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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The names from this index are in the process of being transcribed and a PDF file of entries for surnames listed in the S Index can be consulted here. To date the volumes with details of individual cases, reference D/Y/N4, can be viewed at the Archive in person or by emailing the Archive for a photocopy

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January 1st 1872 - December 31st 1884


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Badge, Ann, née Sarah
Burke, Kate, née Shair
de Lille, Célestine, née Sancour
de Lille, Célestine, née Singat
de Ste Croix, Aaron
Eagan, Ann, née Shephard
Fitzpatrick, Jane, née Simmonds
Gavey, Julia, née Le Scelleur
Giot, Mary Ann Harriet, née Stranger
Harman, Maria, née Stych
Hinchey, Margaret, née St John
Hyde, Ellen, née Sullivan
Hyde, Ellen, née Sullivan
Inches, Elizabeth, née St John
Jobson, Phoebe, née Spencer
Journeaux, Elizabeth Marie, née Seelleur
La Sauce, Jeanne Marie
La Seaut, Jeanne Marie
Le Feuvre, Elizabeth, née de Ste Croix
Le Riche, Françoise, née Sadan
Le Riche, Françoise, née Sado
Le Sage, Ismaël
Le Sauteur, Thomas John
Le Savouroux, Jean Louis
Le Scelleur, John
Le Seeleur, Joseph
Le Seeleur, John
Le Seeleur, John Allez
Le Seeleur, Jean
Le Seelleur, Amelia
Le Seelleur, Thomas
Le Seelleur, Henry
Le Seelleur, Jeanne
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Thomas
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Elie
Le Sueur, Jeremie
Le Sueur, Jeremiah
Le Sueur, François Philippe
Le Sueur, William
Le Sueur, François
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Charles John
Le Sueur, Elias
Le Sueur, Daniel Thomas
Le Sueur, Pierre
Le Sueur, Jeremie
Le Sueur, Francois Jean
Leat, Emily, née Slader
Lukins, Emma, née Snell
Moore, Eliza, née Sarre
Neil, Charlotte, née Small
Newman, Mary, née Sampson
Picot, Mary Ann, née Statt
Pope, Rachel, née Le Sueur
Pullman, Fanny, née Stanley
Sabot, Victor
Saddler, John
Saddler, Susan
Sadler, Joseph
Sadler, Susan
Sadler, Frederick
Sadler, Charles
Sado, Jeanne Marie
Sage, Henry
Salin, Antoine
Salmon, John
Salmon, Jean Sinclair
Salmon, Pierre Jean
Salou, François
Salt, William
Salter, Charles
Sampson, William
Samuel, L
Samuels, Edwin
Sandry, William
Sandycomb, David
Sangan, Louis
Sangan, Pierre
Sangan, John
Sangan, Jean
Sanguine, Leonard
Sapin, Louis
Saumarez, Thomas
Saunders, Ann
Saunders, Charles Bernard
Saunders, Isabella
Saussey, John
Saussey, Louis Jean
Sauvé, Louis
Sauvé, Justine
Savage, John
Savers, John
Saville, Walter S
Scales, John
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scarborough, Charles
Scelleur, Philippe
Scott, Walter
Scott, James
Scott, William
Scully, Mary Ann
Scully, William
Searl, William
Searle, William
Seaward, John
Seelleur, Amelia
Sercombe, George
Serson, Pierre
Severns, Thomas
Seward, John
Seward, Philemon
Seymour, Hedley
Seymour, Frederick Henry
Shales, William
Shales, Alfred
Shales, John
Shallow, John
Sharland, George
Sharland, Alice
Sharland, William
Sharland, John
Sharp, Thomas
Shaughuahase, Mary
Shaw, Nelson Eli
Shaw, Henry
Shea, John
Sheen, John
Shenton, Joseph
Shepherd, Thomas
Sheridan, Ellen
Sherring, Benjamin
Sherry, John
Sheward, I F
Shield, Henry
Shiner, William
Shiner, Matilda
Shiner, Matilda, née Sponsford
Short, John
Short, Lawrence
Short, Francis
Showell, Joshua
Showell, William
Shute, Alfred
Sibley, Julia
Sibley, Eliza
Sibly, Julia
Silbey, Frederick
Silby, Frederick
Simmons, James Stephen
Simmons, James
Simon, Helier
Simon, Albert
Simon, Thomas
Simon, Alfred W
Simon, Estelle
Simon, Jules
Simonet, Pierre
Simpson, William
Sinclair, Henry
Sinclair, Robert
Sinel, John
Sinel, James
Sinel, Henry John
Sinel, William
Single, William
Siouville, Frédéric
Skelley, William
Slade, Marcus
Slader, Robert
Slader, Emily
Slader, Stephen
Sleep, John
Smallacombe, Mary Ann
Smith, Andrew Clark
Smith, George
Smith, Stephen
Smith, John
Smith, Harriet
Smith, John Bennett
Smith, Henrietta
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Charles
Smith, Jane
Smith, William Charles
Smith, Peter
Smith, Samuel
Smith, John Francis
Smith, William
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Frank
Smythe, William
Snelling, William
Soady, Henrietta Mary Ann
Sohier, Paul
Sohier, Wallace Aubin
Solen, Michael
Sollick, John
Sooley, William
Soulè, William
Sparkes, George
Spearman, Henry C
Spearman, Charles H S
Spence, Thomas
Spence, Alexander
Spencer, John
Spencer, Henry
Spencer, Phoebe, née Jobson
Spencer, John Philip
Spiller, Lucy
Spiller, Frederick
Sponser, Jane
Sponsford, Thomas
Spratt, Edward
Spratt, James
Spratt, Alfred
Spratt, George
Spriggs, Joshua
Springate, Archelaus
Springate, David
Square, Frank
Squibb, George
Squibb, Daniel
Squibb, Daniel Cox
St George, Francis
St George, Charles
St George, Thomas
Stahl, Adolph
Stainer, Thomas
Stanaway, Laura
Standford, William
Stansbury, Eliza
Stapleton, Daniel
Starck, John
Statt, Daniel
Statt, William
Steadwick, William
Steel, Robert William
Steele, Thomas
Steer, Jabez
Stent, Edmund
Stephens, Edward
Stephens, James
Stevens, Edward
Stevens, Edwin
Stevens, Jane
Stevens, John James
Stevens, Joseph
Stevens, George
Stevenson, Henrietta Augusta Rose
Stivelly, John
Stokes, Eli
Stokes, Clement
Stone, John
Stone, Edward
Stone, Samuel
Stone, Henry
Stoodley, Ames
Stopher, Charles
Strang, John
Stranger, Charles
Stratford, Charles
Stratton, William
Studley, William
Studley, Henry
Stych, William
Styles, Mary Jane
Stytch, William
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, George
Sullivan, Eugene
Sullivan, Eugene
Sullivan, Jean
Sullivan, Edward
Sullivan, Ellen
Sullivan, Daniel
Sullivan, Henry
Sullivan, William
Summers, Isaac James
Sumner, John
Surcouf, Albert
Surcouf, John
Suret, François
Sutcliffe, John
Swain, William
Sweeney, Francis
Sweeney, John
Symmonds, George
Symonds, James
Symonds, Henry S
Symons, Richard
Symons, Charles
Synge, Follett
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, Philippe
Syvret, Peter
Syvret, Frank
Syvret, Edouard
Syvret, Edward
Syvret, Jacques
Syvret, George
Syvret, James
Walsh, Rose, née Stevenson
Walsh, Henrietta Augusta Rose
Warren, Mary Jane, née Suret
Wilmots, Jane, née Sergeant
Woodley, Ann, née Sauvage


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