Digital copy of Chapter 7: Police. Part of the Submissions of the Counsel to the Inquiry to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. [Submitted by Patrick Sadd, Harriet Jerram, Cathryn McGahey QC, and Paul Livingston]. [Undated, c. 8 June 2016].

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June 8th 2016 - June 8th 2016

Scope and Content

Contains discussion regarding States of Jersey Police, Honorary Police, the handling of child abuse cases by Centeniers, the relationship between the Honorary Police and the States of Jersey Police, recruitment to the States of Jersey Police, the States of Jersey Police's Family Protection Team, investigations into Victoria College and Paul Every and the Sea Cadets, States of Jersey Police's knowledge of and response to allegations of abuse of children in care, and the relationship between States of Jersey Police and Children's Services. Also provides commentary regarding the relationships between States of Jersey Police and politicians, corruption, and Operation Rectangle. Discusses the suspension of Chief Officer Graham Power. [For further pages from the Submissions of the Counsel to the Inquiry to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry including contents, introduction, chapters 2 to 8, and appendices, see C/D/AW11/A].


Association of Chief Police Officers
Association of Chief Police Officers Homicide Working Group
British Broadcasting Corporation
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Criminal Investigation Department
Centeniers' Association
Children's Services
Counsel to the Inquiry
Child Protection Register
Crown Prosecution Service
Council of Ministers
Corporate Management Board
Devon and Cornwall Police
Family Protection Team
Home Affairs
Home Office Large Major Enquiries System
Honorary Police
Home Affairs Committee
Heathfield Children's Home
Home Office
Haut de la Garenne
Health and Social Services
Human Resources Department
Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
Haut de la Garenne Trust
International Monetary Fund
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry
Jersey Child Protection Committee
Joint Financial Crimes Unit
Juvenile Court
Jersey Care Leavers' Association
Jersey Evening Post
Lothian and Borders Police
Law Officers' Department
La Préférence Children's Home
Les Chênes Residential School
Lacey Advocates
Metropolitan Police Service
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub
National Crime Agency
Northumbria Police
Operation Rectangle
Public Protection Unit
Panorama (Television programme)
Policy and Resources Committee
Royal Court
States of Jersey Police
States Employment Board
Sea Cadets
States of Jersey
Strathclyde Police
South Yorkshire Police
Working Together (policy)
West Midlands Police
Wiltshire Police
Victoria College
Andrews, Jean
Aubin, Michael
Anderson, Jean
Baudains, Marnie
Bonjour, André
Barrett, Benjamin
Baker, Stephen
Baker, André
Birt, Michael
Bonney, Robert
Bull, Kathie, Dr
Baker, Piers
Bailhache, William
Bailhache, Philip
Béghin, Louis
Coxshall, Emma, Detective Constable
Carter, Brian
Chappell, Brenda
Crich, Ian
Cornelissen, Anton
de la Haye, Detective Inspector
de la Haye, John Thomas, Police Constable
Dennett, Phil
du Val, Shaun
Donnelly, Claude James
Dodds, Linda
Every, Paul
Edmonds, John
Faudemer, Barry
Fossey, Alison
Gradwell, Mick
Hydes, Jack
Hill, Bob, Deputy
Hamon, Thomas
Harman, Harriet
Hewlett, Peter
Higgins, Mike, Deputy
Hughes, Leslie
Holland, Roger
Harris, Christopher
Harper, Lenny
Jervis-Dykes, Andrew
Jones, Roly
Jerram, Harriet
Kinnard, Wendy
Keen, Andy
Layzell, Alistair
Lewis, Andrew
Livingston, Paul
Le Cocq, Tim
Le Marquand, Ian
Le Brocq, Robert Lester, Constable
Le Sueur, Tony
Lundy, Mario
McKerrell, Kevin
Minty, David
Maguire, Jane
Maguire, Alan
MacRae, Robert, Advocate
Morgan, David
McKeon, Tom
McGahey, Cathryn
McVay, Steve
Megaw, Steve
Nicolle, Stéphanie
Napier, Brian, QC
O'Donnell, Laurence
Ogley, Bill
Power, Graham
Pearson, John
Pryke, Roger, Detective Sergeant
Sharp, Sally
Sadd, Patrick
Shenton, Ben
Syvret, Stuart
Scaife, Danny, Centenier
Shearer, Michael, Detective Sergeant
Shaw, Bridget
Thomas, Simon
Tapp, Matt
Taylor, Barry
Wherry, Danny
Walker, Frank
Warcup, David
Wateridge, Gordon


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