Digital copy of a Foster Care Review following a complaint made against a foster mother. Includes a Fostering Panel Recommendation that the foster mother should be de-registered. [Some details redacted].

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April 25th 2007 - May 22nd 2007

Scope and Content

• Foster Care Review Following Complaint or Allegation. Produced by the Homefinding Team Supervising Social Worker. Provides details about the foster mother, including date of approval and current registration. Provides a background history about the case, referring to complaints made as part of the annual review in November 2003, setting out details of the complaints, details of subsequent training attended by the foster mother and details relating to her re-registration in 2006. Provides details of three placements of children with the foster mother since the last review and sets out details of complaints made against the foster mother in February 2007. Also includes other information and feedback completed by Sarah Corfield, Child Care Officer, providing an assessment of the foster mother's ability to: provide a good standard of physical and emotional care of children placed in her; work with the Department and other professional people; and work with the natural family and manage access arrangements. Also details areas of concern during the placement and outlines other comments. Details actions taken since the complaint and outlines reasons behind the recommendation that the foster mother be de-registered as a foster carer, citing her ability to communicate, her lack of insight and the risk related to her providing foster care for vulnerable children, and accountability implications. • Fostering Panel Recommendation dated 25 April 2007. Details recommendation that the foster mother should be de-registered signed by Linda Dodds, Panel Chair on 22 May 2007 and support of this recommendation and confirmation of the foster mother's de-registration as a foster carer signed by Tony Le Sueur, Agency Decision Maker on 11 May 2007.


Corfield, Sarah
Dodds, Linda
King, Jane
Le Sueur, Tony
Lindsey, Emmy
Children's Service
Fostering and Adoption Jersey
Homefinding Team
States of Jersey


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