Diary of Frederick Archer Ludlow, January to November 1941.




January 1st 1941 - November 30th 1941

Scope and Content

Includes daily entries recording day-to-day life during the Occupation, including references to rationing, particularly regarding cheese and tobacco, updates and news regarding the Second World War and Red Cross letters sent to and received from family and friends. Also includes a list of books read during the year and notes.


Beach, Mr
Bradley, Janet
Bradley, Ursula
Brockman, Mr
Churchill, Winston
du Val Family
Feeney, Miss
Ferguson, Dr
Floyd, Thomas Nicholas
Gordon, Dr
Grimley, Margherita Boninzella, née Pieri-Nerli
Grimley, Reginald Fearn
Heritier, Mr
Hines, Herbert Samuel
Hitler, Adolf
Johnson, Sally
Kirschner, Rudolf
Long, Mr
Ludlow, Amelia, née Foster
Ludlow, Denis
Ludlow, Frederick Archer
Ludlow, Madeleine Beatrice
Ludlow, Marcia
Ludlow, Mollie
Minck, Herbert
Mounsey, Kate
Mounsey, Mr
Mounsey, Mrs
Mumme, Ethel Agnes Foster, née Lyle
Parlett, Mr
Rossignol, Mr
Seymour, Mr
Stainer, Irene Constance Ella, née Stanley - Low
Steward, Major
Williams, Jenny
Hotel Normandie
Jersey Library
Links Hotel
Red Cross
Royal Yacht Hotel
Scottish Union and National Insurance Company
St Clement's Church
St James' Church
St Luke's Church
St Mark's Church
St Saviour's Church
St Saviour's Parish Hall
Wesleyan Chapel


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