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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Abraham, Marie, née Langlois
Baillie, Katherine, née Leary
Bazile, Marie, née Lauzois
Berryman, Charles
Burdett, Sarah, née Lane
Cardy, Eleonor, née Langlois
de la Lande, Jean
de la Lande, Philippe
de Launey, George
de Louche, George
Debout, Marie, née de la Lande
du Feu, Sophie, née Lennard
Easterbrook, Catherine, née Leaker
Fowler, Sarah, née Lane
Gale, Marie, née Lemprière
Gall, Marie, née Lemprière
Hamon, Louisa, née Lisle
Jackman, Mary, née Leigh
Jackson, Mary, née Lee
King, Anna, née Lee
King, Ann, née Lee
Labey, Philippe
Lacoet, Jeanne Marie
Lacoit, Marianne
Lacouture, C
Laffoley, Philippe
Laffoley, Elias John
Lafont, George
Laîné, François
Lair, Casimir
Lakeman, Thomas R B
Lally, Thomas
Lamb, Ann
Lambert, Mary Ann
Lambert, Mary
Lambert, John
Lambourn, Laura
Lamesney, Ellen
Lamour, Charles Francois
Lamy, Jean
L'Amy, Elie
L'Amy, Jean
L'Amy, Alphonse
Lancaster, Louise
Lancaster, William
Lander, Kate
Landick, Andrew
Lane, Richard Osborn
Lane, John
Lane, Grace
Lane, Mary
Langford, William
Langlands, John Shakespear
Langley, Emma
Langlois, Anna
Langlois, Philippe
Langlois, Jean Louis
Langlois, Emma
Langlois, Alfred
Langlois, Victor Joseph
Langridge, John Joslin
Laray, Charles
Larbalestier, Marie
Larbalestier, George
Larcombe, Richard
Larcon, Henry
Larkham, Thomas
Larkman, Margaret
Laugée, Jean
Launey, Ferdinand
Laurains, François
Laurence, Stephen
Laurence, Philippe
Laurens, Eliza
Laurens, John
Laurens, Thomas
Laurens, Elizabeth
Laurens, Philippe
Laurens, Jane
Laurens, Marie
Laurens, Jeanne, née Lucas
Laurent, Anais
Laurent, Armand
Lausac, Olive
Lausac, Eugenie
Lauzet, Anselme
Laventure, Thomas
Lawes, Richard
Lawler, Kate
Lawler, Daniel
Lawrence, George
Lawrence, Ernest
Le Lacheur, John
Le Landrais, Pauline
Le Lievre, Elie
Le Lievre, David
Le Lievre, John
Le Long, Auguste
Le Loup, Frederick
Lead, Robert
Leaker, Eliza
Lear, Richard
Leat, Thomas
Leaven, Thomas
Lecaudey, Jean
Lechmere, Alfred
Lechmere, Richard
Lecomte, Jean Frédéric Césaire
Ledirich, Philippe
Lee, Henry
Lee, Benjamin William
Lee, Samuel
Lee, Mary
Lee, George
Lee, Thomas
Lee, Ann
Lee, William
Leeson, James
L'Egaré, Félix
Legay, François Charles
Legg, Edwin
Leigh, Henry
Leigh, Ann
Leiveck, George
Lemare, Joséphine
Lempriere, Philippe
Lemprière, Mary
Lemprière, Thomas
Lempriere, Josué Abraham
Lemprière, Jeanne
Lempriere, Thom
L'Enfant, Louis Marie
Lennard, Elizabeth
Lennard, Philip
Lennard, Susan Elizabeth
Lennard, Susan
Lennard, Susan
Lennard, Henry James
Lennard, Patrick
Lennox, George
Leopold, Louis
Lesbirel, Jean François
Lesbirel, Jean Daniel
Lesbirel, John
Lesbirel, Clement
Lesser, Maximillian
Lester, Ellen
Letto, William
Levet, Anthoine
Levet, Antoine
Levington, Matilda
Lewis, Henry James
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, Alexander
Lewis, Alfred
Lews, William
Lightholder, John
Lightholder, James
Lilicrap, Elizabeth
Lindon, Charles
Lindsey, William
Lloyd, Charles
Lloyd, Arthur
Lobb, William
Lobb, John
Lock, Thomas
Lock, Edwin
Lock, John
Lock, Margaret
Locke, Samuel
Locke, Margaret
L'Oie, Marie
Long, William
Lord, Giles
Lord, Jules
Loré, Auguste Jean
Loughlin, Patrick
Louth, William
Lovegrove, William
Lovell, P
Loveridge, George
Lowe, Hannah
Lowe, Charles
Lowe, Alfred
Loyd, Charles
Loyd, William
Loyie, Adelaide
Lozey, Edouard
Lucas, Thomas
Lucas, Jane
Lucas, Alfred
Lucas, William
Lucas, Alexandrine
Lucas, Edwin
Lucas, Elias
Lucas, Elias
Luce, Philippe
Luce, Thomas
Luce, Jane Louisa
Luce, Elie
Luce, Frank
Luckarift, John
Ludgate, John
Lugg, Thomas
Lundcrist, Andrew
Luscombe, John
Luxon, Charles
Lynch, Jack
Lynch, Thomas
Lyndon, John
Lynn, Frederick
Lyons, Mary
Lyons, Henry
Lyons, Louisa
Lysaght, Frederick
Lysaght, George
Lysaght, Henry
McLean, John
McLoad, Joshua
McLoud, Charles
McLoughlin, Mary
McLoughlin, John
McLouglin, Mary
Nickels, Elizabeth, née Lind
Payne, Mary Ann, née Luscombe
Sock, Mary
Syvret, Olive, née Losac


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