Digital copy of Closing Submissions by Oliver Glasgow QC and Sarah Przybylska, 2 Hare Court on behalf of the Law Officers' Department.

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March 21st 2016 - March 21st 2016

Scope and Content

Includes an introduction which contains a summary of conclusions distilled from the evidence about Operation Rectangle. Addresses matters relating to Terms of Reference 4, 9 and 13 of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. Submissions regarding Term of Reference 4 relate to: Sean Osmand; Roy Boschat; members of the IT Department; the Honorary Police; Roger Holland; Victoria College; [Jersey] Sea Cadets; and [David] Powell and [Paul] Romeril. Submissions regarding Term of Reference 9 relate to: corroboration; the media; and a press briefing in November 2009. Submissions regarding Term of Reference 13 relate to: the prosecution system; the two-stage test; the Operation Rectangle system; [Gordon] Claude Wateridge; Witnesses 279 and 281; the development of the Operation Rectangle system under [David] Warcup and [Mick] Gradwell; the [Nicholas] Griffin Report particularly in relation to the Maguires, Witness 7, Witness 491 and Anthony Watton; the public interest test; and political or other interference. Includes conclusions in relation to Terms of Reference 4, 9 and 13, and finishes with conclusions.


Allen, Tim
Aubin, Michael
Bailhache, Sir Philip
Bailhache, William
Baker, Stephen
Binnington, Alan, Advocate
Birt, Sir Michael
Bonjour, André
Bonney, Robert
Boschat, Roy
Carswell, Lord
Carter, Brian
Christmas, Ian
Cornelissen, Anton
Coxshall, Emma
Crich, Ian
De La Haye, John
Donnelly, Claude James
Edmonds, John
Egré, Colin, Deputy
Ellison, Mark
Every, Paul
Faudemer, Barry
Ferguson, Sarah, Senator
Fossey, Alison
Glasgow, Oliver
Gradwell, Mick
Grady, Brian
Griffin, Nicholas, QC
Harper, Lenny
Higgins, Mike, Deputy
Hildyard, Justice
Holland, Roger
Hydes, Jack
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Kinnard, Wendy
Le Breton, Robert
Le Brocq, Robert
Le Cocq, Timothy
Le Marquand, Ian
Leveson, Sir Brian Henry, Lord Justice Leveson
Maguire, Alan
Maguire, Jane
Megaw, Steve
Minty, David
Nicolle, Stéphanie
O'Donnell, Laurence
O'Donnell, Sara
Ogley, Bill
Oliver, Justice
Osmand, Sean
Parr-Burman, Kevin
Pitchers, Sir Christopher
Pitman, Trevor
Powell, David
Power, Graham
Przybylska, Sarah
Romeril, Paul
Scaife, Danny, Centenier
Sharp, Stephen
Shaw, Bridget
Shenton, Ben
Smith, Andrew, Detective Sergeant
Sumption, Jonathan, QC
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Tapp, Matthew
Thomas, Simon
Trott, David
Varey, Robert Henry
Walker, Frank
Warcup, David
Warren, Curtis
Wateridge, Gordon
Watton, Tony
Whelan, Cyril
Attorney General
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Child Protection Team
Children's Service
Criminal Investigation Department
Crown Prosecution Service
Education Committee
Education Department
Haut de la Garenne
Heathfield Children's Home
Historic Abuse Redress Scheme
Home Affairs
Honorary Police
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Sea Cadets
Law Officers' Department
Magistrate's Court
Metropolitan Police Service
Mourant du Feu and Jeune
Operation Ore
Operation Rectangle
Pomme D'Or Hotel
Royal Court
South Yorkshire Police
St Helier Honorary Police
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
Victoria College
Victoria College Board of Governors
Wiltshire Police


9-11, Blanche Pierre Close | 2, Hare Court | Haut de la Garenne | Heathfield, St Saviour | London | Soham | allegations | bribery | child abuse | centeniers | committees of inquiry | Constables | convictions | corroboration | corruption | debates | deputies | evidence | Family Group Homes | forensics | home affairs | honorary police | houseparents | Jersey Way | IJCI | inquiries | investigations | law officers | legal advice | Liberation Day | Media | ministers | parish hall enquiries | physical abuse | Politicians | press conferences | prosecutions | sexual abuse | submissions | suspensions | terms of reference


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