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January 20th 1854 - December 31st 1871


Judicial Greffe
Magistrates Court
Anger, Rosalie, née Sénoville
Danguy, Julie, née Samson
de Ste Croix, Thomas
de Ste Croix, Philippe
de Ste Croix, Nicolas
de Ste Croix, Maria Susanna
de Ste Croix, Georgina
Durell, Susan, née Smith
Duval, Marie, née Le Sauce
Flynn, Esther, née Screaton
Gleeson, Isabella, née Symonds
Hounsell, John
Igo, Honoria, née Sullivan
Johnson, Mr
La Nièce, Priscilla, née Smith
La Nièce, Priscilla
Le Sausse, Marie
Le Sauteur, Henry
Le Sauvage, Jean
Le Savouroux, Joseph
Le Sceelleur, Frederick
Le Scelleur, Jane
Le Scelleur, Frédéric
Le Seelleur, Jane
Le Seelleur, Elizabeth
Le Seelleur, Amelia
Le Seelleur, Thomas
Le Seelleur, John
Le Seelleur, Philip
Le Selle, Marie
Le Souhaitier, Auguste
Le Source, Marie
Le Sueur, Elie
Le Sueur, John
Le Sueur, Charles
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Elias
Le Sueur, Mary Ann
Le Sueur, Eli
Le Sueur, Thomas
Le Sueur, Marie
Le Sueur, Philippe
Le Sueur, Jean
Le Sueur, Jeremie
Le Sueur, Jeremiah
Le Sueur, Susanne
Le Sueur, Cecilia C
Le Sueur, William
Leers, Walter
Lemprière, Noémi Madelaine, née Simon
Leybourne, Thomas
Marett, Esther, née Le Sueur
Newman, Mary, née Samson
Newman, Mary, née Sampson
Newsome, Mary, née Smith
Sage, Oliver
Salayi, Michel
Salisbury, Benjamin
Sally dit la Côte, Pierre Louis Arsène
Salmon, Pierre
Salmon, Jean
Salmon, John
Salter, Philip
Salter, William
Salter, Samuel
Salter, Rebecca
Salter, John
Sampson, James
Sampson, William
Sams, Joseph
Samson, James
Samson, Mary
Samson, Olympe
Sandall, John
Sandcock, Davis
Sandcock, David
Sanders, Philippe
Sanders, James George
Sandicock, David
Sangan, Jacques
Sarre, Josué
Sarre, James
Sarre, Betsey
Sarre, Henry
Sarre, Jane
Sarson, Thomas
Saunders, Frederick
Saunders, George
Saunders, Joseph
Saunders, James
Saunders, David
Saunders, James George
Saunders, Clement
Saunders, Philippe
Saunders, Sophie
Saussey, François
Saussey, Auguste
Saussey, Philippe
Sauvage, Anna
Sauvarin, Pierre
Sauvé, Louis
Sawyer, Samuel
Scale, Mary Jane
Scales, Mary Ann
Scales, Mary Jane
Scandlin, James
Scandling, James
Scandling, Sarah
Scandling, Mary Ann
Scandling, Mary
Scantling, Mary Ann
Scelle, Jules Michel Fêlix
Scelles, Jean François
Schimidt, Jacob
Scoles, Mary Jane
Scolfield, John
Scott, Frédéric
Scott, Frederick
Scott, John
Scott, David
Screaton, Esther
Scrivins, John
Scrivins, Edwin
Scully, Dennis
Scully, William
Scully, Patsey
Scully, John
Searle, Henry
Sebire, Constant
Sebire, Ann
Seeley, Richard Edward
Segouin, Pierre
Seguin, Louis Gabriel
Seguoin, Leonore
Sehier, Clemence
Seigle, Leon
Selous, Thomas Philip
Semé, Théophile
Seraphin, Auguste
Sercombe, William
Serson, Pierre
Seward, Jonah
Seward, John
Sewell, George
Sewitson, Sarah
Sexton, Thomas
Seymer, William
Shadick, Elizabeth
Shae, Thomas
Shailand, George
Shales, William
Shales, James
Shallow, John
Sharidan, Michael
Sharpe, William Lawrence
Shave, Joseph John
Shave, Henry William Parker
Shave, Edmund
Shay, John
Shearin, John
Shears, John
Shee, John
Sheed, Henry
Sheen, John
Shellady, William
Shello, John
Shelly, Catherine
Sheney, Ellen
Shepperd, George
Sheridan, John
Sheriden, George
Sherland, Louisa
Sherlock, Richard
Sherlock, Patrick
Sherry, Frederick
Sherry, Francis
Sherry, Cornelius
Shetler, John
Shiner, John
Shiner, Julia
Shiner, William
Shippeck, William
Short, Lewis
Short, Alfred
Short, Henry
Showell, Joshua
Showell, John
Showell, William George
Showell, William
Shultz, Charles
Shyner, Julia
Silbert, Josephine
Silver, William
Simmonds, Samuel
Simmonds, John
Simmons, Charles
Simmons, William
Simmons, Bennett
Simon, Nancy
Simon, Mary Ann
Simoni, Armand
Simpson, James
Sims, Joseph
Sims, Albert
Sims, Alfred
Sinel, James
Single, Mary
Single, Elizabeth
Single, Edward
Sinnatt, William Samuel
Skinner, William
Slader, Robert
Slader, Charles
Slater, George
Slater, Mary Ann
Small, John
Small, James
Small, William
Smedley, James
Smith, Ellen
Smith, Edward
Smith, John
Smith, James
Smith, Richard
Smith, Mary Early
Smith, Mary
Smith, Samuel
Smith, Charles
Smith, Joseph Evans
Smith, Robert
Smith, Priscilla
Smith, Frederick
Smith, William
Smith, A
Smyth, Lubin
Snell, George
Snell, John
Snelling, John
Snelling, Theodore
Snooks, John Hutton
Snow, John
Soloman, John
Soper, Henry H
Sore, Jane
Sorel, Edmund
Sorel, Edmond
Sorsoleil, Philippe Mahier
Spancer, Joseph
Spanner, Joe
Speke, Benjamin
Spencer, Edward
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, Edward
Spencer, Joseph
Spiller, Henry
Spitford, John
Spittle, Francis
Splatt, Jane
Splint, Elizabeth
Spratt, Edward
Square, Edwin
Squib, Daniel
Squires, Samuel
St George, Thomas
Stabbs, Charles
Stanaway, John
Stanbury, Jabez
Stanbury, James
Stanley, Eli
Stapleton, Mary
Stapleton, Hugh
Stapleton, Michael
Starck, Jean
Statt, George
Staunton, William
Stead, Charles
Stead, James
Steel, Clement
Steel, George
Steer, Ann
Steer, Jabez
Stephens, Jacob
Stephens, Edward
Stephenson, William
Sterlingo, Auguste
Sterlings, Auguste Baptisse
Stevens, William
Stevens, Harry
Stevens, Mary
Stevens, Mary Jane
Stevens, George
Stevens, Thomas
Stevens, Mary Ann
Stevens, Jane
Stevens, Jacob
Stevens, Frederick
Stevens, Joseph
Stevenson, William
Steward, John
Steward, Margaret
Stewart, John William
Stewart, Ann
Stewart, Philip Charles
Stewart, John
Stewart, A Jane
Stockley, Elizabeth Maria
Stokes, Eliza
Stokes, Joseph
Stokes, Charles
Stokes, William
Stone, Thomas
Stone, John
Stone, Richard
Stone, Richard W
Stone, Edward
Stoneman, Charles
Stoneman, Francis
Stopland, William
Stranger, Charles
Stratton, William Henry
Stratton, William
Strickland, Emeline
Strickland, Mary
Strictland, John
Strong, Mary
Strout, William
Studdery, Nathaniel
Studley, Henry
Studley, Ann
Stuggate, Thomas
Styles, Bridget
Styles, Thomas
Styles, John Edward
Suhel, François
Suley, William
Sullivan, Laurence
Sullivan, Denis
Sullivan, Andrew
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Eugene
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, Michael
Sullivan, Julia
Summer, Isaac
Summers, Martha
Summers, Isaac J
Summers, Isaac
Summers, James
Summers, John
Summerville, Thomas
Supple, Mary Ann
Supple, John
Surcouf, Alexandre
Surcouf, François
Suret, Philippe
Swanger, Henry
Sweeney, James
Sweeney, Mary Ann
Sweeney, Patrick
Sweeney, Thomas
Sweetapple, Richard
Sweetapple, George
Symonds, William
Symons, John
Symons, Samuel
Synaon, Samuel
Syvret, Jane
Syvret, Philippe
Syvret, Jean Francois
Syvret, Jean
Syvret, Edouard
Syvret, Philip J
Syvret, Jacques
Syvret, Pierre
Vautier, Betsey, née Sarre
Vesper, Mary, née Strike
Vosper, Mary, née Strike
Welch, Martha
Wilmot, Dinah, née Sergent


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