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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Besnard, Marie Jeanne, née Monjarret
Best, Elizabeth, née Maris
Collet, Joséphine, née Michel
de Gruchy, Sophie, née Milikin
de la Lande, Jane, née Mallet
De la Mare, Mary
de la Mare, Thomas
de La Mare, Placide
de la Mare, Joseph
de la Mare, Caroline
de la Mare, Adolphe
de la Mare, Louis
Duffy, Ann
Fauvel, Ann, née Mourant
Gaillard, Amélie, née Menard
Gallienne, Elizabeth, née Le Masurier
Gillard, Maria, née Mills
Heron, Caroline, née McLear
Hunt, Jane, née Morris
Jones, Ann, née Morris
Junet, Julie, née Moisson
Langlois, Jeanne, née Martin
Le Feuvre, Caroline, née de la Mare
Le Gresley, Sophie, née Miller
Le Long, Marie, née Martin
Le Maistre, Edouard
Le Maistre, Ann
Le Maistre, Mary
Le Maistre, Joseph
Le Maistre, Daniel
Le Maistre, John
Le Maistre, Philippe
Le Maistre, Constant
Le Maistre, Auguste
Le Maistre, Victor
Le Maistre, Sophie
Le Maistre, Henry
Le Marchand, George
Le Marchand, John
Le Marchand, Philippe
Le Marchand, Théophile
Le Marchant, Philippe
Le Marquand, Jean
Le Marquand, Josué
Le Marquand, Edouard
Le Marquand, Thomas
Le Marquand, J H
Le Marquand, Philippe
Le Marquand, George
Le Martrier, Hortense
Le Masson, Aimable Pierre
Le Masurier, Jean
Le Masurier, Thomas
Le Masurier, Abraham
Le Masurier, Alfred William
Le Masurier, Philippe
Le Masurier, Rachel
Le Masurier, John
Le Masurier, Mary Ann
Le Masurier, Alfred
Le Masurier, George
Le Masurier, Ann
Le Masurier, François
Le Masurier, Marcel
Le Matais, Auguste
Le Mercier, Yvon
Le Mercier, Alphonse
Le Meunier, Adolphe
Le Moignan, Pierre
Le Moignan, Jean
Le Moine, Jean B
Le Moncelle, Louis Charles
Le Monnier, Pauline
Le Monnier, John
Le Mottée, Philippe
Le Mottee, John Frederick
Le Prévôt, Nicolas, née Le Masurier
Le Quesne, Mary Ann, née Le Mottée
Lock, Mary, née Macfarlane
Lock, Mary, née McFarlane
Locke, Mary, née McFarlane
Macarthy, Jerry
Macauley, John
Macauliff, John
Macé, Louis M
Machon, Henri
Machon, Henry
Machon, Philippe
Mackee, Mary
Mackenney, John
Mackevety, Mary
Mackpherson, James
MacMingin, Catherine
Madden, George
Maguéro, Jean Pierre
Maguire, Michael
Maher, James
Mahon, Henry
Mahoney, Mary
Mahoney, Eliza
Mahoney, William
Mahoney, Patrick
Mahoney, Ellen
Mahony, Denis
Mahony, John Patrick
Mahony, Ellen
Mahy, James
Maide, Michael
Main, Jean
Main, Jeanne Marguerite
Major, Matilda
Major, William
Major, Ann
Major, Frederick
Malawski, Rosalie, née Martin
Maldron, John
Male, John
Male, Prescilla
Male, Henry
Male, James
Malewski, Charles
Malgris, Victorine
Malherbe, Rosalie
Mallet, William Edmund
Mallet, Philippe
Mallet, Rosalie
Mallet, Stanley Edwin
Mallet, Clément
Mallet, François
Mallet, John
Malloney, John
Maloret, Rose
Malzard, Jean
Malzard, George
Malzard, Mary Ann
Malzard, Molly
Malzard, Philippe
Malzard, Ophelia
Mangan, Catherine
Mangin, Mary
Manley, James
Manly, John
Manly, Patrick
Manning, Mary Ann
Manning, Johanna
Manning, Joanna
Mannion, Mary
Mannion, Bridget
Mannion, Mary Ann
Manouri, François
Mansfield, James
Mansfield, Richard
Many, Eliza
Many, James
Mara, Johanna
Marcouf, Athanias
Marett, Jean
Marett, William
Marett, Betsey
Marett, David
Marett, Marie, née Mauger
Marett, Rachel Elizabeth
Marett, Charles Joseph
Marett, Jean George
Marett, Theodore
Marett, Jane
Marett, Marguérite
Marett, George Durell
Marett, Philippe
Marett, Charles
Marett, John
Margrie, William
Margrie, Theodore
Marie, George
Marie, Louis
Marie, Yves
Marie, Richard
Marie, Jean
Marie, Gournet
Marie, Jules
Marie, Philippe
Marie, John
Marin, Louis A
Marin, Charles Isodore
Marin, Charles
Marirat, Jean
Maroney, John
Marrett, William
Marrow, James
Marsden, William
Marsh, Henry
Marsh, Joseph
Marsh, Thomas
Marshall, George
Marshall, Alfred
Marsouin, Jean
Martel, Philippe
Martin, Victor
Martin, Sophie
Martin, Eliza
Martin, Sophia
Martin, Jane
Martin, William James
Martin, Catherine
Martin, Pierre
Martin, Edward
Martin, Stevens
Martin, John
Martin, Noel
Martin, James
Martin, Lucien
Mase, Thomas
Mash, James
Mash, John
Mash, Alfred
Mason, Andrew
Massey, Thomas
Massey, John
Masson, Pierre
Massy, John
Masters, George
Masters, Ellen
Masters, John
Masters, Henry
Mathews, Henry
Mathias, Cesaire
Matignon, Jeanne
Matson, Peter Follett
Matson, Nicholas
Mattaface, James
Matthews, William
Matthews, Henry
Matthews, Thomas
Matthews, James
Matthews, Elizabeth
Matthews, Charles
Matthews, Samuel
Mauger, Matilda
Mauger, Adolphus
Mauger, Joseph
Mauger, Charles
Mauger, Henry
Mauger, Pierre
Mauger, Amelia
Mauger, Marie
Mauger, Thomas
Mauger, Edouard
Mauger, Elie
Mauger, Philippe
Maurice, François
Maurier, Jean
Maxey, Thomas William
Maxwell, Samuel
Maxwell, James
Maxwell, George
Maxwell, Eliza
May, William
May, John
May, William Peter
May, James
May, Peter
May, Robert
Mayden, Elizabeth Ann
Mayrs, Catherine
McAuliffe, John
Mcavoy, Ann
McBride, Isabella
McCabe, Thomas
McCabe, Elizabeth
McCale, Eliza
McCann, Michael
McCann, Peter
McCarhy, Morris
McCarrol, John
McCart, Mary
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Morris
McCarthy, Moris
McCarthy, Mary A
McCarthy, Nathaniel
McCarthy, Mary Ann
McCarthy, Michael
McCarty, Nora
McCarty, Michael
McCauliffe, Kitty
McClean, Robert
McConnel, Mr
McConnor, Mary
McCormick, Ellen
McDermott, Owen McKenzie
McDonald, John
McDonald, Randall
McDonald, William
McDonald, Edward
McDonald, Duncan
McDonald, Margaret, née Mullins
McDormit, Mary Ann
McFarlain, Mary
McFarlan, George
McFarland, Mary
McFarlane, Mary
McFarlane, Margaret
McFarlane, Charles Francis
McGee, Mary
McGowan, Patrick
McGregor, Peter
McGuigan, Hugh
McHale, Eliza
McHale, Ellen
McIntyre, Steward
McKail, Eliza
McKaill, Eliza
McKalling, Samuel
McKay, Eliza
McKeane, John
McKee, George
McKenny, Catherine
McKenzie, Elisha
McKenzie, Thomas
McKey, Eliza
McLeod, Henry
McMahon, Catherine
McMahon, James
McManus, Bridget
McNair, Andrew
McNamara, James
McNamara, John
McNamara, Eliza
McNamara, Thomas
McNamara, Stephen
McNamary, James
McNeil, Matthew
McNulty, James
McNulty, Bridget
Medlar, Thomas
Meech, William
Meecham, Arthur
Meek, Thomas
Meek, Deliah
Meiers, Jacob
Melboure, John
Melbourne, John
Melumphy, Michael
Membry, John
Ménage, Amélie
Menard, Françoise
Mengineer, Mary Jane
Mercer, Henry
Merci, Pierre
Mercier, Henry George B
Mercier, Yves
Mercier, Pierre
Meredith, Richard
Messeervy, Thomas Carlton
Messenham, Richard
Messervy, George
Messervy, Thomas
Messervy, Thomas Carlton
Messervy, Alfred
Messervy, Thomas C
Messervy, Carlton
Messervy, Philippe
Messervy, Clement
Metherton, Henry
Metson, Peter
Mew, Herbert
Mews, James
Michel, Nicolas
Michel, Jean
Mignot, Paul
Milan, Joseph
Milborne, John
Mildon, James
Miles, John
Miles, Thomas
Miles, Edward
Miles, Richard
Mill, Richard
Mill, Charles
Miller, Sophia
Miller, George
Miller, Peter
Miller, Ann, née Murray
Miller, William
Miller, Mary Ann
Miller, John
Mills, William
Mills, Samuel
Mills, John
Mills, Daniel
Mills, Richard
Mills, Frank
Mills, Edwin
Milond, James
Milton, Mark
Minchineer, Jane Mary
Minchinton, John
Minchinton, James
Minchinton, Francis Sampson
Minel, Prosper
Minguy, Marie Josephine
Minorel, Paul
Minoret, Paul
Misson, Frank
Mitchel, Flora
Mitchel, George
Mitchell, Fanny
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Flora
Mitchell, Louisa
Mitchell, Edwin
Mitchell, Henry
Mogger, Adolphus
Mohoney, John
Moignan, Philippe
Moignard, John
Moignard, Mary
Moison, Pierre
Moisson, Michael
Moisson, Julie
Moisson, François
Molby, Margaret
Moldoon, Thomas
Mollet, John
Mollet, François
Mollet, Jean
Mollet, Philippe
Molpy, Margaret
Monaghan, Bridget
Monet, Charles
Monet, Jean
Monghan, Bridget
Monk, John
Monnamy, Thomas
Monnamy, Jean George
Monnier, Guilleaume
Monnier, Jean
Moody, Harriet
Moody, George
Moody, Mary
Moon, Thomas
Mooney, Peter
Moony, Peter
Moore, Robert
Moore, Rachel
Moore, John Mitchel
Moore, Alfred
Moore, Isaac
Moray, George
Moreau, Ernest
Morel, Anne
Morel, Louis
Moreshead, Jane
Morgan, Mary
Morgan, Thomas
Morgan, Philip
Morgan, John
Morgan, George
Morissy, John
Morley, John
Mormon, Richard
Morressey, Michael
Morris, Jane
Morris, Albert
Morris, John
Morris, Elizabeth
Morrissey, Peter
Morrisson, William
Mortimer, Mary
Mortimer, John
Mortimer, Margaret
Morvan, François Yves
Moses, C
Moses, Charles
Mosquet, Marie
Moss, Richard
Moss, Denis
Mott, Alpheus William
Moulin, Jules
Mounstead, George
Mourant, Jean
Mourant, Esther
Mourant, Philippe
Mourant, George
Mourant, Jane
Mourant, Abraham
Mourant, Mary
Mourant, J
Mourant, Mary Ann
Mousquet, Pierre
Mouton, Henriette
Movis, William
Mowate, John
Moyle, Orisson
Moyse, Nathan Walter
Moyse, William
Moyse, James
Much, Sarah
Mulcaley, Thomas
Mulcaley, Mary
Mullet, John
Mulligan, Richard
Mullins, James
Mullins, Henry
Mulot, François
Mulready, Eliza
Mulready, Edward
Mulvichill, John
Mulvichill, Thomas
Munthang, Robert
Murchisson, Kenneth
Murly, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Ann
Murphy, Daniel
Murray, Julia
Murray, Thomas
Murray, Richard
Murray, Lewis
Murray, James Ancrinn
Murry, George
Murtow, Michael
Mutch, Sarah
Noel, Molly, née Le Masurier
Noel, Marie, née Le Masurier
Quenault, Sophia, née Martin
Quenault, Sophie, née Martin
Razen, Catherine, née MacMingin
Salisbury, Louisa, née Matthews
Salsbury, Louisa, née Matthews
Salsbury, Louisa, née Mathews
Scott, Mary Ann, née Maddock
Smith, Catherine, née McMahon
Smith, Kate, née Morris
Smith, Ann, née Morris
Southwood, Ann, née Milton
Supple, Bridget, née McManus
Tucker, Ann, née Moyse
Vallée, Hortense, née Le Martrier
Vallée, Hortense, née Le Mortrier
Wallis, Mary, née Miller


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