Digital copy of Articles by Krysta Eaves titled Former Bailiff takes abuse inquiry stand and 'I have no recollection of this at all' - minister and a Column titled Abuse: Time is no mitigation published in the Jersey Evening Post relating to Sir Philip Bailhache's evidence to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

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January 27th 2016 - January 27th 2016

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• Former Bailiff takes abuse inquiry stand by Krysta Eaves. Relates to comments made by Sir Philip Bailhache in his evidence to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry regarding his role as Bailiff during Operation Rectangle and his previous role as Attorney General. Includes comments by Sir Philip in particular regarding: the decision taken by him as Attorney General not to inform the Royal Court about honorary policeman Roger Holland's previous conviction for indecent assault when he became aware of the crime; his recollection of asking a former Education Director not to involve police over claims that a youth worker had abused a child; and his controversial Liberation Day speech in 2008. Also reports that Nicholas Griffin QC is due to give evidence to the Inquiry regarding his investigation into whether was political interference in eight child abuse cases. • 'I have no recollection of this at all' - minister by Krysta Eaves. Relates to a denial by Sir Philip Bailhache in his evidence to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry that he failed to report a youth worker who allegedly abused a child to the police when he was Attorney General, claiming it to have been a case of mistaken identity. Refers to Sir Philip stating that he had no recollection of asking former Education Director John Rodhouse to investigate claims of abuse against a volunteer youth worker but not involve the police. Provides details of evidence provided to the Inquiry by Mr Rodhouse about the alleged incident. • Column titled Abuse: Time is no mitigation. Comments on the concept of the Jersey Way, referring to the evidence provided to the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry by Sir Philip Bailhache. Includes the following articles in the In Brief section: • 24 hours a day parcel pick-up. • CIRCA student bursary scheme. • Nerina Pallot. Also includes the following Letters to the Editor in the Comment section: • Care Inquiry blame game reminds me of Fifa fiasco from George Jameson. • If Brexit occurs, we'll have to rely on ministers to strike the best deal with Europe - as in '71 from Tony Chinn. • When will Condor understand we've lost patience with them? from Paul Berry.


Ashenden, Gavin, Reverend
Bailhache, Sir Philip
Bailhache, William
Berry, Paul
Blatter, Sepp
Brennan, Aimée
Broomfield, Sir Nigel
Cahill, Elizabeth
Chinn, Tony
Eaves, Krysta
Edmonds, John
Griffin, Nicholas, QC
Grogan, Victoria
Holland, Roger
Jameson, George
Kuttner, Stuart
Millar, Paul
Morgan, David
Morgan, Gill
O'Brien, Sian
Pallot, Nerina
Paxman, Jeremy
Read, Louise
Rippon, Geoffrey
Rodhouse, John
Sadd, Patrick
Sibcy, Andy
Sturgess, Emily
Syvret, Stuart, Senator
Walker, Frank
Wright, Matthew
Aztec Group
Blanche Pierre Family Group Home
Carey Olsen
Channel Islands Competition and Regulatory Authorities
Condor Ferries
Education Department
European Economic Community
European Union
Grand Marché
Haut de la Garenne
Independent Jersey Care Inquiry
Independent Press Standards Organisation
Jersey Care Leavers' Association
Jersey Evening Post
Jersey Post
News of the World
Royal Court
St Helier Honorary Police
States of Jersey
States of Jersey Police
Victoria College


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