vincent, Lane
Vincent, Philip Victor
Vincent, George Peter
Vincent, Leno
Vincent, Philippe
Vincent, George
Vincent, Cyril
Vincent, Donald
Vincent, Albert Edward
Vincent, Leslie Arthur
Vine, John
Viner, Charles
Viner, Every
Viney, George
Viney, Charles
Viney, Thomas
Viney, Robert
Vior, Francois
Viqoureux, Julien
Virgile, Cécile
Virgile, Jean
Visdeloup, Francois G
Visdeloup, François
Vitas, Guillaume
Vitch, Medora
Vitch, child
Vitch, Clara
Vitel, Félix
Vitel, Angélique
Vitel, Charles
Vitelle, Charles
Vitte, Marie
Vivian, Henry H
Vivian, Thomas
Vivian, Arthur
Vivien, Arthur
Vivier, Louis Honore
Vivier, Albert
Vivier, Albert Hamon
Vodelle, François
Voisin, John
Voisin, Peter
Voisin, Elie
Voisin, Pierre
Voisin, Emma
Voisin, Thomas
Voisin, Elias
Voisin, Francis A E
Voisin, Ernest O B
Voisin, Thomas J
Voizin, Réné
Volante, Richard
Volois, Charles W
Voneuet, Marie
Vordo, A L
Vosper, John
Voss, Thomas
Vyvyon, Caroline
Williams, Jane


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