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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Alger, Ann, née Hicks
Bewhey, Harriet, née Hodge
Cohan, Helena, née Harris
Conds, Margaret, née Hunt
Cullen, Mary, née Hands
de la Haye, François
de la Haye, Francis Emmanuel
de la Haye, F P
de la Haye, Jean
de la Haye, François Emanuel
De La Haye, John
de la Hullinière, Jules Adolphe
du Heaume, William
du Heaume, Adolphus James
du Heaume, George
English, George
Ennis, Mary Ann, née Horn
Enwright, Maria, née Homes
Enwright, Maria, née Holmes
Ereaut, Mary, née Hamon
Flow, Benjamin
Freeman, Jane, née Hawkins
Groizard, Matilda, née Hamilton
Hacking, William
Hacking, Mary
Hackworthy, Fanny
Hacquoil, François
Hacquoil, Edouard
Hacquoil, Jean
Hacquoil, Francis
Hacquoil, Adolphe Philippe
Haffin, Walter
Hafner, Ellen
Hafner, Thomas
Hafner, John
Haggatt, Eliza
Hailey, John
Hake, Elias
Hake, Eli
Halbeck, Jane
Halday, Henry
Hale, William
Halen, Mary
Haley, Walter
Haley, Margaret
Haley, Thomas
Hall, John
Hall, William
Hall, Mark Frederick George
Hallet, William
Hallett, William
Hallman, Henry
Hallman, Henry
Halo, Jean
Halo, Mathurin
Halot, Pierre
Ham, James
Ham, Joseph
Hamblin, Thomas
Hamel, Francois
Hamel, Aimable Louis
Hamilton, Matilda
Hamilton, Julia
Hammond, John
Hammond, Arthur
Hammond, Mansell
Hamon, Agnes
Hamon, Philippe
Hamon, Jacques
Hamon, Tom
Hamon, George
Hamon, Jean
Hamon, John
Hamon, Charles
Hamon, Charles Joseph
Hamon, Thomas
Hamon, John Edouard
Hamon, Edöuard
Hamon, Clement
Hamon, William
Hamon, George Helier
Hamon, Jane
Hamon, Julie
Hamon, Julia
Hamon, John Edward
Hampton, Robert
Hanaffin, Ann Jane
Hanaghan, Owen
Hancock, George
Hand, Richard
Handy, Peter
Handy, Pierre
Haney, Margaret, née Hunt
Hanley, Thomas
Hann, George
Hannaffin, Ann J
Hannaford, William
Hansbury, Maria
Hansford, James
Hansford, William
Hansford, George
Hansford, Thomas
Hansford, Henry
Hansford, Mark
Hanstin, Paul
Hantonne, Charles
Harben, John William
Hardie, John James
Harding, Joseph
Harding, Grace
Harding, James
Harding, Thomas
Harding, John
Harding, Frederick
Hardman, James
Hardy, John
Hardy, Matilda
Hardy, George
Hardy, Tilly
Hareng, Auguste
Hargo, Julia
Harmer, Frederick
Harnbrook, T B
Harod, John
Harper, William
Harper, Thomas
Harradence, John Woodley
Harrington, Peter
Harris, William
Harris, John
Harris, Charles
Harris, Mary
Harris, Robert
Harris, Caroline
Harris, Catherine
Harrison, Henry William
Hart, Edward
Hart, Mary
Hart, William
Hartley, George
Hartry, Hannah
Hartry, Mary
Harvey, Richard
Harvey, John
Harvey, Esther
Harvey, John Frederick
Harvey, John E
Harvey, Charles
Harvey, Thomas
Hasard, Herbard
Hase, Edward
Hase, Maria
Haskett, James
Haston, Harriet
Hatch, William
Hawkings, George
Hawkins, William
Hawkins, Mary Ann
Hawkins, Jane
Hawkins, John James
Hawkins, Benjamin
Hayers, Henry
Hayes, Ellen
Hayes, Maria
Hayes, Samuel
Haykin, George
Hayley, Daniel
Haylock, George
Haynes, Julia
Haynes, Joseph Bayley
Hayson, Emma
Haywood, John
Haywood, Thomas
Haywood, William
Healey, Patrick
Healey, J
Healey, James
Healy, David
Healy, Ann
Healy, James
Hebert, Julie
Hedgeland, James
Hedger, James Thomas
Hedges, Thomas
Hedgland, John
Heelan, Mary
Heibyerg, Louise
Helan, Mary Ann
Helie, Charles Alexandre Desiré
Helleur, Frederick Daniel
Hellson, Henry
Heloe, Catherine
Hencock, William
Henley, Michael
Hennell, Charles
Hennequin, Bazile
Hennesey, John H
Hennessey, Thomas
Hennessey, James
Hennessey, Patrick
Hennessy, John
Henri, Marie
Henri, Jean
Henri, James
Henri, Thérése
Henri, Henriette
Henry, John
Henry, Charles
Henry, Jeanne Yvonne
Henry, Henriette
Henwood, Philippe
Henwood, Joseph
Henwright, William
Henwright, Catherine
Herel, Manuel
Hergaux, Louis
Herivel, Nicolas
Heron, Auguste
Heron, Johanna
Heron, Auguste
Héron, Frederic
Herrel, E M
Herring, Michael
Herth, Bella
Hervé, François
Hester, Henry
Hester, Martin
Hester, Burnet
Hester, Barney
Hester, Michael
Hewitson, Sarah
Hewlett, Sarah
Hewlett, Sarah Elizabeth
Hews, Henry
Hewston, Jane
Hext, William
Heywood, Thomas
Heywood, Francis
Hibbs, Thomas
Hibbs, Sarah
Hibbs, William
Hick, James
Hicks, Elizabeth
Hicks, Robert
Hicks, James
Hicks, John
Hicks, Mary
Hicks, William
Hicks, George
Hicks, Caroline, née Harris
Hicks, Caroline
Hicks, Fanny
Higgins, John
Higgins, Alice
Hill, Samuel
Hill, Mary Ann
Hills, Thomas
Hinchcliffe, Francis
Hindmarsh, Arthur
Hinds, Thomas
Hiscott, Frederick
Hister, Michael
Hoare, Francis
Hoare, John
Hocken, William
Hocking, William
Hocquard, Philippe
Hocquard, Joseph
Hocraft, George
Hodder, James
Hodder, John
Hodder, George
Hoddinott, George
Hodge, Harriet
Hodges, Thomas
Hogan, William
Hogan, Norah
Hogan, Charles
Hogan, John
Hogan, Thomas
Hogan, Edward
Hogin, John
Hogin, William
Hold, William
Holland, William
Holley, Pierre
Holman, William
Holmes, Mary, née Herford
Holmes, Mary, nee Harford
Holmes, Maria
Holmes, John
Holmes, Henry George
Holmes, Henry
Holmes, Joseph
Homes, Joseph
Homes, Agnes
Hones, Maria
Honeycombe, Samuel
Honeycombe, Richard
Honfray, Marie Louise
Honivet, Jules
Hoodlock, Jane
Hooper, Jean
Hooper, Richard
Hopin, Thomas
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, Patrick
Horder, James
Horder, William
Horman, Syphorienne
Horman, Philippe
Horman, William
Horner, John
Horner, George
Horner, Thomas
Hornsby, George
Horsey, Elizabeth, née Henley
Horsham, Alfred John
Horsham, Ann
Hosking, Thomas
Hoskins, Ann
Hotton, Daniel
Hotton, Pierre
Hotton, Philippe
Houelbecq, Jane
Houelbecq, Frank
Houivet, Azelie
Hounsell, J
House, Ann
How, Bejamin
Howard, Henry
Howe, George
Howe, Elizabeth
Howes, George H
Hoyles, John
Hubbard, Benjamin
Hubert, Jean
Hubert, Mary
Hubert, Philippe
Hubert, Marie
Hubert, Francois
Hubert, Eliza
Hubert, James H
Hubert, John
Hubert, Alfred
Hubert, Jane
Huby, Angelique
Huby, Charles
Hude, Jean
Hudge, Harriet
Hudson, John
Hue, Daniel
Huelin, Ann
Huelin, James
Huelin, Philippe
Hueston, Sarah
Huges, John
Huges, Bill
Hughes, William
Hughes, Emma
Hughes, James
Hughes, Henry
Hughs, Emma
Hull, John
Hull, Mary Ann
Humphreys, James
Humby, Henry
Humphrey, Henry
Humphrey, Richard
Humphreys, George
Humphreys, Henry
Humphries, Richard
Humphry, Henry
Hunt, Maria
Hunt, Edward
Hunt, John
Hunt, Arthur
Hunt, Michael
Hunt, William
Hunt, Margaret
Hunt, George
Hunt, Lyn
Hunt, Thomas
Hunt, Kate
Hunt, Alfred
Hunt, Richard
Hunter, N E M
Huré, François
Hurien, Ivon
Husband, Samuel
Husk, Charles
Huskin, William
Huston, Uriah
Huston, Sarah
Hustre, Josephine
Hutchings, Joseph
Hutchings, Henry
Hutchins, James
Hutton, John
Huxham, Samuel
Hyde, Caroline
Hyne, Frederick
Hynes, Thomas
Kelly, Margaret, née Healy
La Hayée, Désiré
Le Hubey, Angélique
Le Hucquet, Philippe
Le Hucquet, Thomas
Le Hucquet, Jane
Le Hucquet, Jean
Le Huquet, Abraham
Le Huquet, Marie
Le Huquet, Mary
Le Huquet, Mary Ann
Le Huquet, Ann
Le Huquet, Nancy
Le Huquet, John
Le Seelleur, Nancy, née Le Huquet
Miles, Rachel, née Le Huquet
Neville, Caroline, née Healy
Owens, Joseph
Owens, Agnes
Paisley, Mary Ann, née Hill
Puxley, William
Screaton, Marguerite, née Hocquard
Smith, Mary Ann, née Hobbs
Stephenson, Mary Ann, née Hall
Thébot, Julie, née Hiebert
Vallence, Elizabeth, née Holman
Woolfreys, Mary, née Hacking


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