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Index to Causes Criminelles Register. The attached PDF contains surnames beginning with T where volume and page number for the case can be obtained.To view the case enter collection reference D/Y/N4 and the volume number ( this index covers volumes 4 - 7). These volumes have been digitised and cases can be viewed online if you are a subscriber. Alternatively email the Archive for a copy.

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January 1st 1872 - December 31st 1884


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Austin, Alice, née Turner
Bevillon, Marie Rose, née Toutain
Bold, Mary Ann, née Tanner
Bold, Ann, née Turner
Bolt, Mary Ann, née Tanner
Bonnemain, Victoire, née Travers
Bridle, Ann, née Tanguy
Burke, Alexandrine, née Truffaut
Chagrois, Frederick
de la Taste, Alfred
de la Taste, Edward
du Tot, François
Elwood, Mary Ann, née Turney
Gallichan, Marie, née Thomas
Geoffroy, Mary Ann, née Thebaut
Gilbert, Marie, nee Tourneur
Heywood, Amelia, née Turpin
Hicks, Emma, née Thorne
Jouffroi, Marie Ann, née Thebaut
Le Feuvre, Annivone, née Thomas
Le Tarouilly, Victor
Le Templier, Jacques
Le Templier, James
Le Tenou, Joseph
Le Tenou, Josephine
Le Terrier, Bienaimé
Le Thomas, Yves
Le Tourain, François
Le Tourneur, Bon
Le Tourneur, Jean François
Le Tourneur, Jean Auguste Arsène
Luscombe, Ruth, née Tickle
Luxon, Ruth, née Tickle
Luxton, Ruth, née Tickle
Motier, Pauline, née Thomas
O'Connor, Sarah, née Tout
Perrot, Françoise, née Turbot
Pincemain, Jeanne, née Terrin
Roussel, Marie, née Trehiou
Spiller, Ellen, née Tamlingson
Syvret, Esther, née Touzel
Tachon, Pierre
Tachon, Guillaume
Tanery, Louis
Tanguy, Joseph
Tanguy, Jacques
Tanner, George
Tardival, François
Tardivel, François
Tardivel, Jean
Tarin, Pierre
Tarouilly, Victor
Taylor, Thomas
Terrin, Pierre
Terrin, Louis
Thaout, François
Therin, Victor
Thiebot, Louis
Thoburn, Johnson
Thomas, George
Thomas, Charles
Thomas, Susanne
Thomas, James
Thomas, Marie
Thomas, John
Thomas, Alfred
Thomas, Aimable
Thomas, Joseph
Thomas, Alexandre
Thomas, Joseph Jean Baptiste
Thomas, Frederick
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, James
Thoreux, Julien
Thorne, Emma
Thorne, Amy
Thorne, John
Thorne, Fredeerick
Thornley, Charles Freer
Thornton, Thomas
Thulot, Philomène
Thwaites, Daniel
Tibbles, Mrs
Tichet, Jean
Tichet, Marie Louise, née Thebaut
Tichet, Jean Baptiste
Tickle, Ruth
Tierney, Fanny
Tirel, Emile
Tison, Amélie
Tobin, Edwin
Tomkins, Frederick
Tomkins, David
Toms, James
Toner, Patrick
Tostain, Pascal
Tostevin, George
Tourneur, Auguste
Toussaint, Jean
Tout, John
Touzé, Jean Louis
Touzel, Walter
Touzel, Thomas
Touzel, Francis
Touzel, John
Touzel, William
Touzel, Philippe
Touzel, Charles George
Touzel, Jean Louis
Townsend, Joshua Hackett
Townsend, Joshua H
Toy, Alfred
Tozer, Frederick
Traisnel, Pièrre
Trayler, Leonard
Treasure, William
Treasure, William
Trenchard, John Frederick Eli
Trenchard, John F E
Tréorille, Jeanne Marie
Trickner, John
Troguère, Laurent
Troillic, Julien
Troquerre, Marie
Troquerre, Yves
Troy, Bridget
Troy, William
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Elias Matthew
Tudot, Pierre
Tuffin, John
Tuffin, Job
Turban, Marie Noel
Turban, Charles
Turbor, Marie Josephine
Turgot, Louis
Turgot, Felix
Turgot, Theophile
Turner, George
Turner, Joseph
Turner, Peter
Turner, Charles
Turner, Alfred
Turner, William Frank
Turner, Michael
Turney, Fanny
Twigley, Hugh
Tye, Alfred
Tynan, Joseph
Vettier, Louise, née Tessier
Vrendible, Jane, née Tierney


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