Diary of Frederick Archer Ludlow, 1939.




January 1st 1939 - December 31st 1939

Scope and Content

Includes a note on the inside page that reads "Christmas 1938. With very much love from Pat". Shows the dates that Frederick Archer Ludlow lived in various countries, towns and cities in Europe and North Africa each month during 1939 and daily entries recording day-to-day life and correspondence received from family and friends. Includes reference to a visit by Hermann Göring to the town of Grasse whilst Mr Ludlow was living there, the invasion of Poland by Germany and updates from the global news regarding war thereafter. Also includes notes including a list of name and addresses at the back of the diary.


Armstrong, Lorenzo
Bradley, Janet
Bradley, Ursula
Butler, Colonel
Cameron, Jennie
Chamberlain, Neville
Counter, Mr
Counter, Mrs
Fellows, Mrs
Foster, Jack
Göring, Hermann
Grimley, Margherita Boninzella, née Pieri-Nerli
Grimley, Reginald Fearn
Grondona, Leo St Clare
Grondona, Peggy, née Hyland
Harrison, Mr
Hitler, Adolf
Hornby, Mr
Jay, Mr
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Sally
Lannegrace, Mrs
Long, Mr
Ludlow, Amelia, née Foster
Ludlow, Basil Guy
Ludlow, Donald Ernest
Ludlow, Ernest Horatio
Ludlow, Frederick Archer
Ludlow, Madeleine Beatrice
Ludlow, Mollie
Marquis de Fitz-James
McKenzie, Mr
Morgan, Miss
Mounsey, J F
Mounsey, Madge Anne
Mounsey, Mr
Mumme, Archer Alan
Mumme, Ethel Agnes Foster, née Lyle
Mumme, Henry Lobnitz
Mumme, Isabel Lyle
Mumme, Olive J
Norton, J D, Major
Smith, Mr
Watts, Mrs
Williams, Jenny
de Gruchy's Department Store
Fort d'Auvergne Hotel
Jersey Library
Royal Yacht Hotel
The Forum


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