Digital copy of the second Witness Statement of Deputy Chief Officer Barry Taylor to the Inquiry: Appendix 1. Provided as part of Responsive Submissions by Carey Olsen on behalf of States of Jersey Police in the matter of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry. [Some details redacted].

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March 24th 2016 - March 24th 2016

Scope and Content

Discusses Witness 55, Ian Hamilton King, Witness 153, Witness 341, Witness 382, Witness 63, and Enrico Sorda, before providing conclusions regarding issues relevant to the Inquiry which have been addressed in evidence released in relation to 41 additional witnesses brought to Barry Taylor's attention following the filing of his first statement. [For Responsive Submissions by Carey Olsen, on behalf of States of Jersey Police in the matter of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, as well as other appendices and accompanying exhibits, see C/D/AW11/C5]. [For Exhibits BT38 to BT50, see C/D/AW11/C5/WD009434/3 to C/D/AW11/C5/WD009434/15].


Blue Peter, BBC TV
Counsel to the Inquiry
Children's Services
Carey Olsen
Haut de la Garenne
Home Office Large Major Enquiries System
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry
Jersey Family Court Advisory Service
Law Officers' Department
Property Holdings
Operation Rectangle
States of Jersey Police
Denley, Kevin John
Davidson, Valerie, Civilian Investigator
Fossey, Alison
Gradwell, Michael, Detective Superintendent
Harper, Lenny
Jordan, Anthony
Jordan, Morag
Kitchen, Gary, Civilian Investigator
King, Ian Hamilton
Olsson, Josephine Mary
Singleton, Val
Sorda, Rico
Taylor, Barry
Thorne, Ronald George
Vandenborn, Len
Wileman, James
Wherry, Danny
Warcup, David


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