Digital copy of Education, Sport and Culture Department Policy titled Policy for Dealing with Allegations against Employees of the Department for Education, Sport and Culture. Produced by Brenda Cochrane. [Some details redacted].

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January 1st 2011 - February 1st 2011

Scope and Content

• Policy for Dealing with Allegations against Employees of the Department for Education, Sport and Culture. Provides an overview of the policy in respect of dealing with allegations of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children made against staff. Outlines the scope of the policy and details the responsibility of all headteachers and senior managers to distribute the policy to all staff and for all staff working with children and young people to have an awareness of child protection procedures. Includes details of the policy and standards, outlining the principles that underpin the management of allegations against any staff members, and sets out the procedure upon the receipt of any complaint of physical, sexual or emotional abuse against a member of staff. Details threshold for the convention of a strategy discussion or meeting, outlining the purpose of the strategy meeting, and outlines policy with regards to the notification of interested persons, and police involvement. Includes details of the policy and procedure relating to the suspension of a member of staff against whom an allegation is made, including in relation to: an interview to consider suspension; after a decision to suspend pending investigation; support for the member of staff during the period of suspension; and the outcome of disciplinary investigation. Outlines a summary of possible outcomes following referral, and details need to provide support for the child and family and to provide support for the member of staff. Also details policy regarding the retention of records relating to an investigation and includes a list of further information and related documents. Includes the following appendices: Appendix A: Allegations against staff: School threshold for child protection referral. [Appendix B]: Procedures for managing allegations against DfESC [Department for Education, Sport and Culture] staff. Appendix C: Managing the aftermath of unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations against staff. • Email correspondence dated 1 February 2011 involving Brenda Cochrane to Paul Watson (Social Services) and Stephen Langford regarding the Policy for Dealing with Allegations against Employees of the Department for Education, Sport and Culture.


Cochrane, Brenda
Langford, Stephen
Watson, Paul
Capita Health Solutions
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
Child Protection Team
Children's Service
Criminal Records Bureau
Department for Education
Education Sport and Culture
Education Sport and Culture Committee
Health and Social Services
Human Resources Department
Independent Safeguarding Authority
Jersey Child Protection Committee
National Employers' Organisation for School Teachers
National Network of Investigation and Referral Support Coordinators
Public Protection Unit
Social Services
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police


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