Digital copy of the Report of the Care of Children Committee. Presented to Parliament by J Chuter Ede, Secretary of State for the Home Department, Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health, and Ellen Wilkinson, Minister of Education.

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September 1st 1946 - September 30th 1946

Scope and Content

Includes an introduction outlining the scope of the enquiry and a classification of the children. Section I sets out existing statutory provisions and administrative arrangements in respect of: children maintained under the Poor Law; evacuated children left homeless; children brought before the courts as delinquent or in need of care or protection; healthy children maintained under the Public Health Act; children cared for by voluntary organisations; children maintained for reward; children placed for adoption; handicapped children education from home; mentally disordered and mentally defective children; children orphaned by the war; and a summary of existing arrangements. Section II sets out how the children are cared for now, including in relation to: local authority administration of children's care; children in workhouses; public assistance children's homes, public assistance nurseries and public health nurseries; homes managed by voluntary organisations; hostels for working boys and girls and Probation Hostels; approved schools; remand homes; homes and institutions for handicapped children; and boarding out; as well as inspection and general impressions. Section III sets out conclusions and recommendations in relation to: the scope of public care; the substitute home; present distribution of responsibility and recommendations regarding responsibility; home-finding for the normal children; handicapped children; and the emigration of children; Includes a summary of recommendations, a note on religious care and two appendices regarding training in child care and a list of witnesses. Also includes statistical tables in respect of: children maintained under the Poor Law; children brought before the courts; mentally defective or disordered children; and a summary.


Care of Children Committee
Department of Health
Department of Education
Foreign Office
Home Office
Adamson, J L
Astbury, B E
Aitken, Sir James
Beloe, R
Bentinck, A
Bevan, Aneurin
Bevin, Ernest
Blake-Odgers, L N
Brockington, C F, Dr
Brown, S Clement
Butler, R A
Cazelet Keir, Mrs
Chuter Ede, James
Corfield, C, Dr
Craven, C
Curtis, Myra
Davidson, H C
Evans, E D
Evans, R J
Fildes, Lucy G
Fineman, Mark
Harford, M L
Gee, H
Goode, W M
Goodwin, Miss
Green, Gordon
Haigh, F L
Hart, Ellen
Hastings, Somerville
Health, S P
Higham, Mr
Hindmarsh, R B
Jones, C J, Dr
Jones, K
Keyser, M M
King, H Raymond
Kingsmill Jones, Mary L
Lamb, Sir Joseph
Lawrence, N
Litten, John H, Reverend
Manson, N R
Matthews, F B
McCracken, Ian, Dr
Miller, Mrs
Milne, G T
Morrison, Herbert Stanley
Moses, M
Moss, J
Murtagh, Helen
Nichol, Muriel E
Potter, E J R
Page, E O
Reynolds, B J
Robinson, Madeleine J
Rollin, E
Rosling, D M D
Rudolf, M deM
Salt, Henry
Scott, Mrs
Spanjer, Sidney
Spence, J C
Temple, F G A
Temple, Frances
Tilley, T B
Trillwood, E K
van Gysegham, Miss
Vaughan, W R
Walmsley, S O
Ward, R W L, Dr
Warner, A M
White, H Graham
Wilkinson, Ellen
Williams, K P
Willink, Henry
Wyndham, E, Colonel
Wynne, F H
Waley, F R
Addis, R S
Bodman, F, Dr
Carter, Clifford
Cartwright, H H
Cater, Mrs
Clayton, F H
Comber, Miss
Cooke, C
Eagar, W McG
Easterby, W
Farrer, Frances
Geffen, D H, Dr
Goodman, A
Griffith, W
Griffiths, J T
Hardisty, D H
Henderson, R F G
Henriques, Basil I Q
Jolly, D, Dr
Kinsman, A D
Kirk, C C
Maberley, Alan
McCann, W N, Reverend
Parker, E V
Pelly, F B
Pierce, L
Rider Smith, J
Roberts, C A
Sandes, Gladys
Simpson, Mary
Smith, D
Statman, I
Thomas, R
Thompson, Ruth
Vernon, Mrs
Walpole, C F, Reverend
Waterhouse, J W, Reverend
Wilson, A A M
Whitehead, M
Couzens, E G
Goodall, F B
O'Brien, Miss
Ramage, E
Savle, A
Allen, Lady
Anderson, J M, Dr
Archer, C C
Birch-Reynardson, Mrs
Blizzard, D F A
Bowlby, John
Brearley, M
Britton, Clare
Carter, I Brogden
Glass, W T
Griffin, Eileen
Isaacs, Susan, Dr
Mellanby, M
Norris, A H, Dr
Oswald, H R
Petherham, C S
Peto, D
Price, Alun
Rendel, Leila M
Richmond, L
Riding, J
Rose, J A
Savage, E G
Sharpe, Bertha, Dr
Smith, H, Dr
Snow, Julian
Stewart, Mrs
Taylor, W J
Trillwood, E K
Wilkinson, S F
Winnicott, D W, Dr
Alden, E
Alford, A F, Dr
Aves, G M
Blackburne, H M
Barraclough, F
Beckett, J N
Burrows, J H
Cavendish, Lady Gweneth
Coales, M E
Cole, E W
Colville, Lady Cynthia
Corbet, F
Daley, Sir Allen
de Blank, Miss
Eton, E, Colonel
Glazier, M
Glegg, Ashleigh, Dr
Goble, C L
Gorie, Mary, Dr
Gregory, E
Hayward, I J
Hinks, F G
Hughes, E M
Hughes, G R
Innes, Sir Peter D
James, Howell, E
Jenkin, H A
Kelly, E H
Kenyon, N V
Leatherdale, D W
Lenton, A
Lovelock, M R
Lowndes, G A N
Lumsden, J
Mattock, N H
Moffett, S
Mustard, J A
Newberry, W S
Osbourn, C H
Parker, H
Paul, H, Dr
Parsons, Mrs
Pitt-Steele, Mr
Platt, Miss
Puxley, Z L
Raby, S
Ralli, N
Ramsay, R W
Robinson, Wright
Rodwell, N K
Stansfield, W
Tucker, T F
Turner, H H
Underwood, J E A, Dr
Vardy, J
Walling, Thomas
Watterson, W
Willis, A S
Alexander, W P, Dr
Badenoch, E, Dr
Banwell, G H
Barnes, M W
Bennett, J, Reverend
Bleakley, H C
Bliss, B
Chanter, F
Chavasse, Miss
Chuter Ede, James
Craven, G L, Right Reverend Monsignor Canon
Darwin, R
Donnington, Helen
Duncan, R
Dyson, D M
Flint, W, Reverend
Fordham, Michael, Dr
Gaisford, W F, Dr
Gilmore, H C, Dr
Glanfield, Herbert, Lieutenant Colonel
Gottlieb, Alfred
Gordon, R G, Dr
Gunston, Lady
Healey, J F, Reverend
Jones, N M
Keeling, D C
Kelynack, A V, Dr
Kirkpatrick, P T
Langman, Lady
Lucette, E H
MacDougall, K
Mackintosh, Jean, Dr
Maguiness, Irene
Osborne, M
Parker, L
Potter, F J
Sewell, W J, Reverend
Slack, M
Stallybrass, C O, Dr
Thomas, W Rees, Dr
Turner, I
Willshire, L
Association of Headmistresses
Association of Psychiatric Social Workers
Central Council for the Social Welfare of Girls and Women in London
Church Army
Church of England Moral Welfare Council
Department of Education
Lancashire County Council
Manchester Education Committee, Juvenile Employment Bureau
Metropolitan Boroughs Standing Joint Committee
Ministry of National Insurance
Montessori Society
Müllers Orphan Homes
National Council of Social Service
National Council of Women
Progressive League
Royal College of Nursing
Society of Medical Officers of Health
Southern Railway Servants Orphanage
Standing Joint Committee of Working Women's Organisations
St Albans and District Council of Social Service
Tyneside Council of Social Service
Surrey County Council
Care of Homeless Children
Hollybrook Children's Homes


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