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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Beach, Elizabeth, née Picot
Bisson, Mary, née Pingelly
Blake, Esther, née Pallot
Blake, Rachel, née Pallot
Burke, Martha, née Prince
de la Haye, Eliza de Lavalle, née Pipon
de la Perrelle, François
de la Perrelle, Jean
de La Perrelle, Henriette
du Perrouzel, Jacques Denis
Dujardin, M A, née Pascoe
Kelley, Sarah Ann, née Payn
La Perrelle, John
La Porte, Pierre
Larivin, Marie, née Prijean
Le Gresley, Anne, née Perrée
Le Page, Susanne
Le Petit, James
Le Petit, Jeanne
Le Petit, Marie
Le Petit, Louis
Le Petit, Pierre
Le Piez, Josué
Le Poidevin, François
Le Poidevin, Joseph
Le Poitevin, Rachel
Page, Edward
Paintendre, Emile
Paisnel, George Francis
Pallard, Clotilde
Pallot, Francois
Pallot, Jean
Pallot, John
Pallot, Philippe
Pallot, Marie
Pallot, Daniel
Palmer, Samuel
Palmer, John
Palmer, Stephen
Palmer, Julia
Palmer, Samuel J
Palmer, Samuel George
Palmer, James
Palmer, Edmund James
Panton, Arthur
Pargister, Thomas
Parker, Alice
Parker, John
Parker, Agnes
Parker, Richard
Parker, Samuel
Parkes, A W
Parkinson, George
Parks, Alfred
Parott, Alfred
Parporue, Monique
Parret, Alfred
Parrett, George
Parrot, Alfred
Parrot, George
Parrott, Alfred
Parson, William
Parsons, Frederick
Pashley, Charles
Paskins, William
Pater, Susan
Patin, Louis
Patin, Alice
Patten, Robert
Patten, Daniel
Patton, John
Paul, James
Paul, Mr
Pauley, George
Paye, François
Paye, Frederick
Payn, Jane
Payn, Mary
Payn, Maria
Payn, George
Payn, John
Payn, Samuel
Payn, James Bosdet
Payne, Henry
Payne, Edward
Peacock, George
Pearce, Thomas
Pearce, Charles
Pearce, Mary
Pearce, James Price
Pearce, Augusta
Peart, Thomas
Peck, John
Peddot, Jean Marie
Pedro, John
Peek, William
Peek, Charles
Peirce, Mary
Pellow, John
Pellow, George
Penery, Mary Ann
Penery, Jane
Peneveyre, Charles
Peney, Henry
Pengeley, Theophilus
Pengelley, Edward
Pengelly, Mary
Penhall, Maria
Penny, John
Penny, William
Penny, Richard
Penny, Georgina
Penwell, James
Pepin, Mary
Pepin, John
Perchard, Nicolas
Perchard, Thomas
Perchard, Charles
Perchard, Mary
Perchard, Philippe
Perchard, George
Perchard, Elie
Perchard, Jean
Périer, John
Periot, Jean
Periot, Jean François
Perkins, Samuel
Perkins, Mary Ann
Perodoux, Jean Marie
Perou, Marie
Perouzel, Denis Jacques
Perrée, François
Perrin, Henry
Perrin, Agathe
Perring, John
Perry, Mr
Perry, Henry
Perry, John
Perry, Emma
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, William John
Perryman, John
Petit, Joseph
Pezeril, Jean
Phelan, Patrick
Philippe, Mary Ann
Philippe, Eliza
Philippe, François
Phillips, John
Phillips, Mary Ann
Phillips, William
Phillips, Mary
Phillips, Frank
Phillips, Thomas
Phillips, Nicolas
Phillips, James
Phinstone, Charles E
Picot, Marie
Picot, Mary
Picot, Marguerite
Picot, François
Picot, Jane, née Poidevin
Picot, Jean
Picot, Francis
Picot, John
Picot, Philip Walter
Pigeon, Edouard
Pigeon, John
Pigeon, François
Pigeon, Jean
Pigeon, John Charles
Pike, William
Pike, George
Pike, Thomas
Pike, Frederick
Pike, Frederick Samuel
Pike, Elizabeth
Pike, Philippe
Pike, Francis
Pike, Frank
Pike, Helen
Pincemin, Marie
Pinel, Philippe
Pinel, Jean
Pinel, Mary
Pinel, Catherine
Pinel, Alfred
Pingelly, Mary
Pinkham, George
Pinkham, Mr
Pinney, William
Pinson, Thomas
Pirouet, Philippe
Piroüet, Jacques
Pitcher, John
Pitman, Isaac
Pitman, Louisa
Pitman, Emma
Pitman, Eliza
Pitman, Albert
Pitters, John
Pittman, Louisa
Plaintel, Marie
Plante, Emile
Plowman, John
Plowmar, Mary Ann
Pluncker, Thomas
Pock, Philippe
Pock, Alfred
Podger, Alfred
Poignand, Francis
Poilpeau, Marie
Poingdestre, John
Poingdestre, Jean
Poingdestre, Philippe
Poingdestre, Josué
Poingdestre, J
Poirée, Pierre
Poiret, Pierre
Poirier, Prosper
Poirier, François
Poisson, Louis Leon Alexandre
Poisson, John
Poitevin, Amice
Pollet, Jacques
Poole, Mary
Poole, John
Pope, William
Pope, Aldrick
Porée, Adolphe
Porey, James
Porter, William
Posci, Ernest
Postel, J
Pothecary, Isaac
Potter, Joseph
Pottle, John
Pouclee, Ann
Poulpot, Marie
Pounds, Benjamin
Poupinèl, Pierre
Pow, Robert
Powel, Ann
Powell, Thomas
Power, Mary
Power, John
Power, James
Power, Thomas
Prall, Rosa
Prevet, Adèle
Price, John
Price, Francs
Primer, Elizabeth
Primer, Louisa
Primmer, Jane
Pritchard, Adam
Proctor, Richard W
Prout, Charlotte
Prout, Thomas
Prunier, Bienaimé
Pulman, Joseph
Punch, James
Purcell, Thomas
Pyle, Jane
Smyth, Ann, née Pouclee
Tanner, Louisa
Taylor, Mary, née Pengelly


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