Digital copy of the Introduction of the Submissions of the Counsel to the Inquiry to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. [Submitted by Patrick Sadd, Harriet Jerram, Cathryn McGahey QC, and Paul Livingston]. [Undated, c. 8 June 2016].

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June 8th 2016 - June 8th 2016

Scope and Content

Provides introduction to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. Refers to hearings, evidence from witnesses, phases of evidence, treatment and analysis of evidence, and submissions by the Counsel to the Inquiry. [For further pages from the Submissions of the Counsel to the Inquiry to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry including contents, introduction, chapters 2 to 8, and appendices, see C/D/AW11/A]. [Formerly part of C/D/AW11/A/WD009436].


Counsel to the Inquiry
Children's Services
Education Department
Greenfields Centre
Historic Abuse Redress Scheme
Health and Social Services
Honorary Police
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry
Jersey Archive
Law Officers' Department
Les Chênes Residential School
Social Services
States of Jersey Police
Bullock, Roger
Jerram, Harriet
Johnson, Philip Michael, Dr
Livingston, Paul
Le Sueur, Tony
McGahey, Cathryn
Sadd, Patrick
Whitehead, Richard


allegations | abuse | childcare | Children | child abuse | chairpersons | children's homes | Child Care Officers | Children's Officers | children's services | civil service | data protection | fostering | evidence | Family Group Homes | history | hearings | honorary police | inquiries | Interested Parties | IJCI | IJCI phase 3 | ijci closing submissions | IJCI phase 1a | IJCI phase 1b | IJCI phase 1bb | IJCI phase 2 | ijci expert evidence | legislation | law officers | Managers | Police | prosecutions | Politicians | policies | Politics | redaction | Residential Child Care Officers | recommendations | redress schemes | Social history | submissions | staff | social services | summaries | statements | terms of reference | witnesses | witness statements | young people


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