Digital copy of Documents regarding legal advice relating to allegations made against a number of individuals including Ken Gordon and Roger Horobin. [Some details redacted].

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February 26th 1979 - May 7th 2009

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• Letter dated 7 August 2002 from Advocate Robin Morris, Legal Adviser, Law Officers' Department to Advocate Rebecca Juste, Bailhache Labesse concerning [a former member of staff at Haut de la Garenne]. Copies sent to Sgt [Sergeant] M Shearer and DI [Detective Inspector] R Bonney. Recommends that no prosecution be brought against Advocate Juste's client in relation to an alleged indecent assault upon [a former resident at Haut de la Garenne]. • Memorandum dated 21 August 1991 from Ian Christmas, Legal Adviser to Superintendent Marks concerning an allegation of sodomy made against [a member of staff at Heathfield]. Copy sent to Detective Sergeant Adamson. Outlines details of allegations of indecency made by [a former resident at Heathfield] against [a member of staff at Heathfield]. Includes comments about the veracity of the allegations, highlighting lack of forensic evidence to the allegations, no corroboration of the complaint and denial of the allegations by the member of staff. Concludes that there is insufficient evidence to support criminal proceedings. • Memorandum dated 8 July 1998 from Ian Christmas to the Attorney General concerning an alleged unlawful sexual intercourse offence. Agrees with recommendation by Detective Inspector [Barry] Faudemer that a male individual be prosecuted with one charge of unlawful sexual intercourse, citing duty to protect a female from a third unwanted pregnancy. Refers to admissions by the male. • Documents relating to a review of a probation order issued in respect of a female individual for a period of one year. 1. Document bringing the matter of reviewing a probation order made in respect of a female individual in 2008 to the notice of the Court. 2. Letter dated 7 May 2009 from A S Crowcroft, Connétable de St Helier to W J Bailhache, Attorney General. Requests arrangements be made for the individual to be to be represented to the Royal Court in order than an application for the early discharge of the probation order be adjudicated upon. Notes that the individual has kept excellent contact and made good progress. 3. Letter dated 6 April 2009 from William J Bailhache, Attorney General to Ms J Whittaker, Probation and After-Care Service. Outlines support of an application for an early discharge of the probation order on the grounds of good progress in principle. • Memorandum dated 16 May 1997 from Ian Christmas, Legal Adviser to Acting Superintendent [Kevin] McKerrell concerning an alleged unlawful sexual intercourse offence. Notes admission by a 15 year old male to having sexual intercourse with a 15 year old female with her consent. States that a criminal prosecution for unlawful sexual intercourse would not be in the public interest. • Documents relating to legal advice regarding an alleged unlawful intercourse offence. 1. File Note dated 15 December 1999 by Bridget Shaw, Legal Adviser. Relates to a case of alleged unlawful sexual intercourse by a 15 year old male, noting admissions by the suspect and reluctance of the victim's parents for a formal prosecution. 2. Memorandum dated 15 December 1999 from Bridget Shaw to Inspector M Houze. Notes advice of the Solicitor General that the defendant be charged, refers to continued opposition to a prosecution by the parents of the victim and comments about the prosecution and risk assessment process. • Documents relating to legal advice regarding sexual abuse allegations against Ken Gordon. 1. Memorandum dated 27 January 2006 from Laurence O'Donnell, Legal Adviser to the Police to Peter Hewlett, Acting Inspector. Recommends no further action in relation to a matter, stating that the matter should not be considered closed. 2. Memorandum dated 4 December 2005 from DI Steve Megaw to Legal Advisors. Refers to one complaint of indecent assault and one withdrawn complaint of rape and incident assault made against Ken Gordon. Provides details of the allegations, noting lack of corroborative evidence, absence of admissions by Gordon under interview, partial admissions by Gordon to some allegations, and issues relating to the case. • Memorandum dated 26 February 1979 from the Attorney General to Detective Inspector D M Watkins concerning Roger Henshaw Horobin. Advises that Horobin should be prosecuted outlining opinion and recommendations regarding offences with which Horobin should be charged.


Adamson, James, Detective Sergeant
Bailhache, William
Bonney, Robert, Detective Inspector
Christmas, Ian
Crowcroft, Simon, Constable of St Helier
Faudemer, Barry
Gordon, Ken
Horobin, Roger Henshaw
Houzé, Mark
Juste, Rebecca, Advocate
Marks, Paul, Superintendent
McKerrell, Kevin
Megaw, Steve
Morris, Robin, Advocate
O'Donnell, Laurence
Pini, Woman Detective Constable
Pirouet, Geoffrey, Centenier
Pryke, Roger
Shaw, Bridget
Shearer, Michael, Detective Sergeant
Watkins, D, Detective Constable
Whittaker, J
Attorney General
Child Protection Team
Children's Service
Connétable de St Hélier
Family Protection Team
Heathfield Children's Home
Law Officers' Department
Parish of St Helier
Probation and After Care Service
Public Protection Unit
States of Jersey Police


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